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Read the stories that were featured in the April edition of The Big Thrill.

32 new thrillers this month from ITW Members including debut novels from Linda Rodriguez, Brian Andrews, Martin Bodenham, Donna Galanti and James M. Tabor, plus lessons on success with Lee Child, new nonfiction from D.P. Lyle, MD, a Between The Lines Interview with J.T. Ellison, and News From South Africa by ITW’s International correspondent Michael Sears.

Print the Big Thrill list and head on down to your favorite bookstore, or download your selections to your electronic e-reader, and enjoy a month’s worth of great reading from your friends at the International Thriller Writers.

Hot off the press:

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Coming Next Month

The latest thrillers from Joshua Graham, Beth Groundwater, Chuck Greaves, Jeremy Bates, Raymond Benson, J.T. Ellison, R.J. Ellory, Ines Eberl, William Dietrich, Rick Robinson, Lisa Brackmann, Allison Brennan, Marc Cameron, Gina Robinson and many more! It’s gonna be a thriller!

New E-Releases from ITW Members

LOVE IS MURDER anthology available for pre-order!

Edited by New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown!

Prepare for heart-racing suspense in this original collection by thirty of the hottest bestselling authors and new voices writing romance suspense today.

Go on vacation with Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid, where she saves a man from drowning, only to discover he is in far greater danger on land. Meet Roxanne St. Claire’s “bullet catcher”–bodyguard Donovan Rush–who may have met his match in the sexually charged “Diamond Drop.” Debut author William Simon shows us what happens when the granddaughter of the president of the United States is kidnapped. And Lee Child’s pitch-perfect “I Heard a Romantic Story” puts a whole new spin on Love Is Murder.

Bodyguards, vigilantes, stalkers, serial killers, women (and men!) in jeopardy, cops, thieves, PIs, killers–these all-new stories will keep you thrilled and chilled late into the night.

LOVE IS MURDER is the third Thriller anthology written exclusively by members of International Thriller Writers, Inc. With original short stories from Lori Armstrong, Jeff Ayers, Beverly Barton, William Bernhardt, Allison Brennan, Robert Browne, Pamela Callow, Toni McGee Causey, Lee Child, JT Ellison, Bill Floyd, Cindy Gerard, Heather Graham, Laura Griffin, Vicki Hinze, Andrea Kane, Julie Kenner, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Dianna Love, Jon Land, D.P. Lyle, James Macomber, Carla Neggers, Brenda Novak, Patricia Rosemoor, William Simon, Alexandra Sokoloff, Roxanne St. Claire, Mariah Stewart, and Debra Webb, you won’t want to miss this!

Now available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

Praise for the Thriller anthologies:

“A slam-dunk collection of the best in the business.” Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author

“For romantic suspense lovers, this is magical mayhem loaded with bark and bite. Downright beguiling.” Jeffery Deaver, International #1 bestselling author

“It’s like a box of chocolates–each one is different, but they’re all great.” Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author

“An absolute must-buy for thriller readers everywhere.” Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“I love this book and you will, too.” Tess Gerritsen, International bestselling author

“Absolutely superb.” Doug Preston, New York Times bestselling author

“Gripping, exciting, engaging–every story will leave you breathless.” Karin Slaughter, #1 Internationally bestselling author

Why Are Richard North Patterson and Lee Child Coming To ThrillerFest?

“I’m looking forward to ThrillerFest because it’s fun to meet readers and fellow writers.” says ThrillerFest 2012 Silver Bullet Award Recipient, Ricard North Patterson. “In my experience, avid readers are some of the nicest people around, and I always enjoy hearing what they like–or don’t like–who they read, and what they may think about some book or another that I’ve written. It is always great to hang out with fellow authors. We don’t have a common workplace, and so we are often isolated from each other. Events like this give us a chance to connect, forge friendships, talk about the work,  and exchange ideas. It’s a real antidote to the solitude which is the downside of the  privilege we have to do what we want.”

“I’ve had a lot of enjoyable encounters with readers at literary events. Among my favorites was the nice and very assertive woman who, about 12 years ago, instructed me never to write another political novel. She was quite clear that she knew what I should do, and I enjoyed the fact that she took my work so seriously–and personally–that she wanted give me direction. Naturally, I proceeded to write several more such books. This last fall I met her again at the TNT event for the film of my book SILENT WITNESS, and she asked if I remembered her and the advice she’d given me. Funnily, given the number of people I meet,  I had recognized her on sight. She was very sweet, and generously forgave me for my transgressions. To top it off, she mentioned that she is coming to ThrillerFest, and that I’d been hearing from her again.”

For Lee Child, ThrillerFest’s 2012 Spotlight Guest, it’s all about convenience: “Well, I was invited and it’s only two stops on the 6 train, so I thought, why not?”

Lee also shared his favorite fan moment and what he’s looking forward to this year: “I was thrilled to meet Stephen King, and to get the chance to tell him how much I admire so many things about him, but that was at the Edgars, not strictly a convention, so I’m going to say it will be this year at Thrillerfest – where, after fifteen years in the biz, I’ll finally get to meet John Sandford, one of my idols.”

