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Romantic Suspense

The Best Victim by Colleen Thompson

The Best Victim by Colleen ThompsonBy Derek Gunn

Colleen Thompson is a busy woman. As Gwyneth Atlee and Colleen Easton, she has written historical novels. These are commonly referred to as steamy romances and you may wonder why we are discussing them in THE BIG THRILL.

It’s because Colleen also writes in the “Romantic Suspense” arena. And her latest novel, THE BEST VICTIM, is a damn good story and has every right to be called a thriller. Yes, relationships play a large part in the story, but don’t they in real life as well? Her characters are believable, likable, or unlikable when they are the bad guys, and easy to cozy up with.

This story was originally released as a serial and the chapters tend to end in a place that will have you anxiously waiting on the next installment. No such worries in this edition as the whole novel is now available. The book skips along at a good rate. The main characters’ interactions are interesting as feelings grow and deepen in line with the mystery.

So what’s it about, you ask? Brent Durant is an FBI agent desperate to stop a killer. But it’s unclear if a killing has taken place. Disgraced from his position Brent is driven to kidnap Lauren Miller, sister of the recently dead Rachel. But Rachel committed suicide—didn’t she? At least that’s what the police think.

Brent’s plan to use Lauren to tease out the killer doesn’t quite go as planned. Lauren may be a recluse but she is far from a victim and she and Brent must work together if they are to have any hope of surviving, let alone revealing the elusive killer.
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Far Gone by Laura Griffin

Far Gone by Laura GriffinBy Karen Harper

Karen Harper was glad she caught up with Laura Griffin, who is one of the busiest writers around.  It was a fun interview because both the interviewer and author write romantic suspense thrillers.  The questions cover all three of Laura’s series—each different, yet each with the Griffin stamp of realistic plots and characters, inspired by her years as a hard-hitting journalist and hands-on researcher.

What is your novel about?  Is it book one in a series or a stand-alone? 

Thanks for inviting me to THE BIG THRILL!

FAR GONE is the story of police detective Andrea Finch, who is a rising star in her department until a split-second decision derails her career. She’s on leave from her job when she gets an urgent call from her younger brother. She’d prefer to ignore his latest plea for cash, but this time instinct tells her something is very wrong. Andrea’s search for answers takes her to a dusty Texas border town where she crosses paths with FBI agent Jon North, who is working undercover in west Texas investigating an unsolved murder that may be linked to a broader plot.

FAR GONE is a stand-alone novel with new lead characters, but readers of my Tracers series will recognize a few familiar faces.

Your heroine in FAR GONE is “disgraced and disillusioned.” Why did you decide to have her operating from a down-and-out experience early in the story?  Yet she obviously has a lot going for her.  What talents or weaknesses do you like to give Andrea and your other heroines?

Andrea is up against tough odds and has been most of her life. I like stories about people in difficult situations who have to use their instincts and intellect to find a way out. The crux of the problem in FAR GONE is that Andrea is torn between the people she loves and the job she loves. From her first scene in the book, she’s in a no-win situation, and as the story unfolds it keeps getting worse.
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Love Another Day by Gina Robinson

Love Another Day by Gina Robinson

CIA agent Tate Cox works alone. Everyone knows that. And when the object of his mission is to seduce a pretty RIOT agent for valuable technology, bringing his ex-wife Malene along seems like an especially disastrous idea. But no one bucks Agency orders, not even capable, confident Tate.

Flirting with the enemy is in the job description—but falling for his sexy, sassy ex all over again is an unexpected complication …


“Robinson does a great job of inventing gadgets, secret organizations, hot operators and fast action. …it’s great fun for the reader!” ~RT BOOK REVIEWS
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The Problem with Goodbye by Jana Hollifield

The Problem with Goodbye by Jana HollifieldBy  J. H. Bográn

Here’s the description of THE PROBLEM WITH GOODBYE, the exciting new thriller from debut author Jana Hollifield:

Hiding from a mysterious stalker whose rage culminated in the brutal slaying of her sister, Cora Dalton believes there is no one she can trust. No one, until she meets Ryan McCabe, a handsome stranger who offers her help when she needs it most. But Cora knows the killer will never quit until he finds her and she must decide if she can allow Ryan to put himself in danger for her sake.

Ryan knows all about being alone in the world. Beautiful Cora is on her own and in trouble, and he can’t just walk away. But Ryan immediately senses there is something Cora is desperately trying to hide. As an intense attraction builds between them, Ryan seeks to gain Cora’s trust and unveil the truth before the killer strikes again.

Hollifield’s interest in writing was shelved over many years while she pursued her passion for painting. But despite a struggle with dyslexia that challenged her confidence, her desire to write ultimately became irresistible. THE PROBLEM WITH GOODBYE takes the classic murder mystery and injects it with healthy doses of romance, humor, and extrasensory perception for a unique romantic suspense experience.

