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sept_web_past_issuesRead the stories that were in the September edition of the Big Thrill.

September is back-to-school time for kids–and for readers of The Big Thrill too, although the lessons could not possibly be more entertaining than in this month’s stories. Cover subject Robert Dugoni not only tells us how he crafts his bestselling books but explains why so many lawyers long to become novelists and why Seattle is the perfect place to dispose of a body (yes, really).

In “International Thrills,” Simon Toyne takes us along on his journeys, whether it’s to a hilltop of southern France or a barren desert in Arizona, to research and write his novels. Roger Smith of “Africa Scene” gives an enthralling interview on how his fiction deals with the hypocrisies of modern Cape Town, while Charles Todd discusses the stress suffered by his characters in World War I England and France.

This month marks a return of our popular “Industry Spotlight,” with attorney Susan Spann shedding some light on the dark corners of publishing contracts. Thrillerfest Executive Director Kimberley Howe tells why this year’s conference hit some all-time highs. And Art Taylor delivers a frank and fascinating perspective on just what it’s like to edit a crime anthology.

We also have interviews with J. A. Jance, Ethan Cross, Nancy J. Cohen, Stephanie Pintoff, Alan Gratz, John Lutz, Shane Gericke, Lynne Raimondo, and many more!

sept_verticalHot off the press:
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The latest thrillers from Karin Slaughter, Sue Grafton, Jon Land, Laura Benedict, Rick Mofina, Robert Palmer, DiAnn Mills, Cynthia Eden, Kira Peikoff, Tom Avitabile, Diane Kelly, J. Sydney Jones, Richard Godwin, Jennifer Hillier, Maynard Sims and many more!

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The Thriller Roundtable

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions at The Big Thrill website, where each week a new group of authors discuss everything from what they love about writing thrillers, to what they’ve learned, and more.

Check out what’s in store for September. You won’t want to miss it!

August 31 – September 6: “Does nonfiction writing invigorate your fiction?”
September 7 – 13: “Writers must wear many hats. Do you spend more time on your research, writing or marketing?”
September 14 – 20: “What do you value most in a copy editor? Consistency, logic, commas?”
September 21 – 27: “Have you given up your day job to write thrillers full-time? What advice do you have for others considering this leap?”
September 28 – October 4: “Must a thriller prompt fear in readers? Can a plot work without that emotion?”

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