Romantic Suspense

Into the Fury by Kat Martin

INTO-THE-FURY800xBy Alison McMahan

Kat Martin is the New York Times bestselling author of over 70 novels that have been translated into over 20 languages.

What’s her secret?

After reading her latest novel, INTO THE FURY, the start of a new romantic suspense series, I spent an hour interviewing her, trying to figure out her methods for success. Here’s what I concluded:

Kat Martin doesn’t follow any of the rules.

Sure she writes all day, that’s a given. Most writers start with the writing first, but Martin only digs in after she’s had her coffee, watched the news, checked her email, and caught up with her readers on social media. She writes 5-6 hours a day, 100 pages a month, two books a year. Year after year.

Most writers do a few drafts, but Martin only does one. Yes, she rewrites, but she rewrites as she goes along, rewriting what she wrote the day before, then starting the new words. She also reviews after every 100 pages. When the 500 page draft is complete, she lets it rest for two weeks, then goes over it again, but it’s ready to be turned in when she finishes the draft.

And she’s been doing this since the late 1980s.

What keeps her going?

First of all, she knows and delivers what and when her editors expect. “When I started, traditional publishing was the only way to go, and it was always clear to me that I had to make a living.” And she always hands in her manuscripts on time. Or even early. “You have to write it. Might as well get it done sooner rather than later.”

Martin got started because her husband wrote and published a book (Her husband is L.J. Martin, author of western, non-fiction, and suspense novels). She started going to conferences with him, which pointed her in the right direction.
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I’ll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton

ill never let you goBy Anne Tibbets

Mary Burton is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling novelist and has been intrigued by investigative work and the people who do it since Virginia, her home state, was stung by a string of serial killings that spanned more than twenty-years. With over twenty five published novels, plus multiple novellas under her belt, her deft story-telling abilities are apparent from the first paragraph of her latest novel, I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO, which is the third instalment of her Morgans of Nashville series.

“I knew from the start that I had four novels in this series,” Burton says, “and I wanted to create a set of characters that readers could get to know over time. In Cover Your Eyes, I introduced the Morgan family, three brothers and a sister who were raised by a dedicated homicide cop. All the Morgan siblings joined law enforcement in one form or another.”

In I’LL NEVER LET YOU GO, the story centers on the middle son, Alex Morgan, a quiet, introverted, and serious investigator with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. But don’t let the tough guy exterior fool you.

“You would quickly learn that Alex Morgan shows his love and concern through acts of service,” Burton says. “He might not bring the woman he loves flowers but he’ll take a bullet for her. Alex is quiet, methodical and he is intensely loyal to his family and his job with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Pay attention to what Alex does, not what he says.”

A frequenter at forensic science conferences and workshops, Burton makes it a habit to stay abreast of scientific advancements in the field of crime investigation in order to keep her novels cutting edge.
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Where Lemons Bloom by Blair McDowell

perf5.000x8.000.inddBy Kay Kendall

This month author Blair McDowell celebrates publication of her fifth novel of romantic suspense. WHERE LEMONS BLOOM whips the reader through scintillating scenery, fiendish financial skullduggery, and erotic ardor. This novel, like its predecessors, taps into a wealth of travel experience that its author has enjoyed. Now she shares with THE BIG THRILL how she manages to blend exotic locales, hot sex, and big money into a book that appears to be haunted by the ghost of the late, great Jackie Collins.

The list of places where you have lived and traveled is enticing. I love how you evoked the Amalfi Coast in WHERE LEMONS BLOOM, your new release. Tell us about connecting that to a case of embezzlement in the United States.

The Amalfi Coast has been one of my favorite haunts for many years, and the little inn I describe in WHERE LEMONS BLOOM is really there, and is really down 110 steps. The story evolved when I was in Italy in 2013. I knew I wanted to set a love story in Positano, but I’ve never been one to write simple love stories. There has to be a problem, a threat, an element of danger. The idea of an embezzlement came from a newspaper account of a woman in Baltimore who had been working a Ponzi scheme for years before being caught.  I started researching embezzlement schemes and, fortuitously, The Vancouver Sun at that point ran a series of articles on hiding money in off-shore accounts. I made the short step from there to my Italian-American hero. After his unjust imprisonment for embezzling millions from his own investment firm, he returned home to Positano, on the Amalfi Coast, a broken man. It got a bit tricky when I started trying to find out about the Mafia in the Sorrento/ Naples area. But Italians are matter-of-fact and vocal about the “three governments” in Italy — the church, the elected government and the mafia (called the Camorra in the Naples area). It is simply a way of life for them, a way of getting business done.

While I long to see the Amalfi Coast but haven’t been there—yet—I have traveled the Romantische Strasse in Germany. Your fourth novel, Romantic Road, brought back wonderful memories of Wurzburg and Rothenburg–and farther south and east to Salzburg, Vienna, and Budapest. Did you find it difficult to balance the amount of travel detail with the need to keep up the pace of the adventure that drove the plot?

