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Forsaken by J.D. BarkerWhen horror author Thad McAlister ( began his latest novel, a tale rooted in the witch trials of centuries past, the words flowed effortlessly. The story poured forth, filling page after page with the most frightening character ever to crawl from his imagination. It was his greatest work, one that would guarantee him a position among the legends of the craft.

But was it really fiction?

He inadvertently opened a door, one that would soon jeopardize the lives of his family.

She wants to come back.

At home, his wife struggles to keep their family alive. Secretly wondering if she inadvertently caused it all…a deal she made long ago. A deal with the Forsaken.

FORSAKEN is available from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.


“J.D. Barker’s Forsaken is a remarkable debut, a gripping tale of suspense in the tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul. Truly the birth of a new master in the genre.”

“Incredibly written, supremely creepy. I don’t say this lightly: J.D. Barker is a force to be reckoned with.”
– NY Times Bestselling Author, Tosca Lee

“Scary as hell!”
– Editorial Review, Horror After Dark

“Barker is a master wordsmith.”
– Editorial Review,

“A talented writer with a delightfully devious mind!”
– International Bestselling Author, Jeffery Deaver

“J.D. Barker has conjured a modern cauldron of horrors based on historical fact.”
– Editorial Review, The Tomb of Dark Delights

“Harry Potter for adults. The imagery will haunt you.”
– Author, Jack Stevenson

“Classic gothic horror at its best. A truly impressive debut.”
– Author, Joan Hall Hovey


Jonathan Dylan Barker holds a B.A. in English from Beaumont University and currently lives in Shadow Cove, Massachusetts where he is hard at work on his latest novel.

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