Cozy Mystery

A Scandal in Scarlet by Vicki Delany

By Charlie Cochrane

With A SCANDAL IN SCARLET, author Vicki Delany delivers the fourth instalment of her Sherlock Holmes Bookshop mystery series. In this shrewdly plotted tale, Gemma and Jayne donate time to raise money for the rebuilding of a burned-out museum—but a killer wants a piece of the auction.

Delany is no stranger to crafting riveting plots and memorable characters. The multi-published author has three—count them!—cozy mystery series on the go, and so the first question any fellow writer has to ask is, which is her favorite of those series and why?

“That’s like asking me which is my favorite child. Difficult to answer, but in this case not impossible,” she says.

“I’m particularly fond of the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop series.  I love attempting to create the mind of The Great Detective in a modern young woman. It has its challenges: if Gemma Doyle, my fictional bookshop owner, is to be like Sherlock, she sometimes has to be a bit clueless about people’s reactions to her deductions, not understanding that they might not want her to know things about them they’d rather keep hidden. So it’s a balancing act, making her super smart but sometimes unaware of people’s feelings; making her kind and well-intentioned, but not able to understand why people don’t always keep up with her. All of that that makes her an interesting character to write. And I love my fictional bookshop. Everything sold in it, books and merchandise, exists in the real world.”

Below, Delany takes some time to indulge The Big Thrill with more insight into A SCANDAL IN SCARLET, the trajectory of her writing career, and her love for the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes.
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A Deadly Brew by Lynn Cahoon

By Jaden Terrell

Lynn Cahoon’s home page says she writes about small towns and families—the ones you’re born into and the ones you create. That’s a nice way to sum up all three of her cozy mystery series: the Tourist Trap series, which features the owner of a small coffee/book shop; the Farm-to-Fork series, which features the owner of an Idaho farm-to-table restaurant; and the Cat Latimer series, about a Colorado English professor who owns a bed and breakfast.

These are fun books, which is not to say they are inconsequential. Cahoon discovered cozies while she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and many of her readers, enduring struggles of their own, find hope and comfort in Cahoon’s stories.

“I dabble in dark themes,” Cahoon says. “I’ve written about spousal abuse, drugs, dysfunctional families, and high school bullying. But my readers know that good will win over evil and there will be a happy ending.”

Her latest work, A DEADLY BREW, has a Halloween theme and a touch of the supernatural. Like many cozies, the setting plays a strong role in the story, and in this case, it’s a long-empty house on the coastline—a perfect Halloween haunted house and the ideal place for four couples to spend the weekend in an “all-in-good-fun fright fest.” But when they try to conjure up a spirit, they get more than they bargained for.

A DEADLY BREW is a novella, book #5.25 in Cahoon’s New York Times and USA Today bestselling Tourist Trap series. The first book in the series, Guidebook to Murder, won the Reader’s Crown for Mystery Fiction. For those who like a little more spice with their mystery, Cahoon also writes romance under the pseudonym Lynn Collins.

Cahoon agreed to talk with us about her latest release. Let’s welcome her to The Big Thrill.
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In Cold Chocolate by Dorothy St. James

In Dorothy St. James’s third delectable Southern Chocolate Shop mystery, a new batch of chocolate and troubles of the heart cause a string of disasters for The Chocolate Box’s new owner, Charity Penn.

The vintage seaside town of Camellia Beach, South Carolina, seems like the perfect place for romance with its quiet beach and its decadent chocolate shop that serves the world’s richest dark chocolates. The Chocolate Box’s owner, Charity Penn, falls even further under the island’s moonlit spell as she joins Althea Bays and the rest of the turtle watch team to witness a new generation of baby sea turtles hatch and make their way into the wide ocean.

Before the babies arrive, gunshots ring out in the night. Cassidy Jones, the local Casanova, is found dead in the sand with his lover Jody Dalton—the same woman who has vowed to destroy The Chocolate Box—holding the gun. It’s an obvious crime of passion, or so everyone believes. But when Jody’s young son pleads with Penn to bring his mother back to him, she can’t say no. She dives headfirst into a chocolate swirl of truth and lies, and must pick through an assortment of likely (and sometimes unsavory) suspects before it’s too late for Penn and for those she loves in Dorothy St. James’s third rich installment of the Southern Chocolate Shop mysteries, IN COLD CHOCOLATE.