You have hit on one of my biggest writing problems. I want to immerse my readers in the setting. I want them to get high with Lacy on the gluwein, to savor her apple fritters in Rothenburg. I want them to be mesmerized by the Tiepolo ceiling in Wurzburg and to hear with her the gypsies in a Hungarian Csarda. But too much of this threatens to stop the forward movement of the plot. A good editor is sometimes all that keeps my books from turning into travel guides.
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Headed for Trouble by Shiloh Walker

Headed for TroubleBy Cathy Clamp

When Neve McKay returns to her hometown to heal after fleeing an abusive relationship, she doesn’t expect to find anything other than solace and love from her family. But Scotsman Ian Campbell, a new resident and friend of her brother, is hard to ignore.

Even as she’s rebuilding family ties and beginning new ones, her old life is shadowing her footsteps, threatening everything she’s found. Does she dare fall for the new bad boy in town when his life will be at risk? How far is her abuser willing to go?

Shiloh Walker sat down with The Big Thrill to talk about the first of this new series, one Publishers Weekly calls a “fast-paced contemporary romance [that] readers will look forward to.”

Tell us about your new series.

HEADED FOR TROUBLE is the first in a new trilogy, a perfect book for readers to pick up.

Are either of the characters ones that readers will recognize from another book?

No, they are all new.

Most writers do research for a book. What’s the most interesting thing you discovered while you were writing this book—whether or not it actually made it into the book?

Hmmm…several things. I learned that wine has like 1500 chemical compounds in it—the brother owns a winery. Also, Scotland has some pretty strict laws regarding domestic abuse. America could probably learn a few things from them.
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The Samoa Seduction by Alan L. Moss

SomoaBy Linda Davies

Alan L. Moss is a retired Washington insider with the ability to view his former environs with a writer’s outsiderly detachment. The best of both worlds, you could say. His writing draws upon Ph. D. research capabilities and many years in Washington D.C. as a federal Chief Economist, Congressional Fellow in the U.S. Senate, and Adjunct Instructor at the University of Virginia’s Northern Virginia Center. In 2002, he put his government career aside and moved to the Jersey Shore to pursue his writing. His published novels, Insidious Deception and Surviving the Endgame spin yarns of conspiracy, love, sex, revenge, and subterfuge.

His latest novel, THE SAMOA SEDUCTION, takes advantage of his time in American Samoa administering the minimum wage hearings fictitiously portrayed in the novel. His insider knowledge of Washington politics, such as how policies may be distorted to support powerful interests, is clearly demonstrated in the web of betrayals that drive the story forward. His personal familiarity with the Samoan people and the beautiful landscape of the Island of Tutuila provide a fascinating backdrop to the story’s telling. Alan’s strong thriller competencies are revealed in the protagonist’s journey fighting to raise Samoa’s poverty wages, yielding to a beautiful Samoan seductress, paying a high price for his infidelity, and then seeking revenge for the damage done by returning to the South Pacific to punish those responsible.

THE SAMOA SEDUCTION is the story of two strong-willed individuals haunted by their love for one another while being manipulated by a deadly conspiracy.
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In The Waning Light by Loreth Anne White

WANING LIGHT FINALTwo decades after her sister’s brutal attack and murder, Meg Brogan has finally found happiness…or so it appears. A bestselling true-crime writer, Meg has money, fame, and a wealthy fiancé. But when a television-show host presses her to tackle the one story everyone claims she cannot write—the story of her own family’s destruction—her perfect life shatters.

Determined to finally face her past, Meg returns to her hometown of Shelter Bay. Shrouded in cold, brooding fog, the close-knit coastal town harbors dark secrets and suspicious residents. One of the few people to welcome Meg back is Blake Sutton, her high-school sweetheart and the marina’s new owner. Desperate for clues, Meg digs through her family’s files. As Pacific storms brew outside, her passion for Blake reignites.

But someone doesn’t want Meg digging up the past. And that person will go to deadly lengths to prevent the writer from revealing a terrible truth.
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Midnight Fire by Lisa Marie Rice

Midnight FireJack Delvaux is alive

Summer Redding thought the blindingly handsome jock who’d loved and left her years ago had died in the Washington Massacre. She grieved for her lost golden boy as the rest of the country mourned their dead—until she comes home to find a very alive Jack Delvaux waiting for her with a devastating secret that turns her life upside down.

No longer the carefree man he was in his youth, this Jack is dark, hard and dangerous; a fifteen-year veteran of the CIA hungry for answers…and hungry for her. The rich, good-looking charmer who broke her heart once before would have been easy to resist, but this man, this powerful man? Summer needs him, and he knows it.

