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The Big Thrill Recommends: THORN CITY by Pamela Statz

Recommended by Jody Gerbig

Book Cover: THORN CITYOnce a writer in media and advertising, Pamela Statz uses her experiences in Portland, Oregon, to pen her debut, THORN CITY. It is a fast-paced and comedic thriller that also addresses the social ills and class strife of the city she calls home.

When Lisa, a troubled young escort, finds herself working at the same high-end party that her mayoral mother Ellen is attending, she thinks her night can’t get any worse. But when she leaves with a sought-after executive with an organic cocaine habit and a penchant for upsetting his volatile wife, it does.

Ending up in the hospital, Lisa collides with her mother yet again; only this time, she can’t escape. Cornered by their bad decisions, she and her friends must join forces with Ellen to investigate and bring down a city-wide crime ring before it rocks Portland from its foundation. But, as the unlikely group reach the truth’s epicenter, they discover that those they trusted might also be the ones trying to bring them down.

Told from the point of a diverse cast of characters, THORN CITY is both endearing and gripping, providing an intimate portrait of Portland to new and nostalgic fans alike. If you are looking for a cityscape for your beach read this summer, this book is for you.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THORN CITY by Pamela Statz

Jody Gerbig