Hollifield graciously agreed to answer a few questions:

Please tell us a little more about THE PROBLEM WITH GOODBYE.

THE PROBLEM WITH GOODBYE is a romantic suspense novel with a substantial mystery element, set in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. The story is written in first person narrative alternating between the female and male protagonists, Cora Dalton and Ryan McCabe. I like that this approach creates intimacy between the characters and the reader, and it also adds to the suspense by drawing the reader into unraveling the clues right alongside both of the lead characters.
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Cone of Uncertainty by David Heilwagen

Cone of Uncertainty by David HeilwagenBy Don Helin

Fleeing a violent husband and a dying marriage, Amanda Brougher abandons her life in Nashville. Driving through the night, she eventually lands in Key West, Florida.  It’s here Amanda hopes to find the tranquility needed to restart her life managing a small island inn.  But Amanda’s plans begin to unravel almost as soon as she arrives.

Paul Brougher isn’t about to let his wife leave so easily.  As soon as he discovers she’s left, Paul embarks on a deluded quest to hunt her down. Plus, the inn’s elderly owner has died unexpectedly, leaving Amanda now without a job or a place to live. The owner’s son, Brock Hamilton, is putting the inn up for sale.  A veteran U.S. Coast Guard Officer, Brock is trying to come to terms with his own shattered past.

Now, with a major hurricane barreling toward Key West, and a deranged ex-husband quickly closing-in, two lost souls turn to each other for comfort and security.  A spark ignites and the flames of romance quickly consume them, setting into motion a chain of events that takes both of them on a life-changing journey of danger, intrigue, and self-discovery.
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Reckoning by Winter Austin

ReckoningBy Winter Austin

For those of us who have been in the publishing industry long enough we’ve all heard the old adage: “write what you know.” It’s a motto many authors have used, writing novels that reflect their careers, past or current. In certain ways, I’ve done the same with my Degrees of Darkness series.

But what made me write the four book series wasn’t what I knew; it was what I wanted to read.

I’m probably the worst person on earth to take to a bookstore, something of which my husband thoroughly enjoys doing even though it means standing for a few hours waiting for me to find that right book I want to take home. I flit from one part of the store to the next, one genre to another, grousing about not finding that book containing the right mix of all the things I love. My tastes are at the whim of whatever I feel like reading and more times than not I cannot find the right book and resort to the tried and true; buying a writing craft book. I’ve also noticed my oldest son has this “indecision” gene.

In the early stages of my path to getting published, I was meandering through my local library trying to find a book that had what I wanted. I’m an odd duck, who wants to read a book with a character or two that has a profession in the Agricultural world, a few cops, a setting that is rural, romance, murder, a lot of action—and not always the kind that happens in bed—and an antagonist that makes your skin crawl. No luck. Fed up, I left empty handed and decided now was the time to write the book I wanted to read.
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Law of Silence by John Foxjohn

Law of Silence by John FoxjohnBy Stacy Mantle

When the Houston Police Department charges Alicia Monroe with the murder of her husband, defense attorney Danny Kinsley quickly discovers he is facing more dangers than the courtroom. The real killers have Alicia in their sights and Danny is all that stands between his former lover and a horrific death.

Bestselling author John Foxjohn has just released his newest thriller, LAW OF SILENCE. Foxjohn has received many accolades over the years, including an “Author of the Year” award in 2008. Born and raised in East Texas, his experiences as a former Army Ranger and homicide detective (with over 300 cases under his belt) feature prominently in his novels.

We had the opportunity to interview Foxjohn about his newest novel, what motivates him, and how his extensive life experiences have influenced his writing.

Most of your books are set in Texas. What is it that fascinates you most about the region?

I am a born and bred Texan, but other than that, it makes it easier to research the area I am writing about. Louis L’amour was one of my early writing heroes, and he believed in going to the place where he was writing about—to get the feel of it. I guess I am that way, too.

You were an Army Ranger. How has that experience impacted the characters in your novels?

I graduated from Ranger school and later I was an instructor there, and I can assure you there is not a tougher school in the world. People in the know would not even debate that statement. However, I have seen many big, strong, tough men quit, crying like a baby.
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Taming A Gentlemen Spy – The Spies of Mayfair Book 2 by Maggi Andersen

Taming A Gentlemen Spy - The Spies of Mayfair Book 2 by Maggi AndersenBy J. H. Bográn

In TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY, John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, is on an urgent mission to find the killer of his fellow spy. After visiting the young widow of one of his agents, Strathairn strengthens his resolve. A spy should never marry, and most certainly not to Lady Sibella Winborne, with her romantic ideas of love and marriage. Unable to give Sibella up entirely, he has kept her close as a friend. Then, weak fool that he is, he kissed her. Lady Sibella Winborne has refused several offers of marriage since she first set eyes on the handsome Earl of Strathairn. Sibella’s many siblings always rush to her aid to discourage an ardent suitor, but not this time. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, has approved Lord Coombe’s suit.

