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By Don Helin

In RESUSCITATION, D.M Annechino, a former book editor who spent two years researching serial killers before penning his gripping and memorable debut novel, THEY NEVER DIE QUIETLY, wanted to explore the dark side of a successful cardiothoracic surgeon’s desire to make medical history . . .even at the expense of those he should most want to help.

Resuscitation explores what would drive a doctor to violate his Hippocratic oath to abstain from doing harm, and find perverse pleasure in doing so.  It is a chilling question, one that author Daniel Annechino explores in heart stopping detail in RESUSCITATION, a fast-paced thriller, that pits a cunning killer against a single-minded cop.  When Sami goes after a doctor who is using his victims as guinea pigs for horrific surgical experiments, she never dreams she may become one of the hunted ones.

Paula Brandes, guest reviewer for Mysterious Galaxy Books says of THEY NEVER DIE QUIETLY, “This fast-paced and amazing story twists through the labyrinth of evil like a Ferrari.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.”

Daniel Annechino wrote his first book, HOW TO BUY THE MOST CAR FOR THE LEAST MONEY, in 1992 while working as a general manager in an automobile business.  But his passion has always been fiction, particularly thrillers.  He wrote several novels early in his writing career, but it wasn’t until he authored, THEY NEVER DIE QUIETLY, that he fulfilled his goal as a novelist.  A native of New York, Annechino now lives in San Diego with his wife Jennifer.

I had a chance to catch up with Daniel and ask him a few questions about RESUSCITATION.

Is there anything special you’d like to tell us about RESUSCITATION?

The one comment I repeatedly hear from those who read this novel is, “I couldn’t put it down.” There are few statements that please an author more. What I’ve tried to do with this book is allow the reader to “live” in the psyche of all the main characters through introspective thoughts and feelings. I believe that this technique creates an immediate bond between reader and characters. I also feel that this novel will evoke a wide spectrum of emotions—both good and bad. It’s the author’s job to make the reader root for some characters and despise others. I think RESUSCITATION does just that.

Did any particular event inspire the plot?

Not exactly. But I thought it would be interesting and intriguing to create a villain who struggles between being a healer and being a killer. Most villains are pure evil with few, if any, redeeming qualities. In RESUSCITATION, we find a well respected cardiologist gone astray, a doctor who has saved hundreds of lives with his surgical skills. But now, driven by an uncontrollable desire for fame and recognition, he uses those same skills selfishly and unmercifully for his own advancement.

What are you doing to promote the novel?

I’m working with a very successful, well-respected PR company in New York. They have come up with several ideas to promote RESUSCITATION, including book signings, giveaways, and interviews. Also, because Thomas-Mercer, an imprint of, published my novel, the marketing people with Amazon have put together a comprehensive marketing plan to give RESUSCITATION global exposure.

What’s Next?

Although my first book, THEY NEVER DIE QUIETLY, and RESUSCITATION are the first two books in a series, I decided to switch gears and depart from the serial killer genre for my third novel. I wanted to challenge myself and craft a complex novel with global consequences. I am about a month away from completing a political thriller with an interesting twist; one I think will peak the readers interest in the opening chapter.

When you’re not writing what are you doing (hobbies, family, etc.)?

I live in San Diego and my entire family lives in New York, so I don’t see them as often as I’d like to. This is difficult. Particularly because I have two children, four grandchildren, two brothers, two sisters, and a large extended family. My goal—if I’m successful writing fiction-is to spend the winters in San Diego and the summers in New York. Additionally, I love the warm beaches of Southern California, I enjoy cooking and sipping a glass of vintage red wine, and I’m addicted to movies.

Thanks so much, Daniel.  Good luck with RESUSCITATION, and I look forward to reading it.


Daniel Annechino wrote his first book, How to Buy the Most Car for the Least Money, in 1992 while working as a General Manager in the automobile business.But his passion had always been fiction, particularly thrillers. He wrote several novels early in his writing career, but it wasn’t until he authored They Never Die Quietly that he fulfilled his goal as a novelist. A native of New York, Annechino now lives in San Diego with his wife, Jennifer.

To learn more about Daniel, please visit his website.

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