When Jack’s mission uncovers evidence of government involvement in the Massacre—and plans for another attack—he’s primed for revenge. But he has more than vengeance to live for now, and when Summer’s life is threatened, it’s nearly Jack’s undoing. Someone taking shots at his woman? That’s a dead man walking.
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In The Company Of Wolves by Paige Tyler

In the Company of Wolves Cover Quote 72By Cathy Clamp

When a new gang of criminals comes to town, Dallas S.W.A.T. team member Eric Becker immediately senses werewolves—a lot of them. Turns out, the new bad guys are a pack of wolf shifters. While stopping a crime in progress, Becker comes face-to-face with the most gorgeous woman he’s ever seen. So, he does the logical thing—he hides her and leaves the scene with the rest of his team. But with a street-savvy thief named Jayna on his hands, along with Eastern European mobsters bent on making Dallas their new home, Becker’s life is about to be turned upside down.

The Big Thrill caught up New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Paige Tylor to talk about the latest in her S.W.A.T. series, IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES.

This is the third book in your S.W.A.T. series. Are Eric or Jayna characters that fans will recognize from previous books?

Fans will definitely recognize Eric. By the way, he prefers to go by Becker (his last name). He’s one of the youngest werewolves in the S.W.A.T. pack and is typically really laid back. You can usually find him hanging out with fellow werewolf/S.W.A.T. officer Landry Cooper (who also prefers to go by his last name.)

Jayna Winston will be new to the fans. She’s the woman Becker runs into during a crime in progress. She’s The One who rocks his world and gets him out of his laid-back mode. Jayna comes with a bit of baggage, and some responsibilities that make a relationship between her and Becker extremely interesting.
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Still Life by DB Kennison

StillLife_EPUB copyBy Alison McMahan

Be careful what you tell your hair dresser. Especially if you are a cop. Because while she listens to you vent about your work, she’s taking notes for her next mystery novel.

That’s how DB Kennison, known to her friends as Darlene, got her start as a writer. In 2008, with the recession, people stopped spending on facials, makeup, and hair. Darlene went from more work than she could handle to staring at the walls. She wrote to save her sanity.

“I did a year and a half in college,” she says. “I took a basic English class. They gave me six papers to write. It was torture.”

But when she was ready to write novels, she was smart enough to know how much she didn’t know. She took courses online. She reached out to everyone for feedback.  She discovered the Mystery Writers of America’s mentor program.

“My mentor was Michael Allen Dimmoch, and I am eternally grateful to him for not just saying to me, ‘Don’t quit your day job.’ He was very, very generous in encouraging me to learn how to do it and to continue. That was really big for me, it was huge, considering how much red there was on that manuscript.”  Darlene has kept the critique to this day.

She was just as tenacious when it came time to sell her first book. “I just about quit over synopsis and query letters, but I pounded through it.”
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True Deception by Veronica Forand

True Deceptions COVERBy Amy Lignor

Author Veronica Forand has added a great deal to the romantic suspense genre, with her own life journeys being the perfect backdrop for creating exciting locales and characters that emanate a wealth of emotions.

As she branches out into a new genre of fiction, she speaks with us about her newest release—a suspenseful tale with romance at its core. In this exclusive to The Big Thrill, Forand talks about the travels and meetings that have caused her to better understand the various cultures that exist in this world, and how to share that knowledge with her readers.

You have done extensive traveling. How have these journeys helped in the development of your writing career?

The best part of traveling is learning more about people and how different cultures can affect a person’s outlook. For the most part, I’ve discovered that parents want the best for their children. People fall in love. People disagree over small things, like making too much noise in the apartment next door, and over larger things, such as how to handle immigrants coming into an area. Happiness can be found everywhere, and so can anger and jealousy.

Having traveled to many landmarks and museums, I now head to areas where locals congregate to absorb their stories. A place is not the sum of its buildings, but the collective experience of its people. When my family travels, we’ve been fortunate to view areas away from the more traveled tourist stops. I remember sharing dinner with the French family I lived with in Paris. Their son was worried about taking the entrance exam for university. It was the only thing the family focused on until he received his acceptance. Years later, I shared a dinner with a family in Seoul. The biggest issue in their house was getting their two children into university for a chance at solid careers. Hence, same concerns, different cultures.

I’ve also traveled to Germany, where a dear friend lamented over how the War still lingers in the minds of the older generation and hinders the accomplishments of the country’s youth. He wished he’d been born in Austria, a place where he felt a man could be proud of his homeland without reminding everyone of the atrocities of the past. Understanding a place from the point of view of the people there, and not just from the food served or the monuments erected, influences how I see that part of the world.

When I write, the faces and the attitudes of the people I’ve encountered over the years influence my characters. They should never be a caricature of a place or ethnicity. They should reflect their upbringing, experiences, education, and their own personal mettle. Four people from a small African village with a population of two hundred should have some similarities, but also distinct personalities, hopes, and dreams. My biggest challenge in writing is to make sure all the faces are distinct; the lives unique.
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Death, Taxes, and a Chocolate Cannoli by Diane Kelly

cannoliBy Diane Kelly

When people think of mysteries and thrillers, their mind normally goes to killers of one variety or another—stranglers in trench coats lurking in dimly-lit alleys, axe murderers in ski masks wandering the dark woods, or a crazy-eyed wack job intent on committing a whack job.

