Thriller Roundtable

November 28 – December 4: What was the big lesson that awaited you after you completed your first novel?

Writing that first novel is a huge accomplishment – something that many aspiring authors never quite manage to do. What happens next? Join ITW members Nancy Bilyeau, Karen Dionne and Ed Kovacs as they discuss the lessons they learned after completing their first novel.
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October 24 – 30: “Which novel, more than any other, just scared the @#$%* out of you?”

On the eve of Halloween, we have to ask: “Which novel, more than any other, just scared the @#$%* out of you? Which characters?” Join ITW Members Debbie Viguié, Cammie Eicher, Joseph Nassise, Trevor Shane, Ethan Cross and Daniel Annechino as they reveal their biggest literary fears. It’s sure to be a thriller!
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October 31 – November 6: “What moved you to write your first novel?”

Writing a novel is not an easy thing—especially if you’ve never written one before. What moved you to write your first novel? Is that still what moves you today? Join ITW Members Camille MinichinoEd KovacsGina RobinsonYvonne AndersonBeth Groundwater and George Ebey for what’s sure to be a thrilling discussion!
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October 10 – 16: “Where do you get your story ideas?”

Where do you get your story ideas? Are you a ripped from the headlines type? Do your story ideas actually start with character? Do they reflect your life/interests? Are they more intuitive? AND, how do you know when they’re good?

Join ITW Members C. C. Harrison, Miranda Parker, Todd Ritter, Ed Kovacs, Yvonne Anderson and Allison Brennan for what’s sure to be a thriller!
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October 3 – 9: Why do some authors make it, and some don’t?

For every successful writer, there are many more who aren’t able to break in. They write well, tell a good story, pay their dues, and yet, despite their efforts, they remain unpublished.  What’s the difference between a successful author and the not-yet-published?  Is it a well-connected mentor? An agent who can open doors?  Sheer, dumb luck?

Join Karen Dionne and Ron Barak as they lead this thrilling discussion!
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September 26 – October 2: What about language? How much credence do you give it? How important is it?

In On Writing, Stephen King tells the story of asking Amy Tan what’s the one question she’s never asked in a Q&A. She responded, “They never ask about the language.” So, we’re asking ITW Members Catriona McPherson, D. E. Johnson, Kelli Stanley and J. H. Bográn what about language? How much credence do you give it? What does it do for your story? Characters? Dialogue? Setting? The reader? How important is it?
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September 19 – 25: What’s the one thriller that really grabbed you, but never received the deserved notoriety or accolades?

What’s the one thriller (or perhaps thriller writer) that really grabbed you, but seems to never have gotten the deserved notoriety and/or accolades?  Why that book/writer?

Join ITW members S. Eric Wachtel, J. H. Bográn and Allison Brennan for another can’t-miss discussion!
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September 12 – 18: Creating characters

What do you call upon to create your characters? Life experience? People you’ve encountered? Other fictional characters? Your own inner-psyche? Archetypes?

Join ITW members C. C. Harrison, CE Lawrence, Bob Levinson, S. Eric Wachtel, Camille Minichino, and Marc Cameron for another fascinating Thriller Roundtable discussion!
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September 6 – 11: How do you keep the middle of a novel compelling?

As writers and readers, we love a beginning that hooks us, and a twisting ending that won’t let us go. But what about the often overlooked Act II? How do you keep it equally compelling?

Help kick off the fall Thriller Roundtable season by joining Jim Duncan, Steven James, Todd Ritter, and Kathleen George for a fresh new Thriller Roundtable discussion!
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June 27th to Sept 5th: “What’s on your summer reading list?”

We’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to discuss what you’ll be reading this summer. Jump right in and tell everyone what’s on YOUR summer reading list!
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June 20th to the 26th: “All stories boil down to either, someone went on a journey or a stranger comes to town. Do you agree?”

The late John Gardner suggested that all stories boil down to either, someone went on a journey or a stranger comes to town. Do you agree? At their very core, how do you view your thrillers? Thomas Kaufman, Reece Hirsch, Sidney Williams and CE Lawrence will discuss that, and more!
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June 13th to 19th: “What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to someone attending ThrillerFest for the first time?”

With ThrillerFest a little over two weeks away, KJ Howe and CE Lawrence discuss the one piece of advice they’d give to someone attending for his or her first time?

After graduating from University of Toronto with a Specialist Degree in Labor Management Relations, KJ Howe tried the business world—but the creative pull to write was irresistible. She returned to school to complete a Master’s in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in Pennsylvania where she wrote her thesis, ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS. KJ has the honor of winning three Daphne du Maurier awards for Excellence in Mystery and Suspense and numerous other writing awards. She is also ITW’s AgentFest chairperson.
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June 6th to the 12th: “How would you characterize your literary voice? How did you develop it?”

Agents, publishers and readers are always looking for a new and/or fresh voice. How would you characterize your literary voice? How did you develop it?

Anna DeStefano is the best selling author of romantic suspense for Harlequin and Silhouette and contemporary psychic fantasy for Dorchester Publishing. She’s won and finalled in numerous national contests, including twice winning the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award. She teaches craft workshops across the country and blogs regularly about both her writing experience and the fascination with metaphysics and parapsychology that led her to create her psychic-based Legacy Series. For more information, please visit Anna’s blog.
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May 30th to June 5th: “Is fact really stranger than fiction?”

Is fact really stranger than fiction? This week, authors C. C. Harrison, Anna DeStefano and Andrea Kane discuss how to weave fact and fiction to make a really compelling story. Start June off right by following this can’t-miss discussion!
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May 16th to the 22nd: “Imagine you’re invited to give a two-minute ‘state of industry’ speech to ITW members. What would you say?”

Imagine you’re invited to give a two-minute “state of industry” speech to ITW members. What would you say?

This week literary agents Janet Reid, Nicholas Croce and Kristin Lindstrom discuss what they would say to ITW Members. It’s the can’t-miss discussion we’re all dying to hear!
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