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The Dollhouse in the Crawlspace by Ellen ByerrumIf you lost your memories, would you lose your soul?

“In my memories, my eyes are always green.”

After a devastating accident, a young woman finds herself recovering in a memory research facility. Her eyes are brown; her memories are broken. Years of her life are blank, yet she remembers being two very different women, one called Tennyson, the other Marissa. If she can’t trust her memories or her own eyes, who can she trust? To save her sanity and her life, she begins a secret journal between the lines of Homer’s Odyssey—and her own harrowing odyssey into madness and murder. Her past is full of questions, her present is filled with deception and danger, and her future is a blank page — unless she can discover who she really is.

THE DOLLHOUSE IN THE CRAWLSPACE is available from Amazon.


Ellen Byerrum is a novelist, playwright, former Washington D.C. journalist, and a graduate of private
investigator school in Virginia. THE DOLLHOUSE IN THE CRAWLSPACE is her first suspense thriller, which
introduces Tennyson Claxton, a woman with two sets of memories.

Ellen also writes the Crime of Fashion mysteries, which feature Lacey Smithsonian, a reluctant fashion reporter in Washington D.C. (“The City Fashion Forgot”). Two of the COF books, KILLER HAIR and HOSTILE MAKEOVER, were filmed for the Lifetime Movie Network and can occasionally be seen on odd dates and odd times in the middle of the night. The latest book in that series is LETHAL BLACK DRESS. She occasionally writes a newsletter that contains her latest publishing information.

You can find more about Ellen on her website at, on Twitter, on Facebook, and on her Facebook Author Page

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