Maggie Andersen, author of TAMING OF A GENTLEMAN SPY, took some time to answer a few questions for us.

How does TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY relate to A BARON IN HER BED?How long is the gap between the two books in the series?

In the first of the Mayfair spy series, A BARON IN HER BED, Baron, Guy Fortesque, is rescued and befriended by John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn from TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY. Although Guy knows little about John and suspects there’s much he keeps to himself, they work together to rid England of a treasonous group of men. England is rife with intrigue and revolution is in the air.

Some thirty years ago, Guy’s father left England after killing a man in a duel, and settled in France. The war with Napoleon has ended, and Guy comes to England to claim his inheritance,which includes the ancient mansion, Rosecroft Hall. But a shadowy figure stands in his way.Guy’s legitimacy as the rightful heir comes under question, after he loses his papers in an attack on his life.Might Miss Horatia Cavendish’s Godfather—a relative of Guy’s who has cared for his house and lands in his father’s absence—be behind the attempts on his life? Guy and Horatia Cavendish arrange a faux engagement to flush out the villain. After a turbulent past, Guy yearns for a quiet life. He is a reluctant spy,but events draw him into the spying game when he encounters Count Forney, a Frenchman involved in a plot against the Crown. An anti-Royalist, Forney is part of a group of French and English men who refuse to accept the Congress of Vienna and are intent on freeing Napoleon from St. Helena.

In TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY, several years have passed. England still suffers unrest, which reaches boiling point in the North.Lord Liverpool’s unpopular government has been dealing with the Luddites, men pushed out of work by the rise of machinery,while many of the starving poor, angered by the Corn Laws, which have raised the price of bread, are seeking a voice.
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Watch Your Back by Karen Rose

Watch Your Back by Karen RoseBy Sidney Williams

We all have those news stories that haunt us.Often they’re accounts of sudden tragedies. The headlines force contemplation of what the overwhelming loss must be like for the survivors.

For Karen Rose, one of those stories is about a woman who lost her family in a few random seconds at a convenience store.

“She wasn’t with them at the time, but although she lived, she was understandably destroyed by this loss,” Karen says.“She was pregnant and lived on for the sake of her unborn child.”

Writers, of course, grapple with the emotion and empathy of such incidents on the page. Karen did that in writing her new book,WATCH YOUR BACK (Signet) starring Baltimore Homicide Detective Stevie Mazzetti.

“I never forgot that story and when it was time to write Stevie’s character, that story was my inspiration,”Karen says.

Stevie has appeared in the pages of three previous Baltimore-set thrillers from Karen, who grew up in Maryland. Earlier titles include: YOU BELONG TO ME, NO ONE LEFT TO TELL, and DID YOU MISS ME? All involve police and prosecutors at work, so Stevie’s been in the squad rooms and on the mean streets of those stories in a supporting role.
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Mint Juleps and Justice by Nancy Naigle

Mint Juleps and Justice by Nancy NaigleWelcome to Adams Grove…where wrongs are righted with just desserts.

Luck abandoned Brooke Justice during her nasty divorce. Desperate to escape her malicious ex-husband, she relocated to the small town of Adams Grove, Virginia. When someone breaks into her new house, she suspects her ex bears the blame for the crime. With no evidence and little help from the police, she asks a private investigator to take her case—a private investigator whose sexy broad shoulders and stunning blue eyes make her question her decision to swear off relationships forever.

Mike Hartman fled Adams Grove when a devastating loss left his heart in pieces. After years overseas in the military, he’s finally returned home, determined to start anew as a private investigator. Then Brooke walks into his office, awakening something he hasn’t felt in years. Can they both move on…into each other’s arms? Or will the pain of the past—and the dangerous threat lurking in the present—destroy their new beginning?
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A Kiss of Revenge by Natalie J. Damschroder

A Kiss of Revenge by Natalie J. DamschroderBy Ian Walkley

2013 EPIC Award Winner Natalie Damschroder has just released her fifteenth novel, A KISS OF REVENGE, a romantic suspense that one reviewer described as “Wow—boy she packs a good one!” and another commends as having a heavy emphasis on action.

The story follows young bakery owner Reese Templeton who, after being widowed three times, wants to stop changing herself to be worthy of others’ love. She can’t be truly free to live her own life until she wreaks vengeance on the man who destroyed it. But will vengeance set her free, or become a darker trap?