But don’t let Armani suits and silk ties fool you. White-collar criminals also have a high propensity for violence. With their beguiling smiles, wiley ways, and benign appearances, they can sneak in and take your assets—and possibly your life—before you have an inkling of their evil intent. In fact, the situation is common enough that a term has evolved for white-collar crooks who kill: “red-collar” criminals.

The typical white-collar criminal is a Caucasian male in his late 20s to early 30s. He’s well-respected socially and professionally, and has a high socioeconomic status. In other words, this type of criminal comes in the guise of the perfect love interest, neighbor, financial advisor, or business partner.

Per the FBI, white-collar crime costs Americans approximately three hundred billion dollars annually. Not exactly chump change. And, just as killers often find creative ways to kill their victims, white-collar criminals come up with a new scheme every day, from the typical credit card counterfeiting and embezzlement, to fake mystery shopper schemes, telemarketing scams, real estate rip-offs, vacation swindles, and prize cons.
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Good Earl Gone Bad by Manda Collins

Good Earl Gone Bad (1)By Amy Lignor

Manda Collins has been truly captivating fans with her romantic suspense for several years—and GOOD EARL GONE BAD, the newest release in her Lord of Anarchy series is no exception.

Lady Hermione Upperton has never backed down from a challenge, so when her spendthrift father offers “her” during a heated game of cards, she must decide to either wed the Earl of Mainwaring, an infamous gamester, or face murder charges. Either way, she’ll need to clear her name.

It’s said there’s no one better than a librarian to talk about books, which makes Collins a great interview. An avid reader, an avid fan, and an avid writer, she continues to create memorable characters and reawaken history before our very eyes. We caught up with her this month to talk about her writing career.

Per your bio, you certainly fall under the category of “book lover.” Could you tell readers a bit about your background? Were you always a fan of historical romance?

Though I enjoy history for its own sake, my love for it has always been intertwined with my love of literature. So for me, a particular era—like the Roaring 20s or the Elizabethan period—is difficult to divorce from the writers of that time period. Within the romance genre, I did start out reading historicals, so that’s naturally been the subgenre I feel most comfortable in. When it comes to the eras, Regency has been my longest passion. But I can go a hundred and fifty years either way—European or American. For some reason I’ve never really been into Ancient history. Probably because I enjoy modern conveniences too much!

When did the thrill for writing hit? Were you always writing since you were young (diaries, journals, etc.) or did it come later?

I knew I loved books from as early as Kindergarten, but the writing part clicked for me in middle school. I wrote what I now know to be “fan fiction” about my little group of friends having adventures with the characters from the T.V. show, Moonlighting. I loved presenting the tales with a flourish each week. From there was born my love of writing for an audience. But even then I didn’t really think of myself as a writer; it was something I did just for fun. Later, during and after college, I thought it was something I wanted to try, but didn’t get the right kind of motivation until 2006, when I participated in the Avon Fanlit competition. This rekindled my love for writing, and the friendships I built there gave me the support and discipline I needed to finish my first book. I sold How to Dance with a Duke four years later.
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Shattered by Cynthia Eden

ShatteredBy Cathy Clamp

Criminal psychologist Dr. Sarah Jacobs is all too familiar with the kind of bad boys who belong in jail. But when a deranged killer targets her, she may need help from the very kind of person she’s accustomed to seeing on the other side of the bars.

While Jax Fontaine doesn’t claim to be a good guy, he’s loyal to his own code and brutally honest about what he wants—and what he wants is for Sarah to be safe. He’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

In SHATTERED, bestselling author Cynthia Eden delves deep into New Orleans’ underground and leaves readers breathless. The Big Thrill caught up with Eden this month to talk about her thrilling new release, as well as future plans for her popular LOST series.

SHATTERED is part of the LOST series. Tell new readers a little about the Last Option Search Team and what they do.

My Last Option Search Team group was created to give hope to desperate families. When the authorities stop looking for the missing, when it seems as if hope is gone…then LOST steps in. The LOST group focuses on cold cases—they work to find the missing and to bring closure to those who need it so desperately.

For fans of the series, have they met Sarah or Jax in a previous book?

They have, indeed! Sarah is the main profiler at LOST, and she appeared in both book one (Broken) and book two (Twisted). Jax, very much an anti-hero character, first made his appearance in Twisted.

Most writers research for a new book. What is the most interesting thing you learned while researching, whether or not it made it into the book?

For my LOST series, I’ve spent a great deal of time researching missing persons’ cases in the United States. One of the things that I found to be most jarring was that there are currently more than eighty-three thousand missing persons in the U.S. When it comes to children (and this made me very tense since I am a mother), the first three hours after a disappearance are extremely important because—quite horribly—seventy-six per cent of children who are taken will be killed during those three hours. I found that figure to be absolutely horrifying. In case any of The Big Thrill’s readers might be interested, here is a link to the story that first gave me that statistic.
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Primal Force by D. D. Ayres

Primalforce Official cover revealBy Jessica Driscoll

Passion and suspense are front and center in D.D. Ayres’ fourth installment of the K-9 Rescue Series, PRIMAL FORCE.

