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It’s the eve of The Ripening as Gibson Blount discovers the secret history of an ancient race and the true outcome of Lucifer’s fall. Now, the fallen angel, Azazel, has horrific plans for Blount’s town…and the world. With the help of a local priest, a prostitute, an orphan, historical figure William Quantrill, and one of God’s chief angels, Blount must dig for truth and unearth secrets woven deeply within Time itself to uncover a supernatural plot put into motion by the Church to punish the Roanoke Puritans.

The War in Heaven has been lost and the flesh of fallen angels hangs in the balance. An alternative 1860’s history Weird Western, The Flesh of Fallen Angels is filled with fast-paced action, intrigue, and good-versus-evil what-ifs.

THE FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS is available from Amazon.


Booth and Riley drag us kicking into a world of nightmares. A thrilling read!” – Iain Rob Wright, author of ANIMAL KINGDOM

“Booth and Riley deliver the goods, again. FLESH OF FALLEN ANGELS is a genre-bending horror Western like you’ve never seen. Don’t miss this story featuring Gibson Blount, a man who spans time and place. You’ll be hearing much more from him, I guarantee it.” – John Grover author of WEB OF THE SPIDER QUEEN, CREATURES AND CRYPTS and FEMININE WILES.

To learn more about the authors, please visit them on Facebook at R. Thomas Riley and Roy C. Booth.

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