Political Thrillers

Cobra Clearance by Richard Craig Anderson

The world economy is already in severe crisis when Amahl, a cunning Middle Eastern fanatic, butchers Morgan Melchior-America’s second black president-on live TV. Amahl’s name is linked with that of Brent Kruger, a homegrown terrorist and leader of a white supremacist cult. And the two of them are just getting started.

Enter Dragon Team-an elite special ops group led by former FBI agent Levi Hart. Its mission: Waylay a plot by two of the world’s most dangerous terrorists to assassinate President Melchior’s successor and cause global economic collapse. But when Levi goes undercover to infiltrate Kruger’s gang of violent skinheads, he gets cut off from his backup team and has to go it alone. Now it’s anybody’s game to win, and the good guys are running out of time.
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Operation: Genocide by Yvonne Walus

An inhuman agenda…

In 1982, Annette Pretorius lives a life of privilege afforded to those of European descent in South Africa, but when her husband is murdered, she discovers a shattering secret: he’d been commissioned by the whites-only South African government to develop a lethal virus aimed at controlling the growth of the black population–already oppressed under the cruel system of apartheid.

And the killing isn’t over yet…

When the investigation points in a terrifying direction, Annette and Watson face a wrenching choice: protect those they love or sacrifice all to save innocents from racial extermination.
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Insidious Deception by Alan L Moss 

By Don Helin

In his novel, INSIDIOUS DECEPTION, Alan Moss unleashes a plot so fiendish and exciting that one review states, “From Jordan to Croatia, Israel, Italy, France, Yemen and the US, this thriller brings its readers on an electrifying journey that is vivid and real.”

Pre-med student Rob Taylor risks it all to unravel the conspiracy that claimed his lover’s life. To avenge her death, he becomes an apprentice to Rex Raymond, the CEO who will stop at nothing to corner the market for rare earth minerals, seventeen elements vital to the technologies of the 21st Century. Complications abound when Rob gets transferred to work for Alana Raymond, the Chief Executive’s daughter.

While Rob works to uncover those behind the conspiracy, a brilliant university professor and a U.S. Senator seek Middle East peace and democracy at a Paris conference. Success of the Middle East initiative is to advance the Senator, a conspirator, into the White House.  An assassination attempt on the U.S. President and an al Qaeda plot to disrupt the Paris deliberations by blowing-up the Eiffel Tower accelerate the action.
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The Hidden Third by Wilf Nussey 

By L. Dean Murphy

Following DARTS OF DECEIT, retired journalist Wilf Nussey’s latest political thriller details a sophisticated attempt after the 1994 Mandela election to secede a large piece of South Africa as a white-ruled state. Though fiction, it could have plunged South Africa into civil war.

Fact is stranger than fiction. It may yet happen.

“Sporadic violence between 1990 when apartheid collapsed, and 1994 with the first democratic election, portended a gloomy future for South Africa. Then came the Mandela magic, and the country glowed under a rainbow of amity. But behind it lurked powerful forces for anarchy. After a mysterious death in Johannesburg, clever work by an experienced detective, plus luck, puts him and a young lecturer on the plotters’ track. It leads to widespread bloodshed and mistrust, military confrontation and attempted assassination,” said Nussey.
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Lethal Business by W. Soliman 

By Thomas Pluck

W. Soliman is the author of the Charlie Hunter marine crime tales, about a retired inspector who just wants to enjoy life on his trawler in Brighton marina, but finds himself embroiled when rough seas churn up a body, a mystery, or something that’s just not right. Soliman’s latest is LETHAL BUSINESS, and I’ve got the big “W” here to talk about Charlie’s latest adventure.

So, tell us a bit about your retired inspector Charlie Hunter and LETHAL BUSINESS.

Charlie’s a complex guy. His mother was a concert pianist and Charlie inherited her talent, albeit playing jazz piano. It never occurred to him that he’d be anything other than a professional musician—until, at the age of sixteen his mother was gunned down in front of him.

Everyone seemed to think he ought to ‘get over it’ and carry on but Charlie needed answers—something to at least explain why his mother was targeted. He abandons the piano and joins the police force but twenty years on he’s none the wiser.