Dog trainer Jori Garrison has little interest in romance and spends all of her time training her Warrior Wolf Pack, special dogs taught to work with disabled veterans. Wounded veteran Lauray Batisse is resistant to a new service dog, having lost his beloved K-9 in Afghanistan. But sparks fly when Jori and Lauray cross paths, pushing these two together on an adventure that heats up when enemies start hunting them down.

Extraordinary canines, fierce attraction, and danger are the elements at play in PRIMAL FORCE, and Ayers was kind enough to take a break from the action to answer a few questions for The Big Thrill about her newest release.

Of particular importance in PRIMAL FORCE, and all of Ayres’ K-9 books, is the special relationship between the dogs and their Handlers.

“Lauray was military K-9 police, who lost his K-9 and his leg in the same horrific explosion in Afghanistan,” Ayres says.

Tormented by injuries, PTSD kicks in as Batisse’s physical rehabilitation is completed. Forced to get a PTSD service dog, he is reluctant to accept Samantha, the Golden Doodle he’s assigned.
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Perfect Touch by Elizabeth Lowell

Perfect_Touch_earlycoverBy Matt Maxwell

Elizabeth Lowell has quietly been stirring up a revolt in both romance and thrillers since the late 1980s. She was one of the leading innovators in the field of romantic suspense, having mastered relationship-driven romance and suspense novels in her earlier career. With Tell Me No Lies, she combined the two genres, giving readers an unexpected ride that continues to today. Her newest romantic suspense novel is PERFECT TOUCH, which tells a tale of family and betrayal set against a backdrop of the rugged Wyoming landscape. High-stakes art deals, murder, and the unexpected dance of new love all come together, satisfying readers of thrillers and contemporary romance alike.

The Big Thrill sat down with Mrs. Lowell to talk about her writing career and what it’s like to break down genre barriers.

You didn’t start out writing suspense at all. How did you begin your career?

I was reading science fiction at the time; my first novel, Change, was science fiction. It is long out of print, but I’m looking at possibly bringing out a digital edition. I’ve got rights to all my science fiction backlist, thanks to contracts that weren’t able to predict ebooks and the world we live in now.

What were you able to take from that experience that makes your other work unique?

Science fiction is the ultimate “What if?” genre, with no limitations required by reality. Suspense is also a “What if?” genre, but the limitations are very much of this Earth!

What led you to add suspense elements to your romance novels? Did that dovetail with your work on Steal the Sun and the Fiddler novels?

My first romance novels were about 200 pages long. There wasn’t room in them for anything but the development of the romance. When I write 400 page novels, then there is room for both romance and suspense. Working on pure suspense (such as Steal the Sun) and mystery with a continuing relationship (Fiddler) made me want to write novels in which the romance and suspense were equal partners.
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Wolf Trouble (SWAT 2) by Paige Tyler

Wolf Trouble Hi-Res NYT 72By Paige Tyler

If you remember from Book 1 in my Special Wolf Alpha Team Series (Hungry Like the Wolf), the Dallas SWAT Team is made up of sixteen alpha werewolves. When you think of the word “alpha” you probably naturally think big, strong guys. And up until WOLF TROUBLE (Book 2 in the SWAT Series) you’d be right. There were sixteen alpha guys on the team, and in the Pack. But now you get to see how the dynamics change when the next alpha to join the Pack is a woman. Not only is she strong and aggressive like the guys, but she’s sexy as hell, too.

In my SWAT Series, werewolves aren’t turned from a bite, but rather by having a gene that turns on during a traumatic event. And the heroine Khaki Blake experiences one heck of an event that not just turns her into a werewolf but also forces her to leave her old life behind for a new one.

When she joins the Pack, she doesn’t expect her new teammates to be so attractive. But while they’re all big, tall and droolworthy, only one of them makes her forget her own name—her squad leader Xander Riggs. You guessed it—things are about to get complicated.
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The Blind by Shelley Coriell

The_Blind_Low_ResShelley Coriell’s THE BLIND is another dark and twisty romantic thriller in the Apostles Series. The Big Thrill caught up with Coriell to discuss her critically acclaimed series, as well as what’s lurking in her future.

Tell us about THE BLIND, the third book in your Apostles Series, which features an elite team of FBI agents who work outside the box and at times, above the law.

THE BLIND is the story of Special Agent Evie Jimenez, a fiery female FBI bombs and weapons specialist who teams up with Jack Elliott, a buttoned-up billionaire philanthropist and art collector, to track down a serial bomber who uses bombs and live models to create masterful art that lives and breathes—and with the flip of a switch, dies.

Set in the eclectic streets of the downtown Los Angeles Arts District, THE BLIND is a story of art and beauty and ultimately, power. As work-a-holic Evie hunts down an increasingly deadly serial bomber, she finds herself fighting intense feelings for Jack, a powerful businessman with control issues, and struggling with her femininity, and ideas about family. Explosions are going off everywhere in Evie’s world.

