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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE ATROCITY ENGINE by Tim Waggoner

Recommended by GA Rivers

Book Cover: THE ATROCITY ENGINETHE ATROCITY ENGINE is the latest book by four-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author Tim Waggoner, and the first entry in a new series about the entropy-battling organization known as Maintenance.

Neal Hudson has seen a lot in his 20 years of working for Maintenance. It’s why he drives the streets of Ash Creek, searching for evidence of the dark entropic force known as Corruption so Intervention can sweep in to eliminate it. When an odd entropy surge draws Neal to a city park, it doesn’t take long for a woman to be left faceless or for inanimate objects to come alive in deadly fashion. With no real weapon to rely on, Neal does what he can, but three people are dead before the crisis ends, and Intervention and Cleanup arrive. Welcome to the Omniverse—a world where damaging dimensional eddies and Corruption-created monsters lurk. A place where evil godlike beings travel through dimensional tears in space, seeking to hasten its entropic collapse and feed the Gyre, the great emptiness lying at its center.

Neal knows the scene at the park is more sinister than it appears, but he bent one rule too many and is promptly sidelined with a new rookie partner, Gina. Neal and Gina have little time for training or to get acquainted because Rachel Blackburn, the ‘school teacher’ responsible for the park attack, is busy unleashing more Corruption and chaos as she works to build a wicked force known as an atrocity engine, a thing so dark and powerful it could destroy the planet. Fortunately, Gina is a staunch and capable partner; their path to stopping Rachel is crossed with Corruption and gore and ends in direct confrontation with the atrocity engine itself.

The story is a thumping, genre-bending tale—one part horror, one part fantasy, and two parts thriller. The pace is frenetic, and the writing delivers. There is an abundance of action and gore, which, delightfully, is not always blood (big green snot tentacles or giant serpents made of corpses, anyone?). For readers who like their tension and thrills to emerge from another Universe, THE ATROCITY ENGINE is one heckuva ride.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE ATROCITY ENGINE by Tim Waggoner

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