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We all have our own idea of the perfect heaven.

Now, when we die, we can have it.

Arcelio Sumner is a brilliant neuroscientist who has spent years searching for a cure for the debilitating epilepsy that haunts his mother’s daily life. Her seizures are relentless, quieting only when she reminisces with her son about the days when he was a child. But when she suffers a stroke and can no longer hear or speak, that small reprieve is lost and the disease begins its final death assault. If only Arcelio could somehow take his mother’s thoughts back to the home of his youth.

Enter Lia Gregg, a talented and beautiful laboratory research scientist whose theory for transmitting artificial images into the brain is revolutionary. Sumner hires her and together they provide his mother peace while immersing themselves into the mechanics of the most powerful force in the universe—the human mind.

Sumner quickly realizes the power they’ve discovered. He forms a company called New Heaven and begins selling an alternative to the traditional, religious-based afterlife. But it can only be performed on someone declared legally dead and whose brain has been preserved by New Heaven’s special process. People sign up by the thousands for the procedure that will grant them an eternity in whatever type of heaven they choose. Overnight the suicide rate in America triples, prompting the government to outlaw New Heaven contracts when suicide is involved. Undeterred, people hire out for their own murder, anxious to go to a personally customized heaven. Goon squads flourish, happy to assist for the right price.

The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, suffering from plummeting sales as people push their medications aside in favor of the “New Heaven”, vows to stem the tide while the Pope, beyond outrage, condemns the procedure and instructs every priest in the world to denounce the company and their employees.

Heaven, the very essence of faith, is challenged and the world begins to divide.

NEW HEAVEN is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Matthew Dunn is the author of eight novels, including ERASED, an IPPY Award winner in the Suspense/Thriller category at the 12th Annual Independent Publishers Book Awards held in Los Angeles in May 2008. His other recent books include THE GOOD SILVER, a present-day murder mystery involving the Oneida Community, a free-love, utopian commune established in the mid-1800’s, and MUSIC CITY MURDER, a Nashville-based detective novel with an original music soundtrack.

In the spring of 2008, Dunn became the first self-published author accepted into the International Thriller Writers organization as an author member. To learn more about Matthew, please visit his website.