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may_web_past_issuesRead the stories that were in the May edition of the Big Thrill.

For our May issue, we interview authors with every kind of perspective imaginable. In the cover story, Charlaine Harris talks about her new mystery series—and what it was really like to live through her last series becoming a phenomenon. Heather Graham tells why she headed north, changing her fictional setting, in “Turning Point.”  Marcia Clark, David Baldacci, John Sandford and John Hart each share insights into the craft they’ve developed that’s propelled them to the top of the bestseller lists. And, stepping back from current trends, we learn from editor and writer Tom Nolan on what makes Ross Macdonald a timeless classic.

In “Author Guided Tour,” Linda Fairstein takes us on a journey to some fascinating spots in New York City. Dawn Ius dances with the devil in “Trend Report,” interviewing those behind some of the hottest demon-driven stories in pop culture. And we learn about writing crime fiction set in Ghana from Kwei Quartey in “African Scene.”

This month marks the debut of our newest column, “Off the Page.” Author Michael Sears goes in-depth on the research, the creative effort, and the compassion that led to developing an autistic character in his acclaimed Jason Stafford series.

A woman-from-history trifecta awaits readers in interviews with Susanna Calkins on writing a 17th century ladies’ maid turned printer’s apprentice; Mary Sharratt on a thriller featuring a woman who may have been thisclose to William Shakespeare; and Radha Vatsal on launching a fearless woman reporter who takes on 1915 New York.

And check out our interviews with Andrew Case, Jon McGoran, A.J. Tata, Jeremy Burns, Lisa Black and many, many more.

vert_mayHot off the press:
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The latest thrillers from Daniel Palmer, Lisa Unger, John Farrow, J.T. Ellison, Brad Meltzer, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Paige Tyler, Stephen Martino, David Housewright, Karen Harper, Larry Loftis, James W. Ziskin, William Lashner, Joshua Hood, Don Helin, Addison Gunn, Sidney Williams, Mary Burton, Robert Walton and many more!

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ThrillerFest XI: Registration is Open!

thrillerfestXI_500pxYour ThrillerFest team is already hard at work planning July’s conference where we’ll feature 2016 ThrillerMaster Heather Graham, 2016 Silver Bullet Recipient John Lescroart, and bestselling authors C.J. Box, Gillian Flynn and Walter Mosley. Like a compelling page-turner, we need to keep you in suspense, so stay tuned for more details!

Master CraftFest: Don’t miss this opportunity to study with the masters of the genre in a one-day intensive workshop to take your writing to the next level. Everyone is welcome, from beginning writers to well-established authors. The instructors this year will be Steve Berry, Grant Blackwood, David Corbett, Meg Gardiner, Heather Graham, Andrew Gross, Richard Krevolin (Screen Writing) and Gayle Lynds.

CraftFest: Director D.P. Lyle, M.D. is already recruiting talented teachers to broaden your knowledge about the craft of writing as well as experts in fields like forensics and firearms so you can get the facts right in your novel.

PitchFest: PitchFest is dedicated to pitching your project face-to-face to agents, editors, and producers. It’s an unprecedented opportunity for writers looking to get or change agents. Check out some success stories!

ThrillerFest: We’re planning some phenomenal panels, always trying to innovate and entertain. Join us for the spotlight interviews, cocktail parties, workshops, and fabulous networking opportunities. Please check the volunteer box during registration, as it’s a great way to make new friends and help out ITW.

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The Thriller Roundtable

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions at The Big Thrill website, where each week a new group of authors discuss everything from what they love about writing thrillers, to what they’ve learned, and more.

Check out what’s in store for May. It’s going to be a thriller!

May 2 – 8: “Characters in thrillers seem far too active to be couch potatoes. So what are your characters’ favorite activities?”
May 9 – 15: “What are your favorite places for settings and why? They can be cities, regions or countries.”
May 16 – 22: “Developing the antagonist when a love interest goes bad: are broken-hearted villains suspenseful?”
May 23 – 29: “Clues foreshadow how plots unfold and characters react. What is the best clue you have inserted into a novel as a writer?”
May 30 – June 5: “When developing characters, do you start from scratch or use models (like real people or movie stars) to build from?”

Authors, don’t miss this promotional opportunity! Participate in the Thriller Roundtable by contacting J.H. Bográn.

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The Neverending Book GiveawayIf you’re a thriller fan who likes to win free books, be sure to check out the Neverending Book Giveaway on The Big Thrill website. Sign up for as many of the contests as you like! Just post a reply, and you’re entered!

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Congratulations to Julie Cooper, the winner of this month’s BIG THRILL giveaway. Julie will receive an assortment of signed thrillers including A Death Along the River Fleet by Susan Calkins, The Complaint by Tom Breen, Still Life by DB Kennison, The Mask of Minos by Robert Walton, The Good Spy by Jeffrey Layton, Braking for Bodies by Duffy Brown and Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz (unsigned).

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