Multiple award nominee Dorothy St. James spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing the latest installment in her Southern Chocolate Shop Mystery series, IN COLD CHOCOLATE:
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Santa Puppy by Lynn Cahoon

’Twas the season of Christmas, and all through South Cove, California, Santa is working overtime to deliver a special gift…

Jill Gardner has volunteered her Coffee, Books, and More to host a Christmas adopt-a-pet party. Among the potential forever friends is a male terrier named Baby, whose owner died of a heart attack. With few clues to go on, even finding the name of Baby’s human is a daunting task. But there’s no challenge too big for Jill this holiday season.

Playing Santa’s Little Helper, Jill is determined to find out what happened —and to fulfill a long-time coming Christmas wish…

The Big Thrill caught up to New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynn Cahoon to discuss her latest mystery, SANTA PUPPY:
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Manuscript for Murder by Jessica Fletcher and Jon Land

Jessica Fletcher has had plenty to worry about over her storied career, both as a bestselling novelist and amateur sleuth. But she never had any reason to worry about her longtime publisher, Lane Barfield, who also happens to be a trusted friend. When mounting evidence of financial malfeasance leads to an FBI investigation of Lane, Jessica can’t believe what she’s reading.

So when Barfield turns up dead, Jessica takes on the task of proving Barfield’s innocence–she can’t fathom someone she’s known and trusted for so long cheating her. Sure enough, Jessica’s lone wolf investigation turns up several oddities and inconsistencies in Barfield’s murder. Jessica knows something is being covered up, but what exactly? The trail she takes to answer that question reveals something far more nefarious afoot, involving shadowy characters from the heights of power in Washington. At the heart of Jessica’s investigation lies a manuscript Barfield had intended to bring out after all other publishers had turned it down. The problem is that manuscript has disappeared, all traces of its submission and very existence having been wiped off the books.

With her own life now in jeopardy, Jessica refuses to back off and sets her sights on learning the contents of that manuscript and what about it may have led to several murders. Every step she takes brings her closer to the truth of what lies in the pages, as well as the person who penned them.

The Big Thrill caught up with USA Today bestselling author Jon Land to discuss the next book in the Murder, She Wrote series, MANUSCRIPT FOR MURDER:
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Trimmed to Death by Nancy J. Cohen

Mix together a cocktail for murder, add a few salty suspects, toss in a dollop of sweet humor, and you have the recipe for Trimmed to Death, #15 in the Bad Hair Day cozy mystery series.

Savvy hairstylist and amateur sleuth Marla Vail enters a charity bake-off contest at a fall festival sponsored by a local farm. While she waits to see if her coconut fudge pie is a winner, Marla joins a scavenger hunt where people playing character roles are the targets. Instead of scoring points with a live person, she finds a dead body planted face-down in the strawberry field. Who would want to cut short the life of food magazine publisher and fellow bake-off contestant Francine Dodger? As she investigates, Marla learns there’s no shortage of suspects. A celebrity TV chef, food critic, olive oil importer, food truck owner, pastry chef, and cookbook author may be stirring up more than their next recipe. Can Marla unmask the killer before someone else gets trimmed from life?

Recipes Included!

Bestselling author Nancy J. Cohen spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing the fifteenth installment in The Bad Hair Day mystery series, TRIMMED TO DEATH:
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Mardi Gras Murder by Ellen Byron

By Millie Naylor Hast

MARDI GRAS MURDER, Book Four in USA Today bestselling author Ellen Byron’s Cajun Country Mystery series, dishes up a zesty jambalaya of Louisiana charm and darkness. Byron melds quirky but endearing small-town characters, humor, and a twisty who-done-it with a touch of danger into a story fans are sure to devour.

The Cajun Country Mysteries have been nominated for Agatha, Daphne, and Lefty awards. The second in the series, Body on the Bayou, and the third, A Cajun Christmas Killing, won Lefty awards for Best Humorous Mystery.

Among the praise for these books, Publisher’s Weekly said in a starred review, “There’s no end to the mischief and mayhem.” Suspense Magazine wrote, “Not only is the story a whole lot of fun to read, with a historical plantation setting, but there are also mouthwatering recipes.”

