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The Big Thrill Recommends: WIGGLE ROOM with Darden North, Audiobook Narrated by Michael Robbins

Recommended by Ellen Quint

Book Cover: WIGGLE ROOMGet ready for an entertaining journey filled with unexpected twists and turns in WIGGLE ROOM by Darden North, skillfully narrated by Michael Robbins.

The story kicks off amidst the chaos of the Iraqi war, plunging listeners into the intense atmosphere of a field hospital where Air Force Surgeon Major Brad Cummins fights to save lives shattered by an IED blast. Among his patients are a young Iraqi man, initially deemed an innocent bystander and a gravely injured American soldier. As the narrative unfolds, we follow Brad’s return to the southern United States, where he grapples with the challenges of transitioning to civilian life, preparing for marriage, and managing his medical practice alongside his brother. However, his seemingly normal everyday life quickly morphs into terror as Brad finds himself targeted by multiple assassination attempts, putting not only his life but also those of his loved ones in peril.

Michael Robbins perfectly syncs his narration with the author’s pacing to sustain a persistent tension throughout. Robbins’ talents shine as he effortlessly transitions between characters, skillfully embodying the voice of the Iraqi civilian rescued by Dr. Cummins and capturing the distinct southern accents of Brad’s colleagues. Robbins’s portrayal of the wedding planner, with his larger-than-life persona, is particularly noteworthy, adding a delightful layer of humor to the narrative. Additionally, the inclusion of well-timed sound effects, such as ringing phones, closing elevator doors, and even a blood pressure cuff being removed, enhances the immersive experience.

Darden North’s writing unfolds like scenes from a movie, blending descriptions with brisk dialogue to propel the plot forward. This storytelling style translates well to the audiobook format, ensuring that listeners are hooked from the first landing of the helicopter with the IED victims to the climax that ties it all together.


The Big Thrill Recommends: WIGGLE ROOM with Darden North, Audiobook Narrated by Michael Robbins

Ellen Quint