Evie Jimenez, the heroine in THE BLIND, is an FBI bombs and weapons specialist. What inspired you to write such a strong female character?

While drafting THE BLIND, I joked around that this book should come with a warning label, something like: Warning: Strong Woman Ahead! I blame my daughters.
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The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak

The-Secret-Sister-Final-Front-624x957Did she once have a sister? Has her mother lied all these years? Why? 

After a painful divorce, Maisey Lazarow returns to Fairham, the small island off the South Carolina coast where she grew up. She goes there to heal—and to help her brother, Keith, a deeply troubled man who’s asked her to come home. But she refuses to stay in the family house. The last person she wants to see is the wealthy, controlling mother she escaped years ago.

Instead, she finds herself living next door to someone else she’d prefer to avoid—Rafe Romero, the wild, reckless boy to whom she lost her virginity at sixteen. He’s back on the island, and to her surprise, he’s raising a young daughter alone. Maisey’s still attracted to him, but her heart’s too broken to risk…

Then something even more disturbing happens. She discovers a box of photographs that evoke distant memories of a little girl, a child Keith remembers, too. Maisey believes the girl must’ve been their sister, but their mother claims there was no sister.

Maisey’s convinced that child existed. So where is she now?
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Energized by Mary Behre

energizedIn the new Tidewater novel by the author of Guarded, a kiss between strangers draws both into unexpected danger and unforgettable desire . . .

She’s searching for a sign . . .

Hannah Halloran has always believed in her gift. The things she sees through her psychic touch have never led her wrong before. Not when they led her to an unforgettable night with a sexy marine at a bar. Not when she felt a need to leave her home and find the sisters she barely knows. And not now, when she is an unwilling witness to a brutal murder . . .

He’s ready to show her . . .

All Niall Graham wants is some peace. He’s recovering from the horrors of war, struggling to save his family’s restaurant, and desperate to forget Hannah, the beautiful woman who left him with memories of a mind-blowing night together and a bogus phone number. But a quiet life is hard to manage—especially when Hannah strides back into his restaurant with the news that a serial killer is on the loose and lurking closer than anyone could have guessed . . .
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Texas Prey by Barb Han

texas preyThe hunted becomes the hunter as the past threatens a small Texas town once again… 

Rancher Brody Fields stops cold when he receives a plea for help from Rebecca Hughes. The onetime love of his life, who was abducted along with her brother fifteen years ago, now believes the kidnapper has returned to tie up loose ends. Rebecca needs Brody’s help bringing the kidnapper—or killer—to justice.

For Brody, the job is risky, but the real danger is their unexpected Texas-sized attraction. As they uncover answers to difficult—and deadly—questions, Brody has a question of his own: Can he trust the woman who once shattered his heart?
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Soul Mates by John R. Little

Soul Mates CoverIdentical twins share a connection that even modern science doesn’t fully understand. Closer than mere blood can bind, deeper than any sibling bond, one cell, one mind, one beginning.

Alannah Clark has found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. A magician – but magicians have secrets – secrets that might outweigh Alannah’s own dark corners. But nothing remains hidden forever.

Magic, thrills, romance, suspense, and sorrow are the emotions of John R. Little’s newest and darkest thoughts. Fans are sure to get a thrill ride as he unleashes his newest adventure.


“There are two words you don’t often, if ever, hear when describing a ‘horror’ writers’ work – Wordsmith & Elegant. But, that’s exactly what kept running through my mind as I read John R. Little’s Soul Mates. If you’ve never read any of Little’s work, you’re really missing out. Not only does he weave a wonderfully horrific tale, but commands his prose like so few in the writing community can do on a consistent basis. I’m dead serious about that and Soul Mates is no exception. I’ve read everything Little writes and you should too. You’re most certainly in for tasty treat with this one!”
~Ty Schwamberger, author of The Fields, Deep Dark Woods & Escaping Lucidity
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The Orion Mask by Greg Herren

orionHeath Brandon’s mother died when he was barely three years old. His father never spoke about her, or her family. So when her family reaches out to him after his father’s death, Heath decides to make the trip to Louisiana to get to know the only family he has left.

But he soon learns that there was a lot more to his mother’s death than he ever knew…and the beautiful old mansion on the Mississippi River has many secrets, secrets someone would kill to protect.

And the key to everything that happened when he was a child just might be hidden in his own memory…


Greg Herren is the award-winning author of over thirty novels. He lives in New Orleans with his partner of twenty years.

To learn more about Greg, please visit his website.




A Dark Lure by Loreth Anne White

A DARK LURELoreth Anne White’s atmospheric, psychological thriller, “pushes the traditional boundaries of the romantic suspense genre,” according to Amazon’s editors, who selected A DARK LURE as one of their four Kindle First picks for June, 2015. Within the first week of its kindle release, A DARK LURE hit # 1 in the Amazon kindle store. The book officially launches July 1.

