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Read the stories that were featured in the February edition of The Big Thrill.


31 new thrillers this month from ITW members, including debut authors Daniel Palmer, Brad Taylor, Allan Leverone, and Sara J. Henry, plus news from South Africa, an in-depth interview with bestselling author William Bernhardt, and more.

Print the Big Thrill list and head on down to your favorite bookstore, or download your selections to your electronic e-reader, and enjoy a month’s worth of great reading from your friends at the International Thriller Writers.

Hot off the press:

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Thriller Roundtable

Whether you’re a fan or an author, you’ll want to join the THRILLER ROUNDTABLE discussions at the Big Thrill website, where each week, a new group of authors discuss what inspires them, who their favorite hero characters are, what advice they’d offer the next generation of thriller authors, and more. Here’s December’s schedule:

Week of January 31 – February 6: “Imagine you could reach out to any author (living or dead) and ask a single question. Who is the author? What is your question?” with Mike Sirota, Lisa Black, Kelli Stanley, J. H. Bográn, Richard Godwin, Weyman Jones

Week of February 7 – 13: “Which authors inspire you?” with Amy Robertson, Weston Ochse, Mike Sirota, Kelli Stanley, Michael Haskins, Reece Hirsch, Kate White, Jim Duncan, Weyman Jones, Tracy March

Week of February 14 – 20: “Readers seem to expect plot twists and surprises told inside a familiar story structure. How do you reconcile this?” with Larry D. Thompson, Sharon Linnea, Glenn Cooper, Kate White, Joe McKinney , Edgar Franzmann, Weyman Jones, John Dobbin

Week of February 21 – 27: “Who is the best protagonist of all time? Why?” with Sharon Linnea, Jamie Freveletti, CE Lawrence, Richard Godwin, Weyman Jones


Monthly Giveaway

Congratulations to Richard Godwin, the winner of this month’s BIG THRILL giveaway. Richard will receive an assortment of signed thrillers including Boiling Point by K. L. Dionne, Love Me to Death by Allison Brennan, Critical Condition by CJ Lyons, Indefensible by Pamela Callow, No Place to Run by Thomas B. Sawyer, Gideon’s War by Howard Gordon, Targeted by John M. Wills, The Irish Princess by Karen Harper, Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons by Blaize Clement, Midnight Caller by Leslie Tentler, Rogue Wave by Boyd Morrison, Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze, and House Divided by Raul Ramos Y Sanchez.

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Coming Next Month

Coming next month: a Between the Lines interview with F. Paul Wilson, and the latest thrillers from Bonnie S. Calhoun and Michelle Sutton, Keith Thomson, Kat Martin, Jaye Wells, A. Scott Pearson, Linda O. Johnston, J.T. Ellison, Robin Caroll, David Duffy, Erin Brockovich and CJ Lyons, Cynthia Eden, Wayne Arthurson and more. It’s gonna be a thriller!

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