Natalie’s novels span romantic adventure, urban fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. In addition to her novels, Natalie has published short stories and anthologies. Her works have been published traditionally and translated into Greek, and the paranormal romance Soul Series is self-published. Natalie carves her day up into a million small increments to accommodate her fiction schedule, freelance editing, day job as a chiropractic assistant, and the needs of her family, dominated by the Anti-Teenagers, who make all of the above really easy. When everything goes right, she gets to top off the day trying to guess the plot twists of her favorite TV shows before her husband does.
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Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth Goddard

Wilderness Peril by Elizabeth GoddardBy Dawn Ius

If Elizabeth Goddard had a writing cave, it might look like something from CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY—as with many writers, this award-winning romantic suspense novelist admits the sweet stuff fuels the right side of her brain.

But since hibernation for this busy writer isn’t truly an option, and a killer chocolate overdose is far from healthy, Goddard writes wherever the muse takes her, even if it’s to the local McDonald’s. Anywhere she can keep the creativity flowing, really, because after 18 published novels—yes,18!— Goddard admits she does get a little nervous that one day the stories will simply…stop.

“Not only do I worry if the stories will stop—sometimes they do stop,” she says. “Creativity comes and goes. I keep a list of ideas and add to that when they hit me. Other times, I have to work hard to come up with something new and fresh, which is difficult because there’s nothing new under the sun—and that’s the truth.”

WILDERNESS PERIL marks the newest story to emerge from Goddard’s ideas file, a romantic suspense involving a rugged pilot, a beautiful airplane mechanic, a derelict gold mine, and a group of ruthless killers.

It doesn’t sound like the stories are losing steam, at all, does it? Which is high testament to Goddard’s commitment to her craft. In addition to a busy writing schedule, Goddard is a wife and mom to four kids, all homeschooled. She is an active member on various organizations, as well as a writing mentor. While some might be searching her closet for a super hero cape, Goddard says her secret weapon is much less exciting—and doesn’t require dry cleaning.

“I have one tip, one thing that I use that helps me survive—and that’s a list,” she says. “Without creating a list, something would fall through the cracks. But with a To-Do list, everything gets done…eventually.”

As for her advice on starting out as a writer, Goddard offers a comprehensive list of tips on her newly-revised website. Beyond that, Goddard acts as an eager cheerleader for those just looking to break into the industry.

“I think what I do best is encourage others,” she says. “I have a dear writing friend whom I shared a publishing opportunity with. She sat with me during the Carol Awards and met my editor, and all these things worked together to open the publishing doors for her. I love to help others achieve their dreams when I can, and promote others’ work.”

For her own promotion, Goddard dabbles in social media (follow her on Twitter @bethgoddard, Goodreads and Facebook), but relies mostly on word of mouth marketing and her gorgeous website to capture readers’ hearts.

“I’ve always loved exotic settings, so even my previous website played on that,” she says. “Sometimes I think you have to write a few books before you know what you’re really about as a writer. As it turns out, my books echoed my thoughts on brand all along.”

Though, she admits, the issue of branding remains a publishing conundrum.

“A brand could be something as simple as the author themselves,” she says. “Readers will always love a story from that author, no matter the setting or feel. But if you have a brand, certainly, use that to the fullest. I think that my promotion is becoming more focused now that I know who I am as a writer and who my audience is.”

Goddard’s next-up projects keep that notion in mind. Though many of her books are single titles, she just recently signed a contract to write four novels for a series based in Alaska. While this isn’t her first crack at connecting stories, it’s one way to ensure her fans that the stories don’t stop coming.

For now, readers can dive in to any of Goddard’s books, including the latest release, WILDERNESS PERIL, available now from Harlequin Books.


elizabethgoddardElizabeth Goddard is an award-winning author with eighteen novels, including the romantic mystery, THE CAMERA NEVER LIES—winner of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011. After acquiring her computer science degree, she worked at a software firm before eventually retiring to raise her four children and become a professional writer. A member of several writing organizations, she judges numerous contests and mentors new writers. In addition to writing, she home schools her children and serves with her husband in ministry.

To learn more about Elizabeth, please visit her website.

Taming A Gentleman Spy – The Spies of Mayfair Book 2 by Maggi Andersen

tamingJohn Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, is on an urgent mission to find the killer of his fellow spy. After visiting the young widow of one of his agents, Strathairn strengthens his resolve. A spy should never marry, and most certainly not to Lady Sibella Winborne, with her romantic ideas of love and marriage. Unable to give Sibella up entirely, he has kept her close as a friend. Then, weak fool that he is, he kissed her. Lady Sibella Winborne has refused several offers of marriage since she first set eyes on the handsome Earl of Strathairn. Sibella’s many siblings always rush to her aid to discourage an ardent suitor, but not this time. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, has approved Lord Coombe’s suit.
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Upon a Winter’s Night by Karen Harper

The BIG THRILL caught up with Karen Harper to discuss her new novel, UPON A WINTER’S NIGHT, the last in her Home Valley Amish suspense series.  It’s her 8th novel set among the Ohio Amish.  It’s also a holiday story but one that doesn’t let up on the exploration of rural crimes among the “peaceful people in the land.”