Tell us a little about A DARK LURE

With A DARK LURE, I wanted to take a classic serial killer trope, where a heinous villain returns years later to hunt down his lone survivor—a woman who bears the deep physical and emotional scars of her narrow escape—but I also wanted to hopefully layer it, make it as much a story of survival, and self acceptance, and love in its many forms. And, I wanted it show the disparate ways in which we can become family. While the themes are dark, at the core it’s ultimately a story of hope. A DARK LURE is set against a rugged wilderness backdrop where hunting and fishing are key story elements, and a perfect foil for my fishing guide heroine who believes she’s found a safe and remote place to hide with her dog and her PTSD—but it’s precisely this isolation that presents the danger.

What inspired the story?

At least once each summer, my husband and I load up our truck, camper, and trailer, to head north into British Columbia’s Cariboo country with our Black Beast of a “labradog” where we spend days, sometimes weeks, fly fishing and camping at a place called Big Bar Lake. While tracking with my dog through the grasses along the water on one particularly moody day, I became hyper aware of the encroaching forest and shadows within, and a sense of being watched by something unseen. And so began the “what-ifs,” which were further developed around campfires late at night while we listened to the coyotes cry in the dark hills, and watched the stars move across a northern sky. This is the setting that inspired my fictional Broken Bar Ranch, and out of it, Olivia and Cole’s story was born. Of course Olivia had to have a dog, Ace, a rescue who plays a key role in the book.
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Atonement by Winter Austin

atonementWinter Austin’s latest release delves into a subject matter that has become a matter of importance in our nation: helping our service men and women who are suffering from PTSD, and the high rate of suicide among those who have served. She delicately attacks this while handling the mystery and suspense of a rash of suicides plaguing a small Southeast Iowa town.

McIntire County deputy Nicolette (Nic) Rivers moved to the small town of Eider, Iowa to forget what she experienced as a Marine Scout Sniper, and to heal without family interference. What she’s not expecting is to, once again, use her sniper skills to end a domestic situation. Her single shot turns the sleepy town of Eider on its head, secrets begin pouring out, and citizens of McIntire County turn up dead—presumably by their own hand. With the assistance of Eider police detective, Con O’Hanlon, Nic sets out to learn why the suicides are happening, and face her own demons, hoping she doesn’t succumb to the same fate.

ATONEMENT is your newest release, what inspired the title, and for you to write this book?

My husband is retired from the military, and nine years ago we were preparing for his one and only deployment. During that time a nugget of the story idea came to me. We knew many people who had deployed and came back suffering from mild to severe PTSD. Almost all of my books have a character who is or was military, and with that I knew I had to one day write a book on this subject of PTSD.

Fast forward to 2012, early spring the character Nicolette Rivers was born, and with her came a serious load of baggage that wouldn’t leave me alone. Her story nagged at me until last year when I was able to finally work on her book. Nic is also my first dip into fast-tracking certain aspects that aren’t currently happening in the military. She is the first female Marine Scout Sniper, and it’s because of that job she’s suffering. My hope is that readers will get a better understanding of what actually goes on inside the head of someone suffering from PTSD. Nic’s story is probably the darkest one I’ve written yet.

As for the title, atonement plays a huge role in the suicides that are happening in Eider. Atonement has some deep religious connotations, and for Nic, who is seeking her own atonement for the things that occurred in her past.
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A Question of Honor by Mona Karel

question of honorSydney Castleton has worked hard to put her less than savory past behind her…until her sister asks for her help. Devin Starke has fought too many battles, seen too many deaths, to look forward to a peaceful future…until his best friend and partner asks him to help return the horse his wife, Sidney’s sister, took when she left.

Stormhaven, a ranch in northern New Mexico, has become a place for fighting men to readjust to the world, a sort of decompression chamber for those who have seen too much. Devin Starke is such a man. And Sydney isn’t far behind him.


“This book, like the others Karel has written, shows a depth of understanding of people and their relationships. You can’t help but root for her characters as they struggle to find their way through unique trials and tribulations. The story has a good strong plot that will keep you turning pages, but it’s the charming, heart-warming love story that will have you reading this one again and again.” ~Taylor Jones
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Twisted by Cynthia Eden

TwistedIn the second seductive LOST novel from New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Eden, an obsessed Last Option Search Team agent goes looking for trouble—and finds her in the Big Easy.

Dean Bannon comes to New Orleans for one reason only: to track down a missing sixteen-year-old girl. That’s before he meets the drop-dead gorgeous con artist who makes him want to lose his legendary control.

With her past, Emma Castille doesn’t claim to be psychic. She just notices things other people don’t. Like the fear in a runaway’s eyes—or the pain in an ex-FBI agent’s heart. Her chemistry with Dean is blistering, but Emma follows her passion… not someone else’s orders.

Then a madman breaks into Emma’s home and leaves a twisted message: You’re next. Now Dean refuses to let her out of his sight until he pries every last secret from her full, sexy lips. And suddenly Emma’s aching to give him everything he wants.
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Web of Deceit by Susan Sleeman

Web of Deceit by Susan SleemanWill he help find her sister’s killer . . . or lead the killer to her door?

