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An industry in turmoil. Fortunes on the line. An explosion of free content.

Everyone knows the titans of the media industry are terrified by the rise of the self-publishing hordes. What if they took their revenge by burying a deadly, ancient curse within an e-book? One that would destroy anyone who downloaded it?

In this brilliantly funny, topical, exciting and slickly gory short story, cult horror and thriller writer Stewart King offers a unique take on the dangerous underbelly of the writing business.

Dare you add it to your virtual bookshelf?

DOWNLOAD: THE KILLER E-BOOK is available from Amazon and Smashwords.


Stewart King’s novellas have been widely praised.

“X Factor Zombie Massacre is a quick and short run through a twisted landscape of death and pop culture. Stewart King pokes some fun at the phenomena surrounding quick fame, while literally tearing it apart limb by limb. Since it is a novella, there aren’t any slow scenes, so we breeze right through the story. I liked X Factor Zombie Massacre and definitely recommend it to you guys.” – Zombie Acres.


Stewart King is a script-writer, editor, and novelist.