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Odd Odyssey by Benni ChisholmPhilomela Nightingale and her employee, Janice McGill, take a trip of a lifetime—around the world in 30 days. They fly to amazing places, meet fascinating people, stay in lovely hotels, and experience different cultures. They also become involved with kidnapping and murder. Will Philomela’s observational powers and intuition enable her to help police solve the puzzling mysteries?

“The book is a fun read, a cozy mystery. Odd Odyssey has an unusual storyline and an author whose voice is fresh and unique.” ~ Taylor Jones

“Things don’t go quite the way anyone expects, resulting in a very odd odyssey indeed. Chisholm has a nice way with a story…her characters are fun, realistic, and charming, and her plot is strong with plenty of twists and turns. A clever and fun mystery/adventure.” ~ Regan Murphy

ODD ODYSSEY is available from Amazon.


Benni Chisholm grew up on the Canadian prairies. While a student earning a BSN, she started writing light verse. In the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, she expanded her writing and helped four wonderful children raise themselves. Her first cozy/mystery, STAINED SAND, takes place on Maui. Her second, ODD ODYSSEY, travels around the world. Benni lives with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.