In the upcoming MARDI GRAS MURDER, a hundred-year flood on Bayou Beurre serves up a body with a fatal gunshot wound on the shore at the Crozat Plantation Bed and Breakfast. No one in Pelican, Louisiana knows who it is, but Maggie Crozat, daughter of the plantation owners who run the B and B, feels responsible to identify the victim and find out who in her Spanish moss-festooned environs would want him dead.

With plenty of her father’s gumbo to fuel her, Maggie juggles her job as a tour guide at another plantation, the restoration of a mysterious painting she feels may hold a clue to the murder, her role as a judge in the Miss Pelican Mardi Gras Gumbo Queen Pageant, and her not-so-perfect relationship with her boyfriend, Pelican Police Detective Bo Durand.

Besides her mother, father, and grandmère, Maggie has her friends Gaynell and Ione to help her, along with the Pelican PD and a variety of other entertaining characters.

The Big Thrill caught up with Byron recently to talk about her work.
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The Spirit in Question (Lila Maclean Academic Mystery #3) by Cynthia Kuhn

English professor Lila Maclean knew drama would be involved when she agreed to consult on Stonedale University’s production of Puzzled: The Musical.

But she didn’t expect to find herself cast into such chaos: the incomprehensible play is a disaster, the crumbling theater appears to be haunted, and, before long, murder takes center stage.

The show must go on—yet as they speed toward opening night, it becomes clear that other members of the company may be targeted as well. Lila searches for answers while contending with a tenacious historical society, an eccentric playwright, an unsettling psychic, an enigmatic apparition, and a paranormal search squad.

With all of this in play, will she be able to identify who killed her colleague…or will it soon be curtains for Lila too?

Award-winning author Cynthia Kuhn took time out of her busy schedule to meet with The Big Thrill and discuss the latest installment of the Lila Maclean Academic Mystery series, THE SPIRIT IN QUESTION:
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Support Your Local Pug by Lane Stone

Buckingham Pet Palace may provide services fit for a four-legged king, but there’s no use crying over spilled kibble—not unless it leads to murder!

When a break-in at the Pet Palace robs Sue Patrick of more than her beauty sleep, she intends to tidy her ransacked doggy daycare and spa before making any rash decisions. But after Sue abandons her better instincts to rescue a petrified pug stranded at a lighthouse in the Delaware Bay later that morning, she’s lured off mainland Lewes long enough for a freshly murdered body to get dumped in her driveway . . .

Aided by Lady Anthea Fitzwalter, her practically royal business partner from across the pond, Sue sniffs out clues about the yappy pug with a complicated history and the old car spotted at both crime scenes in hopes of IDing the culprit. As the investigation leads them back to the bay, the ladies soon find themselves immersed in a case trickier than a canine agility course—and chasing after a well-groomed killer who will do anything to maintain a perfect reputation . . .

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PUG author Lane Stone took time out of her busy day to chat with The Big Thrill about her latest cozy mystery:
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Shattered at Sea by Cheryl Hollon

By Cathy Perkins

SHATTERED AT SEA is the fifth installment in the Webb’s Glass Shop Mystery series, which Kirkus Reviews has called “mystery with a touch of romance and interesting tips on glassmaking.” In the latest entry, a Mediterranean cruise gives glass shop owner Savannah Webb a chance to demonstrate her expertise—and fire up her skills when it comes to foul play.

When Savannah signs on to perform glassblowing on a cruise ship, part of the appeal is that she’ll get a chance to reconnect with her boyfriend Edward’s family. An added bonus is Edward’s cousin, Ian, will be joining them on board. But when Ian disappears at the beginning of the cruise, the ship’s authorities initially consider it suicide.

Savannah tries to balance her growing suspicions with work on her shows, but her relationship with the other glass artists begins to crack. And she can’t let love color her judgment when Edward suddenly jumps to the top of the suspect list. His fate is in Savannah’s hands, and she’ll do everything she can—on land and sea—to clear his name.

