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The Big Thrill Recommends: AN INCONVENIENT WIFE by Karen E. Olson

Recommended by Jody Gerbig

Book Cover: AN INCONVENIENT WIFEThese modern Tudor wives might be running their husband’s empire, but they still may lose their heads.

Acclaimed mystery novelist Karen E. Olson captures the drama, politics, and narcissism of the Tudor dynasty in her updated AN INCONVENIENT WIFE, in which each of Hank Tudor’s six wives is as hungry for his attention—and as subject to his ire—as the last.

Kate Parker—former assistant to Hank Tudor and now the sixth of his wives—knew her husband’s type when she married him: strong-willed and entrenched in his life. She was desperate to win him over despite his penchant for divorce. Only two weeks into their marriage, when a second headless woman appears on one of Hank’s properties, Kate starts to wonder if marrying him was a wise decision. With two previous wives unaccounted for, this new victim could be one of them, and any of the others could be next.

A who-done-it in which everyone seems suspect, this mystery leaves the most interesting detail for the last page, when everything cringey you thought you knew about this family becomes cringier, leaving us guessing who is really behind the gruesome murders and setting us up for another Tudor mystery.

A complex story with a large cast that Olson masterfully weaves and develops, AN INCONVENIENT WIFE is a new take on a historical family, proving that high-class murder never gets old.


The Big Thrill Recommends: AN INCONVENIENT WIFE by Karen E. Olson

Jody Gerbig