Disillusioned, he takes early retirement and goes to live on his trawler. Far from being left in peace, some of his unsolved cases catch up with him, dragging him back to places he’d prefer not to visit. Ironically, now that he’s stopped looking he finally learns more about the fatality that’s crippled him emotionally for his entire adult life.
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The Leviathan Effect by James Lilliefors

By Terry DiDomenico

I confess some of the joy I get from reading a good thriller, besides the thrill, is the knowledge I take away from the book. Having the author provide an afterword of recommended reading or an explanation of where fiction takes over from reality is like having my cake and eating it too.

What is more intriguing than reading about a terrifying world situation only to find the scare factor is firmly entrenched in reality?

As fans of thrillers know, the subjects touched upon are vast and varied. James Lilliefors succeeded in getting my attention with his first thriller, VIRAL.

Within the confines of his story, he took me from the known possibility of a world plague to a even more horrifying scenario of a controlled epidemic killing millions in a confined geographical area for political and economic gain.

His second thriller, THE LEVIATHAN EFFECT, is also grounded in the known—our weather—and uses nature’s deadly disasters as a controlled means to terrorize the world. Before you scoff at the absurdity of the story line, you might want to consider private industry, including Bill Gates’ company Intellectual Ventures, and many countries are actively exploring ways to control the weather. And James said, “The idea of harnessing weather for military purposes—a possibility more likely than some folks realize—is one of the themes of the book.”
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Chain of Command by Colby Marshall 

By J. H. Bográn

In CHAIN OF COMMAND, the simultaneous assassinations of the President and Vice President catapult the Speaker of the House into the White House as the first female President of the United States. Evidence points to a former Navy SEAL as one of the assassins.

Relegated to writing sidebar stories instead of headlines, journalist McKenzie McClendon composes a scathing story about the Navy training killers.

Former Navy SEAL Noah Hutchins doesn’t believe his partner could have committed the heinous crime. They’d endured the horrors of Afghanistan together. His buddy was a hero, not a murderer.

Thrown together in a search for the truth—and a career-making story—McKenzie and Noah must unravel a dangerous web of lies that includes a radical foreign faction, a violent ultra-feminist group, and corrupt politicians willing to kill to keep their secrets.
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The Time of Jacob’s Trouble by Sharon Alice Geyer 

In this sequel to THE SAMSON OPTION, Ari Ben Chaim, abandoned at birth during the Six Day Way in Israel, and raised on a kibbutz, must continue to evade the Mahdi Brotherhood. This mysterious sect believe Ari is the long awaited Twelth Imam, or the Hidden Mahdi.

Author Sharon Alice Geyer recently took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for The BigThrill:

Where did the inspiration for the character of Ari Come from?

An infant boy was found abandoned and brought to the Baby Home where I worked in Jerusalem. I loved this little fellow, who eventually was adopted by a kibbutz family. The grown-up Ari is a figment of my imagination.
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The Spanish Revenge by Allan Topol

By J. N. Duncan

I’d like to welcome Allan Topol to this month’s ITW bulletin. He is the national bestselling author of eight novels of international intrigue, which have been translated into several languages. He is a graduate of Carnegie Institute of Technology where he majored in chemistry and abandoned science. He also obtained a law degree from Yale University. A partner in a major Washington law firm and an avid wine collector, he has traveled extensively, researching dramatic locations for his novels. His latest novel, THE SPANISH REVENGE, comes out this month. So, let’s get right to it, shall we?
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Deadly Politics by Maggie Sefton

By Karen Harper

Please tell us about your new release, DEADLY POLITICS.

Politics is a blood sport in Washington , DC , and only the strongest survive. Like the politicians she’s rubbed shoulders with for a lifetime, Molly Malone is smart and tough and savvy enough to stay out of trouble—most of the time. However, trouble has a way of finding Molly.

Years ago, Molly Malone was driven from Washington , DC by political back-stabbing, scandals, and personal heartbreak. But now, circumstances have forced her to start a new life in the one place she swore she’d never return to—and face the ghosts and the enemies from her past.
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The 13th Target by Mark de Castrique

By Derek Gunn

In an age of Wall Street meltdowns and downgrading of the U.S. credit rating, the secretive Federal Reserve has a pivotal role. What would happen if there was a plot to strike the US Financial System at its very heart?

Mark de Castrique is no stranger to mystery novels. He has two acclaimed series to his credit. Both are set close to where he was born and the realism jumps off the page and wraps you in its warm embrace until you finally, reluctantly, finish the books.