I caught up with Hollon for a wide-ranging discussion about books, characters, glassmaking, and of course, her latest novel. Asked how SHATTERED AT SEA continues the arc of the ongoing series, Hollon says, “As Savannah’s management and organization skills grow in running her business, her increasing confidence allows her to take risks as a professional glass artist. It’s also a chance to challenge her growing relationship with Edward. Travelling together as a couple stresses the strength of a bond. It could ruin them forever.”
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Cold Open by Patricia McLinn

As spring beckons, winter chill remains …

In television, a cold open sometimes rolls before the opening credits, often a teaser to news or a feature to follow. For TV journalist Elizabeth Margaret “E. M.” Danniher, a nippy March and April are just a tease for spring after a long Wyoming winter. In her short time in Sherman, she’s learned that winter starts in October and might not end until June. Since last June, a series of murders have tested her and her KWMT-TV colleagues’ reporting – and amateur sleuth — skills. And the small town’s rumor mill is churning about her relationship with handsome sports reporter Mike Paycik – or is it rugged rancher Tom Burrell?

As winter winds down, Elizabeth is ready for spring and looking for a place of her own. Ah, a little peace and quiet as she begins to settle in Cottonwood County. That is, until she discovers homicide at her front door.

USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn met with The Big Thrill to discuss the seventh installment of her Caught Dead in Wyoming series, COLD OPEN:
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Killer Green Tomatoes by Lynn Cahoon

By Charlie Cochrane

It’s often said that the Brits and the Americans are two nations divided by a common language, and there’s nowhere that’s more evident than when we’re discussing food. Or murders. Or murders with a food connection…

In KILLER GREEN TOMATOES, the second entry in Lynn Cahoon’s Farm-to-Fork Mystery series, restaurant owner Angie Turner is tasked with clearing the name of a produce supplier suspected of murdering his girlfriend. Cahoon recently sat down with The Big Thrill to answer a few questions about writing cozies, balancing male and female points of view in her novels, and the food-centric setting of her latest series.

You quickly build up a picture of the County Seat, the restaurant owned by the main character of KILLER GREEN TOMATOES. Is it based on a real place?

It’s a mixture of a lot of places. There’s a small Italian restaurant (or was) on Cole Road in Boise that had the lighted pergolas in the dining room. And I’ve mixed in a farm-to-fork place in Nashville called the Farm House. But really, it’s just a unique creation. I’ve waitressed before so I know the feel of a restaurant, even though I was in a breakfast franchise rather than high dining.
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Hollywood Ending by Kellye Garrett

By Wendy Tyson

Kellye Garrett grabbed the attention of the mystery community when her first novel, Hollywood Homicide, delighted readers and won the 2017 Agatha Award for Best First Novel, the 2018 Lefty Award for Best Debut Mystery Novel, and the 2018 Independent Publisher (IPPY) Award Gold Medal for Best First Book. Since then, Garrett has been nominated for additional awards, including the Anthony and Macavity awards for best first novel, and her second novel in the Detective by Day mystery series, HOLLYWOOD ENDING, was just released this month.

The Big Thrill recently sat down with Garrett to talk about her exciting first year as a published novelist and her most recent release.

The Detective by Day mysteries are engaging, funny whodunits—not hard-boiled stories like we so often see with crime novels set in Hollywood. What drew you to the traditional mystery genre?

I’ve loved mysteries since I picked up my first Encyclopedia Brown story as a kid. When I was around 12, I discovered Joan Hess and Jill Churchill. I have a very overactive imagination so it’s hard for me to read darker stories, especially ones centering on abuse or twisted serial killers. Traditional mysteries allow me to get my whodunit fix while still being able to sleep at night.
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Quilted to Die by Ann Simas

Grace Gabbiano left Seattle PD under a dark cloud, but as a sergeant with Coburg PD, she’s put all that behind her. She certainly doesn’t expect her former lover, Dave Mackey, to come asking for help a year later. Chief Aidan Cruz has a short fuse for bad cops, and he’s certain Mackey falls into that category. Mackey engages in a cat-and-mouse game with Grace, and then he vanishes, leaving her to wonder exactly how insidious the Seattle “thing” she left behind actually is.

