More Forensics and Fiction by D. P. Lyle, MD

By Selena Robins In D.P. Lyle’s new release, MORE FORENSICS AND FICTION the reader will discover answers to questions such as: How do hallucinogenic drugs affect a blind person? If snake venom…

Her Deadly Web by Diane Fanning

By Gary Kriss OK, here’s the question: whadda you get when you mix together a death by cattle stampede, a three-shot suicide, a love child, a secret city and two medical examiners threatening…

Betrayal by Jon Land

By Diane Holmes An Interview with thriller master, Jon Land, about his latest book, BETRAYAL. Jon Land’s BETRAYAL (Forge, January 3, 2012) is a stunning, true-life thriller that pits a lone, fearless…

Winged Obsession by Jessica Speart

by Selena Robins I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Speart to discuss her real-life thriller, WINGED OBSESSION, as she shares her personal experience—going under cover—to successfully tackle the intrigue, mystique and…

Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner

  The most riveting reads in history meet today’s biggest thriller writers in Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads. Edited by David Morrell and Hank Wagner, Thrillers: 100 Must-Reads examines 100 seminal works of suspense through…

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