Mark was born in North Carolina, near Asheville where his Sam Blackman series is set, and can often be found walking in the mountains lost in thought as he comes up with new and intriguing plots to throw at his characters.
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Black List by Brad Thor

By Cathy Clamp

It’s been said that the best thrillers are torn from the newspaper headlines. Few are as adept at that skill as the #1 New York Times best selling author Brad Thor. In the latest adventure of Thor’s counterterrorism expert Scot Harvath, the lines between fiction and fact are blurred as never before.

Because somewhere, deep inside the United States government, is a deadly list. Members of Congress never get to see it and only the president has the final say over it. Once your name is on the list, it doesn’t come off…until you’re dead.  Someone has just added Harvath’s name to the list. Somehow, he must evade the teams dispatched to kill him long enough to untangle who has framed him for treason and why they want him out of the way. The only question is—will Harvath get to that person before the United States comes under the most withering domestic terrorist attack ever conceived?
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Ice Fire by David Lyons

David Lyons has been a resident of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for more years than he likes to count he says, adding, “They’ve been great, but they sure have flown.” He admits being influenced by Hemingway in seeking a tropical setting for his writing. After years of effort and several ‘near misses’ in the publishing business, Lyons is celebrating the recent release of his novel Ice Fire. His publisher is Atria/Emily Bestler Books, a division of Simon and Schuster.

Lyons gives much credit to the Puerto Vallarta Writers Group for his achievement. “For over a decade, I rarely missed a meeting and never missed an opportunity to read whatever I was working on. I received a lot of support from that group.” He also met there the persons who introduced his book to his publisher. And the rest as they say…

He admits to getting the idea for the plot from a geophysicist visiting P.V. who told him about a unique source of energy found on the ocean floor, an ice that flames when lit, hence the title.
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Hard Target by Alan Jacobson

By Anthony J. Franz

At the risk of needing to say no more, I want to start by noting that #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Child called HARD TARGET a “terrific thriller” that’s “fast, hard, and intelligent.” Vince Flynn called it “a smart, complex novel that explodes from the pages and scores a direct hit on my radar.” And the Associated Press raved that “HARD TARGET reads like a real case with real people, and readers will be blown away when it’s over.”
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The 500 by Matthew Quirk

By George Ebey

Debut author Matthew Quirk is poised to make a huge impact on readers with the publication of his first novel, THE 500.

Fresh out of Harvard Law School, Mike Ford landed his dream job at the Davies Group, Washington’s most powerful consulting firm. Now, he’s staring down the barrel of a gun, pursued by two of the world’s most dangerous men. To get out, he’ll have to do all the things he thought he’d never do again: lie, cheat, steal-and this time, maybe even kill.  Mike grew up in a world of small-stakes con men, learning lessons at his father’s knee. His hard-won success in college and law school was his ticket out. As the Davies Group’s rising star, he rubs shoulders with “The 500,” the elite men and women who really run Washington — and the world. But peddling influence, he soon learns, is familiar work: even with a pedigree, a con is still a con, and the higher the climb, the harder – and deadlier – the fall.
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Darkroom by Joshua Graham

By Jeff Ayers

Joshua Graham’s latest thriller, DARKROOM, provides a riveting and page-turning experience.  After scattering her mother’s ashes in Vietnam, photojournalist Xandra Carrick comes home to New York to rebuild her life and career. When she experiences supernatural visions that reveal atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers during the Vietnam War, she finds herself entangled in a forty-year-old conspiracy that could bring the nation into political turmoil.

Launching headlong into a quest to learn the truth from her father, Peter Carrick, a Pulitzer Prize Laureate who served as an embedded photographer during the war, Xandra confronts him about a dark secret he has kept–one that has devastated their family.

Her investigations lead her to her departed mother’s journal, which tell of love, spiritual awakening, and surviving the fall of Saigon.
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Writ of Mandamus by Rick Robinson

By James M. Tabor

Congressman Richard Thompson’s reelection campaign is sent into a tailspin when his opponent files a lawsuit asking the Court to order that Thompson live up to his campaign promises and vote against a pending federal spending bill. Thompson’s efforts to dodge the issue thrust him into the middle of a nefarious business deal where arms dealers are using the Keeneland horse sales to illegally run F-14 Tomcat parts to the government of Iran. In a fast-paced story that travels from the storied horse farms of Kentucky to the green fields of Ireland, Thompson is forced to realize that more is at stake than simply a campaign. In the end, an unlikely hero steps forward to make his future path clear.
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Executive Actions and Executive Treason by Gary Grossman

I didn’t tell anyone I was writing a novel.  Not my wife; not my business partner and friends.  I really wanted to see how it would all develop.