ThrillerFest VII — THE #1 conference for thriller authors and fans. July 11 – 14 at the Grand Hyatt in New York. Richard North Patterson and Lee Child will be there – will you?

ThrillerFest VII Registration Is Now Open!

ThrillerFest VII early registration is now available, but these rates are only for short time, so please sign up soon for another unforgettable conference. We have a fabulous line-up of special guests this year, including:

  • 2012 ThrillerMaster Jack Higgins
  • 2011 ThrillerMaster R.L. Stine
  • Spotlight Guest Lee Child
  • Spotlight Guest John Sandford
  • Spotlight Guest Catherine Coulter
  • 2012 True Crime Award Recipient Ann Rule
  • 2012 Silver Bullet Award Recipient Richard North Patterson
  • 2011 Silver Bullet Award Recipient Karin Slaughter

We have something for everyone, whether you’re an aspiring author, a fan, an industry professional, or an ITW author. Some of the highlights include:

CraftFest: This section of the conference is ideal if you’re looking to hone your writing skills. Every year, CraftFest is growing in numbers and spaces are limited. If you are keen on hearing the writing secrets of NYT bestsellers, please sign up soon so you don’t miss out.

AgentFest: If you’d like to pitch your novel to the best literary agents in the business, this is the event for you. Last year, we had over 60 agents attending AgentFest. So far, we have had five people sign with top agencies. Their success stories will be posted on the website shortly.

ThrillerFest: This year, we’ll have counterterrorism expert David Major joining us to share his experiences of working at The White House and the FBI. For more information on David, please visit

Banquet: Please join us at the annual Saturday night banquet for the presentation of the Thriller Awards and other entertainment.

Volunteers are an integral part of the ThrillerFest experience. We couldn’t do it without you. If you would like to assist us, please send an email to Volunteering is a great way to meet people and get involved in ITW.

Please drop by the new ThrillerFest Facebook page and say hello! Then “like” us, and help spread the word!

Your ThrillerFest team is looking forward to a fun and memorable year. If we can answer any questions or help out in any way, please touch base anytime. We look forward to seeing you next July 11-14 in NYC!

If you prefer to mail your registration, you can download and print the appropriate registrations forms here:

ITW Author-Member Registration

ITW Associate-Member and Thriller Fan Registration

The Thriller Roundtable

Back by popular demand, The Thriller Roundtable! A big thanks to ITW’s new Roundtable Coordinator, J. H. Bográn for his help, tireless effort and infectious enthusiasm in resurrecting one of TheBigThrill’s most popular features.

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the Thriller Roundtable discussions at TheBigThrill website, where each week a new group of authors discuss everything from what they love about writing thrillers, to what they’ve learned, and more. In April we’ll discuss humor and comedy in our writing, most memorable book tour experiences, beta readers and Hollywood endings. You won’t want to miss it!

Announcing the Crime Readers’ Association

The UK-based Crime Writers’ Association has launched a new association for readers of crime fiction, including a website and a regular eNewsletter. The Crime Readers’ Association will offer features and articles on crime fiction, extracts from new books, and writing tips and opportunities for aspiring authors in the genre – the CWA being the home of the debut dagger, one of the most prestigious competitions there is for new crime writers. Sign up for free – the next newsletter will contain a free and exclusive six-chapter extract from the new novel by bestselling crime author Peter James, Chair of the CWA and Vice President, International of the ITW.

The Neverending Book Giveaway

The Neverending Book GiveawayIf you’re a thriller fan who likes to win free books, be sure to check out the Neverending Book Giveaway on The Big Thrill website. Sign up for as many of the contests as you like! Just post a reply, and you’re entered!

Don’t forget to scroll down the list of contests or CLICK HERE for more contests and giveaways so you don’t miss any. (Tip: to shorten the display, click “Toggle Comment Threads.”) And because this book giveaway is “neverending,” be sure to check back often to enter the latest drawings!

Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations to Lisa Urzen, the winner of this month’s BIG THRILL giveaway. Lisa will receive an assortment of signed thrillers including The Probability of Murder by Ada Madison, Death, Taxes and a Skinny No-Whip Latte by Diane Kelly, Before She Dies by Mary Burton, The Confidential by John A. Bray, Interlock by Gary Alexander, False Front by Diane Fanning, The Crown by Nancy Bilyeau, Sherlock Holmes and the Dead Boer at Scotney Castle by Tim Symonds, The Mistake by Wendy James, Treacherous by Gary Phillips, Deadly Farce by Jennifer McAndrews, Second Skin: Skinned Book 2by Judith Graves, Ripper by Stefan Petrucha, So Damn Lucky by Deborah Coonts, Deception by Adrian Magson and The Calypso Directive by Brian Andrews.

All subscribers to THE BIG THRILL webzine are automatically eligible for the monthly drawing. CLICK HERE to subscribe to the BIG THRILL email.

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