When Fbi Agent Kaitlyn Knight discovers her brother-in-law is Vyper-the notorious cyber-criminal and murderer wanted by the Fbi-Kait doesn’t question her duty to arrest him. But when he murders her sister in front of her, leaving her infant niece motherless, Kait vows to hunt him down and bring him to justice while raising the baby.

Three years later, and not even a whisper of a lead in her search, Kait is about to give up hope of ever finding Vyper. All of that changes when he goes on a murderous spree taunting Kait with clues that she and homicide detective Sam Murdock must solve before her devious brother-in-law takes another life.

As the body count rises, Sam discovers the killing spree is really about striking back at Kait. He must put everything on the line-including the relationship he’s developed with Kait-to ensure her safety. The killer is waiting, watching her every move, and he won’t stop until he’s exacted his revenge and reclaims his rights to raise his daughter
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Backfire by Elizabeth Goddard

backfire coverBy Linda Davies

Elizabeth Goddard is the bestselling, award-winning author of twenty-three romance novels and counting. A seventh-generation Texan, Elizabeth currently makes her home in Minnesota.

Her latest novel, BACKFIRE, is released this month. Tracy Murray had thought she’d be safe disappearing in the wilds of Alaska after her testimony put away a gang leader. But the gang symbol tattooed on an attacker’s arm means the clock has run out. She’s been found—and she knows the killers won’t let her escape alive again. She can’t fight an entire gang alone—she needs help. But when she finds herself relying on widowed firefighter David Warren, a new struggle emerges. Fleeing Alaska and cutting all ties could be the only way to survive…but it would mean leaving her heart behind.

Elizabeth kindly took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions:

Your Christianity is a major part of your life.  How does it assist you with your writing?

My stories are written from a Christian worldview and so my characters respond accordingly. Add to that I write because I believe God has called me to write. He created the desire and the gift within me and, ultimately, at the end of the day, He is the whole reason I write. I can’t separate myself from my Christianity. It’s part of my being.
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The Wrong Man by Kate White

WrongMan coverBy E. M. Powell

Milestones are important for any writer but New York Times bestselling author Kate White is coming up to a special one. The publication of her latest novel, THE WRONG MAN, will be her tenth. I had the privilege of reading an advance copy, and thoroughly enjoyed this gripping contemporary suspense.

It has such a smart premise. Owner of a Manhattan interior design firm, hard-working heroine Kit Finn decides to act on impulse while on vacation in the Florida Keys. That impulse involves a very attractive man with whom she believes she forms a mutual connection, and who wants to meet up again back in New York. When the man’s apartment door is opened by a complete stranger sharing the man’s name, Kit is shocked. Unsure if it’s a cruel joke or identity theft, she quickly realizes that it’s part of something deeper and deadlier than she could have ever imagined. And where she thought acting on an attraction was a risk, now everything’s on the line—her business, the people she loves, and even her own life. Mr. X is key to it all, but she has to find him first.

THE WRONG MAN has plot swerve upon plot swerve, and builds tension with a palpable sense of danger. It really keeps the reader guessing, right up to the climactic finish. White says that she finds it easier to create red herrings if she knows the end. “I know there are many terrific mystery and thriller writers who don’t plot out their books but I HAVE to plot in advance—though it’s always a fairly rough outline. I always know who the killer is (and why), and I also come up with certain twists in advance.”

She doesn’t overly restrict her plotting, using outline notes for about five chapters at a time. She also writes down questions regarding the plot. “It’s a technique I heard someone talk about once and it works brilliantly,” she says. “These surprising answers come out of the blue, which makes the process really fun.”
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Easy Target by Kay Thomas

EasyTarget HiResWith page-turning suspense and pulse-pounding romance, EASY TARGET, the third book in the thrilling Elite Ops series from award-winning author Kay Thomas, crosses emotional boundaries and multiple continents.

The author answers a few questions for The Big Thrill about what it’s like writing this high octane, sexy suspense series.

Tell us more about EASY TARGET.

AEGIS: an elite team of ex-military men who will do anything for their country… and their women.

Fighting to clear her brother of murder, freelance reporter Sassy Smith is suddenly kidnapped and thrown into a truck with other women who are about to be sold…or worse. When she sees an opportunity for escape Sassy takes it, but she may have just jumped from the frying pan into the fire.

Former Marine Bryan Fisher (a.k.a. Hollywood) is no stranger to dangerous situations, or to his best friend’s little sister. When he rescues Sassy, Bryan is determined to keep her safe…if he can keep his hands off of her. Because Sassy is all grown up and not at all like the girl he used to know. But he’s got bigger problems. And with enemies coming at them from every corner, Bryan and Sassy will need to work together if they’re going to survive.

That’s the back cover copy. At its core this story is about who and what we’ll risk to save the people we love.

What would you risk to save your brother’s life? Would you travel across a continent? Put your own life at risk? Put others at risk?
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