That went well for a few months while I wrote at the computer after the kids went down for the night.  It went well until my wife discovered some printouts from the Internet I had left out. She came to me with the papers in hand and a very serious question.

“Gary, do we have a problem?”
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The China Gambit by Allan Topol

By Milton C. Toby

The legal profession seems to attract a disproportionate number of attorneys who would willingly give up their law practices for successful careers as authors.  Allan J. Topol, on the other hand, put a promising career as a writer on the back burner so he could devote his full attention to family and to a burgeoning practice in environmental law.

Topol published a couple of thrillers to good reviews, FOURTH OF JULY WAR (in 1978) and WOMAN OF VALOR (in 1981), then he took a break, a long one.  For writers struggling to get published, calling a time out on a promising career would seem an unthinkable risk.  For Topol, it was a good decision.
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The Darts of Deceit by Wilf Nussey

A young, go-getting, all-women publishing house–Rebel ePublishers of Johannesburg, South Africa–intends to launch a dynamic first novel on the e-market in late November, early December.

Titled THE DARTS OF DECEIT it is a powerful drama of international political intrigue and high adventure in turbulent Africa. The author, Wilf Nussey, a journalist for forty years, spent most of them in Africa, covering the march of independence up to the death of apartheid. As a foreign correspondent for South Africa’s leading newspaper chain he came to know the southern and central African states intimately. He watched Portugal’s three African colonies implode into civil war after the Lisbon dictatorship collapsed in 1974, Rhodesia’s whites surrender power to blacks in the new Zimbabwe (who promptly suppressed internal black opposition by massacreing twenty to thirty thousand of them, always an effective ploy), and South Africa’s white regime desperately reinforce the apartheid walls as the black nationalist tide beat against them.
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The River Panj by David Raterman

By Jeff Ayers

America needs a hero in Afghanistan. At the beginning of the war, our mission was clear-cut. And that’s how it remains in The River Panj, an emergency relief thriller featuring ex-Notre Dame football star Derek Braun.

On Sept. 11, 2001, Derek is doing relief work in war-torn Afghanistan when his fiancé and elderly colleague are kidnapped along the border with Tajikistan, which is struggling out of its own civil war. With no one to help, he goes in search. On this dangerous journey, he faces Islamic terrorists, heroin smugglers, corrupt Russian soldiers, Iranian spies and helpless CIA agents, witnessing an assortment of terrible acts that culminate in his own kidnapping.
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The Essene Conspiracy by S. Eric Wachtel

The Essene Conspiracy reveals a clandestine brotherhood’s plot to overthrow the Israeli government.

A high ranking Israeli minister has been murdered in Jerusalem. Muslim terrorists are suspected, but no group has claimed responsibility. Finding a barely legible name scribbled on a blood-stained card in the shirt pocket of the slain minister, the Director of Israeli Intelligence calls upon international security consultant Harry McClure to investigate a possible American connection to the brutal crime.

McClure soon uncovers a Wall Street money-laundering scheme linked to the Essene Brotherhood’s plan to reclaim Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.
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The Queen by Steven James

By Michael Haskins

Steven James’ “The Queen” is released this month and Suspense Magazine calls it “the best book in the Patrick Bowers series hands down.”

“A masterpiece of a thriller,” retired FBI Special Agent R. Wayne Smith calls “The Queen.”

“The Queen” is the fifth in the Patrick Bowers series.

While investigating a mysterious double homicide in an isolated northern Wisconsin town, FBI Special Agent Patrick Bowers uncovers a high-tech conspiracy that ties together long-buried Cold War secrets with present-day tensions in the Middle East. Amid hazardous winter weather and harsh landscapes, Bowers must piece together the puzzle before it’s too late.

