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In a return appearance, RN Gina Mazzio (BONE DRY, 2003) is working on the eve of her wedding when takes her final Ob/Gyn telephone advice call of the week. A deadly serious male voice says, “She’s all cut up.”

The police, the hospital administrator, and even her fiance, Harry Lucke, insist it was a crank call, some sicko.
Gina doesn’t buy it, particularly after the same man calls her at home with he same plaint. She pursues the incidents, soon linking the caller to a series of nurse disappearances.

Instead of a wedding and honeymoon with Harry, she is drawn into the illicit, dangerous black market trade human body parts.

SIN & BONE is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


“A chilling, gripping thriller by a talented writing couple.” – Marcia Mller, MWA Grand Master and creator of the acclaimed “Sharon McCone” series.

“J. J. Lamb and Bette Golden Lamb are terrific writers of exciting stories.” – Gayle Lynds, best selling author of “The Book of Spies.”


Bette Golden Lamb, an ex-Bronxite, writes crime novels and plays with clay in her home studio. Her artistic creations appear in juried exhibitions, galleries, art associations, and retail outlets. She also hangs out with her 50+ rose bushes and sneaks out to movies when she should be writing or sculpting.

J. J. Lamb switiched from engineering to journalism just in the nick of time. then on to an Associated Press career. Army intervention provided a top secret clearance, a locked room with table-chair-typewriter combination, and the time to write short stories. This led to a PI series, then collaboration with Bette.

The Lambs live in Northern California, where they are busy at work – individually and together, on more creative projects. Check them out at