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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE GARDEN GIRLS by Jessica R. Patch

Recommended by Sandra Hoover

Book Cover: THE GARDEN GIRLSTHE GARDEN GIRLS by author Jessica R. Patch is an intense, intricately woven suspense thriller with subtle Christian overtones. FBI agent Tiberius (Ty) Granger and his team from the Special Crimes Unit return in a frenzied race against time and the fury of Mother Nature. Their job? To apprehend a serial killer dubbed ‘The Artist’ for the elaborate flower tattoos he inks on victims’ bodies that match the kind of flowers in their name. When the investigation brings Ty face-to-face with Bexley Hemmingway—a ghost from his past life in a religious cult—his world tilts off-axis as he struggles to bridle long-suppressed anger, confusion, and hurt. For now, he sets aside personal issues to search for Bexley’s missing sister, who’s believed to be the latest kidnap victim of ‘The Artist.’ Can they find her in time?

Patch renders a dark, complex psychological thriller with a strong emphasis on the healing power of love and faith in THE GARDEN GIRLS. Her gift for crafting damaged characters with dark, deeply rooted pasts capable of earning readers’ empathy is evident. A frenzied pace is driven by the fury of an approaching hurricane, the urgency to catch a killer before he strikes again, and Ty’s personal inner conflict over his faith and trust in God, as well as his battle to block the deluge of emotions overwhelming him over the return of Bexley. The intricately woven narrative is unique, dark, emotionally raw and draining for both characters and readers.

Patch skillfully interweaves complex themes in THE GARDEN GIRLS via main characters navigating life after escaping a religious cult that altered their future. The perfect blend of psychological thriller with a Christian perspective, this book is for readers who enjoy deeply emotional, intense thrillers that highlight the redemptive power of love, forgiveness, and faith.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE GARDEN GIRLS by Jessica R. Patch

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