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The Big Thrill Recommends: [FOXTROT MIKE LIMA] by Cat Connor

Book Cover: FOXTROT MIKE LIMARecommended by G.A. Rivers

As the latest adventure (book five) of New Zealand’s favorite PI and reformed espionage officer Veronica Tracey unfolds, Ronnie (to everyone but her Nana) moves from wrapping up a private investigation to finding herself engaged to Ben, her television actor boyfriend and part-time CIA/Genesis officer. Soon, Ben is tasked with attending a black-tie charity ball to assess a terror threat and gather intel on a brewing illegal arms deal while Ronnie’s 90-plus-year-old Nana and her Cronies of Doom receive splashy newspaper coverage of their penchant for solving mysteries. Genesis alerts Ronnie to the fact that Ben went missing after the black-tie event, and Ronnie refuses to just stand by. She uses her home’s hidden ‘Bat Cave’ of spy gear to network with Genesis and other intelligence systems for insight and her skills with crystal pendants to locate people. Soon, a battered Ben is by her side again as a multi-layered international crisis looms, and a nuclear strike raises the stakes to epic levels.

The writing is clear and direct. The story is replete with numerous side conflicts that unfold through multiple character points of view. Ronnie’s friends are the beating heart of the story—lively and colorful, they bring depth and complexity to the page. The pace is relentless, but Connor never shies away from breathing life into the crew as the suspense ratchets up. All in all, it’s a humdinger of a story.

This was my first read of the Veronica Tracey series and I’ve got to admit: I’m hooked. Ronnie is a no-nonsense, hard as nails creampuff, and Cat Connor’s cast of characters surrounding Ronnie is diverse, distinct, and wonderful. If you like your thrillers to run a bit off the beaten path, where the everyday people are the ones who must save the world, this book is for you.


The Big Thrill Recommends: [FOXTROT MIKE LIMA] by Cat Connor

G. A. Rivers