Tell us a bit about UPON A WINTER’S NIGHT. 

Lydia Brand, a young Amish woman, has always felt a bit different from her people because she was adopted.  She is also an only child because her brother drowned years ago in the pond behind the house, something that haunts her family.  As Christmas approaches, Lydia decides to probe who her real parents were—something her adopted family and even the bishop have been very secretive about.  Her parents put pressure on her to accept the suitor of their choice, but she’s long been in love with Josh Yoder, the Amish man next door who has lived in the world for a time.  Josh breeds exotic animals, including camels he rents out for Christmas pageants.  With Josh’s help, Lydia begins to probe her past and turns up danger—and two dead bodies.  Fearing she’s next, she refuses to turn back.
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In the Arms of a Stranger by Virginia Kelly

In the Arms of a StrangerBy Rick Reed

Romantic suspense author Virginia Kelly will grab your attention with her most recent novel, IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER, the story of a dangerous man on the run, a vulnerable woman looking for answers, and the danger they face. IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER is the sequel to DANCING IN THE DARK (a novella) and was released by Entangled Publishing’s Ignite imprint. She has two previous stand-alone novels, AGAINST THE WIND, available at Amazon, and TO THE LIMIT, available at multiple retailers.

An RWA Golden Heart® finalist, Virginia Kelly’s first book, TO THE LIMIT, was a finalist in several contests such as the Holt Medallion, The Golden Quill, and The Aspen Gold.

Virginia has always loved adventure novels, but romance is at the core of her stories—romance with the adrenalin rush of danger. Her novels are about dangerous men and the adventurous women willing to take a chance on them.

A graduate of the University of Alabama with a master’s degree in Library Science, Virginia is an academic librarian. She tries to include a librarian in all of her books as either the heroine or as a minor character. Having taught high school and college, she has a great appreciation for teachers and often uses that as the profession for her heroines.

“A perfect blend of action, romance, and heart-pounding suspense.”—NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author Cynthia Eden

Are IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER and DANCING IN THE DARK stand-alone books or do they need to be read in order?  Will we see more of these characters in future books?

These do not have to be read in order, though I hope many do. The hero of IN THE ARMS OF A STRANGER is the brother of the heroine of DANCING IN THE DARK. I’m not yet sure if I’ll write about these characters again.
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Revenge by Winter Austin

RevengeIn New Orleans, justice is best served with a heavy dose of revenge, and Remy LeBeau intends to tip the scales in his favor. For good.

Forced to take a mandatory vacation from the Dallas PD, Remy leaves his girlfriend, Cody, to protect her from what’s to come. If there’s to be any chance for a normal future for the two of them, he has to face his enemies and finish what they started – alone.

Cody Lewis gave up on someone once before, but not this time. She needs to come to terms with Remy’s past and her own as she seeks him out among the historic and deadly streets of New Orleans. But she got more than she bargained for. Those who oppose her will find you don’t get in the way of a determined Texan; especially a woman in love.

As Remy closes in on the nameless faces who have controlled his life for too long, his ability to save himself and those closest to him is tested, putting everyone he cares for in grave danger. And this time, Cody may face the reality of his death.
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Hard Target by Kay Thomas

Hard Target by Kay ThomasBy George Ebey

Kay Thomas’s latest thriller, HARD TARGET, blends romance and suspense to kick off the first installment in her ELITE OPS series.

Former DEA agent Leland Hollis wasn’t planning on being a hero. Recovering from an injury sustained during a drug bust gone wrong and with more personal demons than he cares to admit, he wants nothing more than peace and a chance to rebuild his life. But when Anna Mercado’s crazy ex shows up wielding a baseball bat, Leland can’t ignore his instinct to help. And after her son is kidnapped, Leland agrees to deliver the ransom into dangerous territory south of the border. Anna has no choice but to go with this stranger she’s just met if she ever wants to see her son again. But getting the boy out of a violent cartel region involves risking everything. And for that Leland will have to convince Anna to do the scariest thing of all…open her heart and trust him.

I recently caught up with Kay to learn more about her take on writing and what’s in store for readers of her new ELITE OPS series.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?

I didn’t always know I wanted to write. The first week of “Freshman Comp” my professor read something I’d written out loud to the entire class as an example of something “well done.” I still remember how that made me feel.

Unfortunately, that feeling didn’t last… I was a one-hit wonder in composition and was thrilled when I barely squeezed out of there with a C. I had another English professor tell me that I couldn’t write at all. But my fourth year, I met the teacher who would become my writing mentor, Joe Stockwell. And, I started to “get it.”
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She Can Scream by Melinda Leigh

She Can Scream
In one moment, high school teacher and single mother Brooke Davenport interrupts a vicious assault, saves a young woman’s life, and attracts the attention of a serial killer.