Ann Simas, author of QUILTED TO DIE, spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing her latest mystery:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

It’s so much fun being able to bring my heritage to a book series, I’d really like readers to fall in love with Grace Gabbiano and her Italian family—their quirks, their food, their deep ties to each other, her mother’s persistent attempts at matchmaking. Aside from the family aspect, I want readers to be so engaged with QUILTED TO DIE that they won’t want to put it down and when they do, they’ll be eagerly awaiting the next book. (Backstory: Check out Dressed to Die, Sliced to Die, and Buried to Die to find out what Grace has been up to until now.)
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Against the Claw by Shari Randall

By George Ebey

In AGAINST THE CLAW, the second book in Shari Randall’s Lobster Shack Mystery Series, injured ballerina Allie Larkin is back home lending a hand at her aunt’s Lazy Mermaid Lobster Shack. It’s the Fourth of July—the height of the tourist season—and Allie is even helping on a lobster boat.

The last thing she expects to find out on the bay is the dead body of a beautiful young woman.

When the police can’t ID the corpse, Allie takes it upon herself to learn what happened. Her investigation takes her all the way from the local piers to the secluded estates of Mystic Bay’s elite. But how can she crack the case when everyone seems dead-set on keeping their secrets beneath the surface?

The Big Thrill checked in with author Randall to learn more about the latest book in her popular Lobster Shack Mystery Series.

AGAINST THE CLAW is the second book in your series. For the uninitiated, could you give us a brief idea of what the series is about?

The Lobster Shack mysteries center around Allegra “Allie” Larkin, a dancer whose broken ankle puts her career on hold. While she heals, she returns home to the seaside village of Mystic Bay, Connecticut, and pitches in at her quirky Aunt Gully’s Lazy Mermaid Lobster Shack. Allie discovers that the tight knit New England community she thought she knew harbors long buried secrets that some will kill to keep hidden.
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A Lady’s Guide to Etiquette and Murder by Dianne Freeman

By Jaden Terrell

A LADY’S GUIDE TO ETIQUETTE AND MURDER isn’t the debut one might expect from a woman who spent most of her adult life in the world of corporate finance. It’s a cozy historical novel set in the late Victorian era, and the heroine is an American heiress forced by circumstance to become an amateur sleuth. The few references to finance are plot-related, authentic to the period, and easily understood by even a layman like myself.

But maybe it’s not so surprising after all.

Author Dianne Freeman is a life-long book lover who pursued writing as a hobby throughout her corporate career and then co-authored a non-fiction book, Haunted Highway, The Spirits of Route 66, before quickly realizing her true love was fiction, historical mystery in particular. In short, she has spent years laying a solid foundation for this well-crafted debut.

Her research led to some unexpected insights. “Victorians weren’t so staid and uptight as I once thought,” she says, “nor were Victorian women meek. In fact, they were very much like we are today, only the technology has changed.”

Asked what authors inspired or influenced her career, she reveals two very different writers: “Edith Wharton, who made me fall in love with the late Victorian era, and Janet Evanovich, who showed me that humor and mystery could coexist.”
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Murder at the Grand Raj Palace by Vaseem Khan

By Charlie Cochrane

The only thing better (with my crime reader’s hat on) than finding a new-to-me author whose works I really enjoy, is to discover there’s a whole series of them.

I’ve long been a fan of HRF Keating’s Inspector Ghote, so I was delighted to come across Inspector Chopra. Which fictional detectives have influenced him—and you?

Chopra is in his late forties, with a mission—the pursuit of justice in a nation where wealth and influence often means you can escape the consequences of your actions. For 30 years he has trod the streets of Mumbai as a policeman, and he cares deeply about the social ills that he sees in the “super-powered” new society that is modern India. Chopra is a closet anglophile and has a fondness for Holmes, and often chews on a pipe when thinking—though he does not smoke. I too am a fan of Ghote, but my key influence is Louise Penny’s Detective Armand Gamache, a thoughtful, sober man who is universally recognized for integrity and honesty in an increasingly turbulent world. (Of course, Gamache doesn’t have an elephant!)
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Picked Off by Linda Lovely

It’s been seven months since Brie Hooker, a vegan, moved to Udderly Kidding Dairy to live with her feisty Aunt Eva, a confirmed carnivore.

But tonight there’ll be no family feud over dinner entrees.

