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The Big Thrill Recommends: A FRIEND INDEED by Elka Ray

Recommended by Susana Kuehne

Book Cover: A Friend IndeedFor those who appreciate a story with explosive plot twists, A FRIEND INDEED by Elka Ray will be right up your alley. Complete with all the trappings of well-written suspense, this Canadian author has mastered the art of storytelling with sharp prose and character descriptions so engaging that the reader will beg to know more.

In A FRIEND INDEED, Joanna (Jo) Dykstra and Dana McFarlane both live alongside the wealthy families of the Pacific Northwest town of Glebes Bay. However, Jo’s barely suitable apartment can’t compare to her childhood best friend’s Witherlea mansion. They’ve been friends for 30 years; how is there such a stark contrast between them?

Their lives are derailed when a panicked Dana calls Jo with one request: to come over immediately. When Jo arrives at the oceanfront property, Dana leads her friend to her floral studio, where the pool of blood on the floor and Dana’s husband’s lifeless body shock Jo. They’ve got to get rid of him.

With both women terrified their secret will come out, the following days are tainted with insomnia, police questioning, blackmail, and small-town gossip. While the rest of the neighbors exchange guesses about Stan’s disappearance, the desperate friends try to keep their lies in sync. Any mistakes could put them—and their children—in danger.

As the pressure increases and the investigation closes in on the grieving widow, the lines of loyalty between Jo and Dana become blurred. Who is betraying who?

A FRIEND INDEED will make you put your feet on the couch and your phone on silent.


The Big Thrill Recommends: A FRIEND INDEED by Elka Ray