Sixteen years ago, Brooke lost her roommate to a brutal murder. Now she teaches women’s self-defense, still trying to heal from the guilt and grief that plague her. Convinced the predator knows his victims and is stalking his prey online, she is determined to find him before he strikes again. Her brother’s friend, Luke has the computer expertise to help. But Brooke’s unexpected desire for Luke complicates her investigation, and her fixation with the case provokes a deadly reaction from the killer.

Injured in terrorist bombing overseas, computer expert Luke Holloway is still haunted by flashbacks of his young assistant’s death in the explosion. But Luke can’t refuse the request of a deployed friend to look after his sister, Brooke. Taking on responsibility for Brooke’s safety threatens Luke’s tenuous recovery, especially after he develops feelings for her that transcend a promise to a friend. When Brooke saves a young girl from a brutal assault and becomes a killer’s obsession, Luke vows to protect her at all costs.
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Ruthless by Debra Webb

Thirty odd years ago a child went missing on the night of the harvest moon. The little girl was never found. Each year for the next two decades a little girl around that same age went missing in Birmingham, Alabama, on that same night. None of the children were ever found. The police and the FBI were stumped. No clues were left behind. No ransom demands. Nothing. The children seemed to vanish into thin air. Some folks said it was as if that big old harvest moon got so close to the earth that the man in the moon reached down and took a child so he wouldn’t have to be alone. The legend stuck and the unknown perpetrator became the Man in the Moon. Then suddenly, after twenty years, the abductions stopped. The Man in the Moon and all those little girls were just gone.
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Against the Mark by Kat Martin

In one catastrophic instant, Haley Warren’s father was taken from her. After her parents’ bitter divorce, she hadn’t see him in years, never had the chance to mend the rift between them. When her father’s new wife tells her she believes the explosion that killed her dad was no accident, Haley is driven to find out the truth. About her father’s death, and the woman he loved enough to abandon his family.

When private investigator Tyler Brodie agrees to help the hot little blonde, Haley Warren, find out the truth about her father’s death, he doesn’t realize the danger he and Haley are going to find themselves in. It’s no co-incident that James Warren was investigating a suspected art theft when he was killed in a powerboat explosion. After all, tens of millions of dollars worth of stolen art is plenty of motive for murder.

As Haley and Ty get closer to the truth, the truth gets ugly: Did Haley’s dad know too much…or was he in on the take? And although Ty’s a consummate professional, he’s having trouble focusing on the facts of the case, and not the figure of his gorgeous client. But Ty and Haley are determined to get to the bottom of the case–even if it means they die trying.
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License to Love by Gina Robinson

Rock Powers is one of the most successful magicians in Vegas for a reason—he creates illusions too spectacular to believe. But his former assistant, gorgeous Lani Silkwater, pulled off the greatest trick of all: disappearing into thin air the day after they were married. Two years later, Rock can’t resist a clue to Lani’s whereabouts—or the outlandish plan Lani and her mysterious boss propose, if it means a chance to win her back for good…

Working as a magician’s assistant was one of Lani’s strangest undercover assignments, but she never imagined it would be so dangerous—to her heart. Leaving Rock was the right thing for both of them, but with a terrorist group closing in on Vegas, Rock’s talent with sleight of hand is imperative. To save them both, Lani must reveal secrets she’s kept for years, and one of them is how much she loves the sexy magician who stole her heart…
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Come Hell or High Desire by Misty Dietz

debut-authorFramed for a series of brutal murders, rebel-turned-CEO Zack Goldman must go to ground. When he discovers that sexy boutique owner Sloane Swift has a shocking gift—terrifying visions that connect her to his mentor’s missing daughter—he can’t believe her refusal to help him.

Aiding and abetting an accused killer ranks low on Sloane’s to-do list, no matter how hot the attraction burns between them. But putting to rest her overwhelming guilt over the missing woman’s fate proves more difficult than she ever imagined.

As the real sociopath locks in on Sloane, Zack will stop at nothing to keep her safe, even if that means becoming her psychic anchor. And as they earn each other’s trust—with danger in hot pursuit—they just may lose their hearts in the process…if the killer doesn’t put them six feet under first.
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Revenge by Debra Webb

REVENGEBy Karen Harper

I was able to catch up with Debra Webb for an interview in the midst of her various author and real-life activities.  Multi-published, she’s a veteran writer who always keeps her work fresh.  She was kind enough to answer my questions about her upcoming release and author advice.

Please give us an idea about your August release REVENGE, the next book in your Face Of Evil series.

When her beloved high school teacher appears on her doorstep, Deputy Chief Jess Harris is flooded with fond memories-until the woman says she’s about to be charged with murder. Called to the scene of the crime, Jess learns the victim of the bizarre and brutal slaying was a member of Birmingham’s famed “Five.”