Udderly’s hosting a campaign fundraiser for Eva’s best friend, who hopes to be South Carolina’s next governor. The candidate’s son, a pro quarterback, is flying home for the wingding. And Brie’s eager to get a close-up view of the cute tush she’s admired on TV, even though she’s reluctantly sworn off even more tempting local beefcake.

The campaign fundraiser promises to be a huge success until a pitchfork attack turns the goat farm into a crime scene—again.

To protect her friends, Brie puts her sleuthing skills to work. Will she live long enough to find out who’s behind a vicious assault, a kidnapping, blackmail, and murder?

Author Linda Lovely spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing her latest mystery, PICKED OFF:
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As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles by Leslie Budewitz

In Jewel Bay, Montana’s Christmas Village, all is merry and bright. At Murphy’s Mercantile, aka the Merc, manager Erin Murphy is ringing in the holiday season with food, drink, and a new friend: Merrily Thornton. A local girl gone wrong, Merrily’s turned her life around. But her parents have publicly shunned her, and they nurse a bitterness that chills Erin.

When Merrily goes missing and her boss discovers he’s been robbed, fingers point to Merrily—until she’s found dead, a string of lights around her neck. The clues and danger snowball from there. Can Erin nab the killer—and keep herself in one piece—in time for a special Christmas Eve?

The Big Thrill caught up with Agatha-Award winning author Leslie Budewitz to discuss her latest mystery, AS THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE CRUMBLES:
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A Hole in One by Judy Penz Sheluk

Hoping to promote the Glass Dolphin antiques shop, co-owners Arabella Carpenter and Emily Garland agree to sponsor a hole in one contest at a charity golf tournament. The publicity turns out to be anything but positive, however, when Arabella’s errant tee shot lands in the woods next to a corpse.

They soon learn that the victim is closely related to Arabella’s ex-husband, who had been acting as the Course Marshal. With means, opportunity, and more than enough motive, he soon becomes the police department’s prime suspect, leaving Arabella and Emily determined to clear his name—even if they’re not entirely convinced of his innocence.

Dogged by incriminating online posts from an anonymous blogger, they track down leads from Emily’s ex-fiancé (and the woman he left Emily for), an Elvis impersonator, and a retired antiques mall vendor with a secret of her own.

All trails lead to a mysterious cult that may have something to do with the murder. Can Arabella and Emily identify the killer before the murderer comes after them?

A HOLE IN ONE author, Judy Penz Sheluk, took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss her latest mystery with The Big Thrill:
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Farewell, My Cuckoo by Marty Wingate

By Jaden Terrell

The first thing I noticed about Marty Wingate’s books was that they are very British. Reading her latest, FAREWELL, MY CUCKOO, I felt like I was strolling through the English countryside, meeting eccentric characters and soaking up the local ambience. These are the kind of charming books the word “cozy” was made for.

This newest book is part of the Birds of a Feather series, which follows Julia Lanchester, a bird lover who runs a tourist office in a Suffolk village. But one series isn’t enough for this bestselling author. She also writes the Potting Shed books, featuring Pru Parke, a middle-aged American gardener transplanted from Texas to England.

The Seattle native writes convincingly about Suffolk and other British locations. “England feels like a second home,” she explains. “My husband and I travel to Britain once or twice a year, and we’ve spent enough time that it’s easy for us to slip into the life. We stay with a friend in the Cotswolds and also spend time in Suffolk, in the village I’ve used as a model for Smeaton-under-Lyme, and where I’ve found inspiration not only for Hoggin Hall, but also Nuala’s Tea Room. Research is rewarding.”

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Death By Opera by Erica Miner

By Charlie Cochrane

During the last few years of her 21-year tenure as a violinist at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, Erica Miner found herself captivated by the endlessly fascinating intrigues that took place there—on and off stage.

“That’s what first inspired me to capture those plots and characters and bring them to life in fiction,” she says. “Between the murderous plots onstage and the murderous rivalries that I observed backstage, there was a seemingly limitless treasure trove of material to write about.”

Not to mention a setting ripe for danger and suspense— an opera house abounds with dark corners, hidden hallways and out-of-the-way stairways; heavy scenery is constantly being moved around; there are potentially dangerous elevator shafts everywhere.

Add in huge egos that tend to collide under stress, and “you’ve got the perfect formula to depict nefarious situations.”