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Drop By Drop by Keith Raffel

By Milton C. Toby

We all wonder from time to time what the CIA, the NSA, and the other alphabet-soup intelligence agencies are really up to.  Author Keith Raffel knows, but he’s not telling.  Not exactly, anyway.  But he admits that his time in Washington as Counsel to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence greatly influenced his latest thriller, Drop By Drop.  Some of the novel’s characters are amalgams of Washington powerbrokers Raffel got to know, and the author’s Top Secret clearance gave him an insight few of us share.

“I worked for a Wall Street firm during the summer when I was in law school,” Raffel said, “and I didn’t like it.  I was an idealistic kind of guy, so I decided to go to Washington D.C. and make the world a better place.  I got a job with the Senate Intelligence Committee, the third lawyer in line.  Within nine months, the top two lawyers quit, so there I was.”  The job involved oversight of the agencies and their budgets, along with work on legislation to regulate the country’s intelligence activities.  It was heady work for a new lawyer just out of school.
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Abyss by David Hagberg

by L.J. Sellers

At 17, David Hagberg ran away from a future in the steel mills of Minnesota to join the Air Force—a decision that shaped his life for years to come and gave him the foundation for a long and successful career as a thriller writer. As a cryptographer who coded and decoded communications, he became immersed in the geopolitical military world and met CIA agents who are still his friends—and sources—fifty years later.

With that kind of background, it’s no wonder his new thriller Abyss is drawing rave reviews from writers and political experts alike. Bestselling author Douglas Preston says, “In Abyss, David Hagberg deftly blends action and cutting-edge technology into a well-crafted, intelligent thriller that scores a knock out, reminiscent of classic Clive Cussler, while delivering a vital message. I love this guy, and Abyss is one of his best.”
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Full Black by Brad Thor

by Jeff Ayers

Brad Thor is one of the masters of the spy thriller genre.  His character, Scot Harvath, remains a strong force in the fight against the scourge of terrorism.  Brad took the time to answer a few questions about his new Harvath thriller, FULL BLACK and what readers can expect next.

What does the title of your new thriller, FULL BLACK, mean?

“FULL BLACK” is a term used to describe the most sensitive – most deadly and secretive of black operations.

What sparked the idea for the novel?

I base all of my thrillers on real world events and that’s exactly what I did with FULL BLACK.  Without giving away too much of the plot, FULL BLACK is based upon an ingenious attack blueprint drawn up by a foreign nation hostile to the United States.  The blueprint came about when the foreign nation’s military leaders realized they could never defeat the U.S. on the conventional battlefield.  They applied some of their brightest minds to figuring out a way America could be covertly brought down without any of the attacks having their fingerprints.
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A Simple Act of Violence by R.J. Ellory

By L. Dean Murphy

Washington, embroiled in mid-term elections, did not want to hear about serial killings. But when newspapers reported a fourth murder, when they gave the killer a name and details of his horrendous crimes, there were few that could ignore it. Detective Robert Miller takes the case, and rapidly uncovers a complication. The victims do not officially exist. Their personal details do not register on known systems. As Miller unearths more disturbing facts, he starts to face truths so far-removed from his own reality that he begins to fear for his life.
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Blood Trust by Eric Van Lustbader

By L. Dean Murphy

In Blood Trust, Jack McClure and Alli Carson are back for another adventure in this third installment of the New York Times bestselling series. Last Snow, second in the series, was just released in paperback. Alli Carson has been through her own personal hell. With her father, the U.S. President, recently dead and her mother in a coma from a terrible accident, she has poured herself into training to become one of the best FBI agents at Fearington Institute. Her inspiration and solace come from the only man with whom she has ever felt a kinship, National Security Adviser Jack McClure.
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Devil Wind by Deborah Shlian and Linda Reid

by Derek Gunn

December, 1999. Ten days before the new millennium, Already on edge with Santa Ana “devil wind” fanning fires threatening to engulf the city and Y2K looming, Sammy’s callers imagine Armageddon- the perfect setting for a rogue CIA operative to manipulate fears as cover for his deadly plot.
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Rogue Patriot by Gerald Meunier

A Washington, DC FBI agent blames the open border and politicians when his wife is killed by an illegal. Struggling to overcome guilt, he decides he can no longer “live a lie” working for the government. He tries to keep a deathbed promise to protect their children by relocating to Colorado, only to encounter Iranian extremists on their way to DC from Mexico.

When they kidnap his children after failing to kill him, he’s forced to overcome his contempt for the government and ask for help. If he fails to find the terrorists before they attack, his children will die.
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