Twelve years ago, the Five were rich, popular high school seniors who threw one last wild party. Two social outcasts were invited to play in the “loser games.” The next morning, one player killed himself. Now Jess fears that an invitation to an upcoming class reunion may have forced the Five to play a new deadly game. As Jess fights to keep her former teacher from suspicion-and her relationship with Chief Dan Burnett separate from her work life-she knows she is caught in a vicious cycle of vengeance. And the killer is far from finished…

I love how visual your website is. Of course, all websites are visual, but you include a trailer and virtual tours of key setting for your books, pictures of what must be fictional characters–it makes it very real. Is all that part of your research before you write, or do you include all that to help your reader?

Thanks! Birmingham is a very special place for me. My father was born and raised there. My older daughter’s life was saved by the incredible doctors there. And, the city’s gritty history set the perfect stage for the Faces of Evil series which set my career on a new path. My husband and I do a great deal of research in Birmingham. The characters are so real to me that it was important that I find homes, work places, fav restaurants, etc., for them. Walking the streets and visiting the places they do helps me capture the atmosphere when I’m writing. Birmingham has a lot of soul. I do believe the readers like seeing the photos as well.
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Obsession by Sharon Buchbinder

Recovering addict, Angie Edmonds, is finally in a good place: clean, sober, and employed as a defense attorney. But at the end of a long work day, she finds herself in a parent’s worst nightmare: her one-year old son has been kidnapped and taken across the Mexican border by a cult leader who believes the child is the “Chosen One.”

Stymied by the US and Mexican legal systems, Angie is forced to ask the head of a Mexican crime syndicate for help. Much to her chagrin, she must work with Alejandro Torres, a dangerously attractive criminal and the drug lord’s right-hand man. Little does she know Alejandro is an undercover federal agent, equally terrified of blowing his cover—and falling in love with her.


“Obsession starts off with a bang and doesn’t stop until the end… This book deals with a number of issues, such as cults, human trafficking and the drug trade, and it’s clear that the author has done her research. ” ~~ Mary Bennings, RT BOOK REVIEWS

“I thought a child being kidnapped, the Mexican cartel, a cult along the lines of Jimmy Jones and a sexy undercover operative – Awesome. Then she adds some other elements I didn’t see coming and WOW. It blew me away.”~~Sherri J. Fundin, fundinmental: as eye see it

“If you’re in the mood for a steamy Romantic Suspense that keeps your interest with clever plot twists, emotional angst, and believable characters, then be prepared to obsess over “Obsession” by Sharon Buchbinder. Seriously, this is one of those books you just can’t put down.” ~~Deb Sanders, Romance


Sharon New Head Shot 2013After working in health care delivery for years, Sharon Buchbinder became an association executive, a health care researcher, and an academic in higher education. However, that itch to write (an obsession) kept beckoning her to “come on back” to writing fiction. Thanks to the kindness of family, friends, and beta readers, she is now an award-winning author published in multiple genres. When not attempting to make students, colleagues, and babies laugh, she can be found herding cats, waiting on a large gray dog, fishing, dining with good friends, or writing.

To learn more about Sharon, please visit her website.

The Blood Code by Misty Evans

THE_BLOOD_CODE_6x9By Richard Godwin

Misty Evans has a new novel out, THE BLOOD CODE, the fourth novel in her Super Agent Series featuring Ryan Smith, a CIA operative, and Anya Radzoya, a lost Russian princess. Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses. When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she joins forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.

Tell us about THE BLOOD CODE.

THE BLOOD CODE is the fourth novel in my Super Agent Series featuring Ryan Smith, a CIA operative, and Anya Radzoya, a lost Russian princess. Here’s the blurb:

Fifteen years ago, Anya Radzoya fled Russia with her grandmother after the suspicious deaths of her parents, but she can’t escape the royal genes that make her one of Russia’s last living princesses. When President Ivanov blackmails her into returning to Moscow in exchange for her grandmother’s life, Anya discovers he’s planning to unleash a nuclear war. With no one else to turn to, she joins forces with CIA operative Ryan Smith.

Undercover at the nuclear summit, Ryan recruits Anya to find proof Ivanov is resurrecting the Cold War, but he suspects his new asset is a double agent. Anya is determined to rescue her grandmother with or without his help, however, and Ryan finds himself falling for the beautiful princess before he even trusts her.

Trapped inside the Kremlin with a cunning and ruthless opponent, the two must risk their lives and their hearts to save Anya’s grandmother as well as millions of innocent people.
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Forgotten Sins by Rebecca Zanetti

ForgottenSins_MM[1]By Stacy Mantle

Everyone loves an alpha male and no one writes them better than USA TODAY bestselling author, Rebecca Zanetti. Her latest novel, FORGOTTEN SINS (Grand Central Publishing, July 2, 2013), is the first in her new series.

