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april_web_past_issuesRead the stories that were featured in the April edition of The Big Thrill.

More than forty ITW members spring into April with new releases—and we’ve got the scoop on them all.

In this issue’s Between the Lines cover story, New York Times bestselling author J. A. Jance reveals how after penning fifty thrilling novels, she finally feels as though she’s being true to her art.

Bestseller Allison Brennan brings us a Special to The Big Thrill with her funny piece, A Crime Writer’s Guide to Raising Kids.

International Thrills writer Layton Green interviews bestselling Nordic crime writer Leena Lehtolainen, and in this month’s Africa Scene, Joanne Hichens talks to the owner of Modjaji Books, about the origins and acclaimed work of the Cape Town publishing house.

Plus, we’ve got the latest releases from thriller icons Steve Berry, Harlan Coben, Heather Graham, Alex Kava, Jon Land, and many, many more.

—The managing editors, Anthony Franze, Barry Lancet, and Dawn Ius​

verbookst_aprilHot off the press:

Click on the book title below to read the feature story or click here to scroll through all of this month’s articles.

Coming Next Month

The latest thrillers from Richard L. Mabry, MD, John A. Connell, Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo, Trisha Leaver, Gwendolyn Womack, Stu Strumwasser, Larry D. Sweazy, James W. Ziskin, Ines Eberl, Mason Cross, Layton Green, Jennifer Jaynes, Bruce Holsinger, Adrian Magson, Robert D. Kidera, B. K. Stevens, Eli K. P. William, Susan M. Boyer, J. L. Abramo, Mark Petry, S. J. I. Holliday, Ed Kovacs, Wendy Tyson, John A. Connell, Colby Marshall, Barbara Petty, Linell Jeppsen, Mike Craven, Cynthia Eden, Carolyn Hart, John Clement, Michael J. Martinez, Lynette Eason, Tyler Anne Snell, Orest Stelmach, Ethan Reid, Suzanne Johnson, Rachel Howzell Hall, Cat Connor, Robert Wilson, J. Sydney Jones, Karen Maitland, Margaret Grace, J. G. Faherty, Kathrin Lange and many more!

New E-Releases from ITW Members

New Audio Books from ITW Members

ThrillerFest X – Register Today!


ThrillerFest X – July 7th – 11th, Grand Hyatt, NYC.

Check out the Thrillerfest website, registration now available!

In 2015 we’ll be honoring:

  • 2015 ThrillerMaster Nelson DeMille
  • 2014 ThrillerMaster Scott Turow
  • 2015 Silver Bullet Recipient Kathy Reichs
  • 2014 Silver Bullet Recipient Brenda Novak
  • 2015 Spotlight guest Mark Billingham
  • 2015 Spotlight guest Charlaine Harris
  • 2015 Spotlight guest Greg Iles

Some of the highlights of this year’s event include:

  • Master CraftFest
  • CraftFest
  • PitchFest
  • CareerFest
  • ThrillerFest
  • Thriller Awards Banquet

Want to learn more about ThrillerFest? Read a recap of the last ThrillerFest, ThrillerFest IX: Celebrating Ten Years of Innovation by Kimberley Howe and Anthony J. Franze.

The Thriller Roundtable

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions at TheBigThrill website, where each week a new group of authors discuss everything from what they love about writing thrillers, to what they’ve learned, and more.

Here’s what’s in store for April!

April 6 – 12: “How do you create the perfect antagonist?”
April 13 – 19: “Does your mood affect the scenes you’re writing, like letting anger make better fight scenes?”
April 20 – 26: “Do you plot, plan, outline? Or, do you just go where your characters lead you? Why?”
April 27 – May 3: “Is it difficult to write characters of the opposite sex? How do you tackle it?”

Authors, don’t miss this promotional opportunity! Participate in the Thriller Roundtable by contacting J.H. Bográn.

The Neverending Book Giveaway

The Neverending Book GiveawayIf you’re a thriller fan who likes to win free books, be sure to check out the Neverending Book Giveaway on The Big Thrill website. Sign up for as many of the contests as you like! Just post a reply, and you’re entered!

Don’t forget to scroll down the list of contests or CLICK HERE for more contests and giveaways so you don’t miss any. (Tip: to shorten the display, click “Toggle Comment Threads.”) And because this book giveaway is “neverending,” be sure to check back often to enter the latest drawings!

Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations to Patricia Kerwin, the winner of this month’s BIG THRILL giveaway. Patricia will receive an assortment of signed thrillers including Against the Sky by Kat Martin, Untraceable by Elizabeth Goddard, Deadman’s Lament by Linell Jeppsen, Deadman’s Fury by Linell Jeppsen and Daniel Jeppsen, Deadman’s Revenge by Linell Jeppsen, White Knuckle by Eric Red, Past Crimes by Glen Erik Hamilton, Manhattan in Miniature by Margaret Grace, The Venus Trap by Louise Voss, Ladle to the Grave by Connie Archer, Cheap as Beasts by Jon Wilson, Blockbuster by Lisa von Biela and Beyond a Doubt: A Carol Childs Mystery by Nancy Cole Silverman.

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