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Kentucky Woman by Mike BroganAs an infant, Ellie Stuart is adopted by poor, but loving parents in Harlan, Kentucky. When she’s sixteen, they die in an accident, leaving her completely alone.

Ellie searches for her birth parents. But as she gets close to finding them, an assassin tries to kill her.

When she finally discovers why – she has to run for her life.

“ …Brogan keeps the plot perpetually stirring, adding dangerous bad guys and an appealing romance. A commendable story …” KIRKUS Reviews

“ black-hearted villains and the Kentucky Derby. I can’t recall getting so much fun from a book …” Loren D. Estleman, four time Shamus Award Winner

“ … complete mastery of the mystery genre. Impressively well written. Very highly recommended…” Midwest Book Review

KENTUCKY WOMAN is available from Amazon.


“ … mystery and intrigue … engaging, interesting characters and a shocking discovery.” Foreword Reviews.

“ … KENTUCKY WOMAN is almost impossible to put down. Grabs you from page one and propels your through short chapters. You’re liable not to get anything else done! Could be a great movie!” Lansing State Journal

“ … FIVE STARS! Action, mystery and suspense! From the first page to the last … I found it difficult to put down, even when my real life rudely interrupted me.” Huntress Reviews

“ … Who’s trying to kill Ellie … and why? Just about the you think you know uh-oh a new twist. Brogan’s signature skills with plot and tension keep you intrigued to the end. You’ll feel Ellie’s frustration and fear, but trust me, you will not figure this one out.” Rebecca M. Lyles. Author, editor.


Mike Brogan is the Writers Digest award-winning author of BUSINESS TO KILL FOR, a suspense thriller that WD called “the equal of any thriller read in recent years.” His DEAD AIR thriller also won national awards, as did MADISON’S Avenue, and G8, his Brussels-based suspense thriller.

His years in Kentucky gave him a unique perspective for writing KENTUCKY WOMAN … as did the amazing, but true medical story that inspired him to write it. To learn more, visit