From the moment Josie laid eyes on sexy, mysterious Shane Dean, she was in love. Their desire ignited a passionate affair, and within weeks, Shane had slipped a ring on her finger. It seemed her every fantasy was coming true . . . until her new husband disappeared without a trace. Now, two years and one broken heart later, Josie is shocked when the hospital calls: Shane has been found . . . at a crime scene with no memory of how he got there.

Shane can’t remember the blue-eyed angel at his bedside-or who he even is-but he knows something isn’t right. His hearing is razor sharp, his physical strength incredible, and the urge to protect Josie overwhelming. For powerful enemies are hunting him, and Josie is the key to discovering why. As Shane struggles to unravel his past, dangerous new truths come to light. Can he protect the only woman he’s ever loved? And can Josie trust a man she thought she knew-one who carries such a deadly secret?
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Hunting Eve by Iris Johansen

The stakes are raised even higher in HUNTING EVE as Eve battles the man who is holding her prisoner. Secrets about why Eve has been targeted come into the light, bringing Eve even closer to danger. With its cliffhanger ending, HUNTING EVE sets up perfectly for the finale, SILENCING EVE.

Publishers Weekly:

Johansen’s scattered 16th novel featuring forensic sculptor Eve Duncan, the middle part of a trilogy, picks up where its predecessor, Taking Eve, left off. Eve has escaped from her kidnapper, madman Jim Doane, at least temporarily. While Doane hunts for her in the rough wilderness of Colorado’s Rio Grande Forest, others are seeking her whereabouts and planning her rescue and/or Doane’s capture. Characters with special talents include Kendra Michaels, whose vision is particularly acute; Seth Caleb, who can manipulate the flow of other people’s blood; Margaret Douglas, who can read animals’ thoughts; and assassin Lee Zander, who may or may not be Eve’s father. Eventually, Eve’s lover, Atlanta police officer Joe Quinn; wounded friend Jane MacGuire; and CIA agent Venable converge on Doane’s remote hideaway for a cliffhanger ending. Fans of paranormal romantic suspense will eagerly look forward to the conclusion, Silencing Eve.
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Riptide by Elizabeth Goddard

riptideBy Christine Goff

Elizabeth Goddard is an award-winning author with well over a dozen romance and romantic suspense novels, including the romantic mystery, THE CAMERA NEVER LIES—winner of the prestigious Carol Award in 2011 from the AMERICAN CHRISTIAN FICTION WRITERS.

Beth (as she likes to be called) fell in love with fiction at a young age, reading fantasy and historical novels. As a child she wrote poems, and has since written articles, short stories and novellas.It wasn’t until 2001 that she started writing. Joining American Christian Fiction Writing helped her find her direction, and she published her first book in 2007. “I just love a good story,” says Goddard, “especially if that story includes deep spiritual truth along with suspense, action and adventure. And it’s my goal to write what I’d love to read.”

Ripping a plotline from the headlines, Goddard released her first repo man novel, TREACHEROUS SKIES (Love Inspired Suspense) in November 2012. The plot came from reading the story of a real live repo man and some of his dangerous adventures retrieving luxury jets and yachts from South American drug lords, presidents of third world countries and other unscrupulous groups.With her July 2013 release, she has hit her stride.
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Solstice by Debbie Christiana

Time is running out for Armend Zogu. The 250 yr-old curse on his head will claim him on his 30th birthday, the winter solstice.

Sofia Palmalosi is just the Strega who can save him. A descendant of a long line of powerful Italian witches, her family’s power was a gift from the Goddess Diana.

Together they embark on a journey from NY to the ancient ruins of Diana’s temple in Sicily and back to NY while fighting a battle of magic and wits with a psychopath who wants them both dead and the curse in tact.
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Opposing Forces by Adrienne Giordano 

By Jaime Rush

I’m sitting down with Adrienne Giordano to find out all the juicy details about her new romantic suspense, OPPOSING FORCES.

Adrienne, how exciting it must be to see your next book come out! Congratulations! Tell us what this story is all about and what drove you to write it.

The hero in OPPOSING FORCES is Jackson Lynx who is an executive at Taylor Security. Jack is steady, smart and reliable but he’s not perfect. He’s approaching the one-year anniversary of kicking his prescription-drug habit and has spent the last year avoiding the dating scene. Then Jillian Murdoch asks for his help and the poor guy is cooked!

Jillian is a manager for a pharmaceutical distributor and becomes suspicious when she sees an unscheduled delivery late on a Friday night. When someone breaks into her home, she knows she’s seen something she wasn’t supposed to and asks Jack for help.

I wrote the story because I have a friend who works for a pharmaceutical company and based on conversations I’d had with her, I got an idea. That’s all I can say or it’ll give away the book’s ending!
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