“It was all about the opera,” she says. “It can kill you—seriously.”

So it would seem if Miner’s latest thriller, DEATH BY OPERA, is any indication. Here, in The Big Thrill, the author dishes on the inspiration for her new novel, and gives insight into the world of an opera singer.
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Playing with Bonbon Fire by Dorothy St. James

Chocolate shop owner Charity Penn is at it again-cooking up chocolate treats while trying to keep everyone in the quirky seaside town of Camellia Beach safe.

A threatening note, a dead musician, and decades of secrets put the town’s first beach music festival and its band members in grave danger.

With help from her meddling half-sister and a new flavor of chocolate sweets to ignite the senses, Penn follows the shifting tide of evidence to uncover a forty-year-old secret.

Author Dorothy St. James spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing the second installment of the Southern Chocolate Shop Mysteries, PLAYING WITH BONBON FIRE:
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The Uninvited Corpse by Debra Sennefelder

By Charlie Cochrane

This spring, Debra Sennefelder joins the ranks of authors who have entered the strange parallel universe that is cozy mystery land, where murder lurks around every seemingly harmless corner and the most innocent of activities can lead to the greatest danger. Her upcoming series launch features a sleuth with an unusual and distinctly modern occupation. In THE UNINVITED CORPSE, food blogger Hope Early sets out on a spring garden tour in the quaint town of Jefferson, Connecticut, only to find herself tracking a killer in order to clear her sister’s name.

The Big Thrill recently caught up with Sennefelder to talk about the unique demands of crafting killers, sleuths, and villains for the cozy mystery market.

THE UNINVITED CORPSE is your debut novel. What does it feel like watching your first book take off?

A debut release brings on many feelings. It’s exciting to see a manuscript I began working on at my dining table turned into a real book. It’s satisfying to see all the work that went into writing, revising, and editing the book pay off. And it’s also scary because I have no idea of how it will be received. It’s definitely a roller coaster of emotions.
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Lessons in Chasing the Wild Goose by Charlie Cochrane

By John Darrin

As Charlie Cochrane couldn’t be trusted to do any of her jobs of choice—like managing a rugby team—she writes. Her favorite genre is gay fiction, sometimes historical (sometimes hysterical) and usually with a mystery thrown into the mix.

This is Charlie Cochrane’s official brief bio. Anywhere you find something written about Cochrane, you learn that she claims to be basically unemployable, and she thinks she knows something about rugby. In this interview with The Big Thrill, Cochrane tells us why—and also introduces her 29th full-length book, and the 13th in her Lessons series, Lessons in Chasing the Wild Goose.

It’s not clear why Cochrane feels she is unemployable for several reasons. First, she is employed. Second, being a Cambridge graduate and an Applied Biologist she would, at a minimum, be more in demand than an Abstract Biologist. And finally, she has a history of quite impressive employment—such as training school governors. However, she would like to be the first woman to play cricket for the England men’s team—and in that particular instance, she probably is unemployable.

As for rugby, she says, “the sport has the theme of respect running through it, which means you can have women refereeing men’s games and it isn’t a problem. In fact, the best referee in the world is gay and no-one bats an eyelid.”
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Death By a Whisker by T. C. Lotempio

By Jaden Terrell

You wouldn’t know it from her lighthearted and clever cozies, but bestselling author T.C. (Toni) LoTempio started out writing horror. After realizing that, with the notable exception of Stephen King, there wasn’t much of a market for horror, she turned her considerable skills toward mysteries.

It seemed a natural progression; while LoTempio neither commits nor solves murders in real life, she has had a lifelong love of mysteries that began with the Nancy Drew classic The Secret in the Old Attic. She began honing her writing skills early as well, changing the endings of her books and comics if she didn’t like how they turned out.

With a bit of uncredited help from her cat ROCCO, she penned the Nick and Nora mystery series for Berkley Prime Crime, followed by the Cat Rescue Mysteries published by Crooked Lane. In true cozy fashion, the books sometimes include recipes, like the one named for Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman and made from horseradish, cheese, and thinly sliced beef on an Italian hoagie bun.

Asked which writers have influenced her writing, she says, “I’ve definitely been influenced from a young age by the Nancy Drew mysteries. I think I’ve read almost every girl sleuth series around, from Trixie Belden to Judy Bolton and everything in between. And I’m a big fan of today’s cozy mystery authors, particularly Laura Childs and Miranda James.”

