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The Big Thrill Recommends: YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME by Allison Brennan

Recommended by G.A. Rivers

Book Cover: YOU'LL NEVER FIND MEAllison Brennan is a can’t-miss author with dozens of books and numerous awards under her belt. YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME is her latest work and the first in a planned series featuring Angelhart Investigations. This Phoenix-based, family-owned PI firm that is willing to work outside the system when necessary to help those whom the system has failed. This story features Margo Angelhart, currently estranged from her family and using her own money and resources to help an abused wife and mother escape her cruel, cop husband. While the angry husband is a lurking and growing threat to Margo, her investigation of a marital discord case veers unexpectedly toward corporate espionage and maybe even attempted murder of the very husband she’s been tasked with investigating.

To make matters worse, Margo soon realizes her siblings and an active Angelhart Investigation are butting up against her expanding case and a third competitor firm keeps popping up at the most inopportune time. Who is investigating whom and why, and how does it all fit together are multi-layered questions. Brennan juggles and converges these conflicts with a sure hand as Margo finds herself teaming up with her siblings to uncover the truth.

The writing is clear, and the story never stops moving. The characters are genuine, and strained family ties and all that comes with them play a key role, adding heart to the story. Sometimes, you just can’t beat sitting down with the latest book from a well-established author at the top of her game. Fans of Allison Brennan will undoubtedly enjoy this book, and it is sure to grow her audience.


The Big Thrill Recommends: YOU’LL NEVER FIND ME by Allison Brennan

G. A. Rivers