Toni agreed to chat with The Big Thrill about her new release, a Cat Rescue mystery called DEATH BY A WHISKER.
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Honey-Baked Homicide by Gayle Leeson

The owner of a delightful Southern café tastes the sharp sting of suspicion in this delectable comfort food mystery . . .
It’s fall in Winter Garden, Virginia, and business at Amy Flowers’ Down South Café has never been better. So when struggling beekeeper Stuart Landon asks Amy to sell some of his honey, she’s happy to help. The jars of honey are a sweet success, but their partnership is cut short when Amy discovers Landon’s body outside the café early one morning.

As Amy tries to figure out who could possibly have wanted to harm the unassuming beekeeper, she discovers an ever-expanding list of suspects—and they’re all buzzing mad. She’ll have to use all of her skills—and her Southern charm—to find her way out of this sticky situation…

HONEY-BAKED HOMICIDE author Gayle Leeson stopped by The Big Thrill to discuss her latest mystery:
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Pushing Up Daisies by Penny Clover Petersen

Someone or something is haunting Holly Hill Mansion where Daisy Forrest volunteers as a docent. Is it the ghost of Sophia Long, the original owner, or someone more concrete?

What seemed to be a fairly harmless prank takes a sinister turn when Daisy stumbles upon the body of Wally Stone, the mansion’s manager, who had set a trap for the culprit and was murdered for his trouble. This was clearly no apparition’s doing.

Once again, sisters Daisy and Rose Forrest find themselves up to their eyeballs in all sorts of shenanigans – chasing ghosts, holding séances, searching for priceless Revere silver, and losing a Japanese tourist or two along the way – as they search for a ruthless killer.

Penny Clover Petersen took time out of her busy schedule to meet with The Big Thrill and discuss the latest installment of her Daisy & Rose Mystery Series, PUSHING UP DAISIES:
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Back Story by Patricia McLinn

By Charlie Cochrane

Author Patricia McLinn’s latest Caught Dead in Wyoming installment BACK STORY keeps her characters in the state for which the series is named—but the author writes in several genres, and sets her stories all over the world.

It seems fitting, then, to start her interview with The Big Thrill on a question of geographical importance:

What are some tips for producing the local flavor without being clichéd?

I love—as a reader and an author—having a character who’s new to the setting of the book. That lets the reader experience the setting as a newcomer, too. They notice and experience things that the natives take for granted. They also stumble across things that the natives take with aplomb.  Years ago, a friend and I stepped off a cable car in the Alps. The ground was snow-packed. We walked maybe ten feet and realized that behind us, people from our group were falling as soon as they reached the snow. The difference? My friend was from Canada and I grew up in Northern Illinois. We had automatically adjusted the way we moved. The people behind us, from Malaysia and Hong Kong, didn’t know to do that.

Many authors have written both crime and romance. What do you find are the similarities between the two genres?

Interesting question. As authors, we often talk more about differences in genre than similarities. Both crime and romance revolve around basic human urges—for safety/justice in the case of crime novels and for connection in the case of romance. Not only basic urges, but positive ones.

On a less high-faluting level, for me—as an author and as a reader—the essence is characters. In both romance and mystery, I want to experience a story through characters I enjoy spending time with. So, for both kinds of stories, I aim to create characters a reader can empathize with, can be comfortable with and can respect.
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16 Millimeters by Larissa Reinhart

In continuing her career-makeover quest as a for-real detective, ex-teen and reality star Maizie Albright has a big learning curve to overcome. Her chosen mentor, Wyatt Nash of Nash Security Solutions, would rather stick Maizie with a safe desk job. But Maizie’s got other plans to help Nash. When a major movie producer needs a babysitter for his hot mess starlet, Maizie eagerly takes the job. But when her starlet appears dead and then not dead, Maizie’s got more than an actress to watch and a missing corpse to find. Maizie’s hunting a killer who may be a celebrity stalker. And Maizie might be the next celebrity who gets snuffed.

Author Larissa Reinhart was kind enough to spend some time with The Big Thrill discussing her latest novel, 16 MILLIMETERS:
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