Adventure Thrillers

Wish to Die by Robert Walton

The Greek countryside and a beautiful woman might seem like enough to satisfy anyone’s vacation plans, but the intrepid archaeologist Harry Thursday seems bereft of a good time if someone isn’t trying to kill him.

During WWII, the Russian Amber Room and a hoard of diamonds worth 200 million dollars were stolen from Göring’s Kunstschutz commander, Erich Koch.

Now, over thirty years later, Russian art historian Elina Kulinov is attempting to recover these items when Harry Thursday stumbles along. He joins her in a race against a Philadelphia museum and SMERSH.

With everyone looking for the same items, who will find them first? And who will survive?

The Big Thrill caught up with Robert Walton to discuss his adventure thriller, WISH TO DIE:
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Sea of Heartbreak by William Nikkel

By Terry DiDomenico

In William Nikkel’s Sea of Heartbreak, marine biologist Jack Ferrell is sailing the Kaiwi Channel near Oahu when he rescues Allison Hunter, who’d been pushed overboard by her husband and left to drown. Jack is reluctant to get involved—until his boat explodes under suspicious circumstances and Allison is killed. When he sets out to settle the score, Jack is reunited with the beguiling and mysterious Cherise Venetta. Working together to bring down a major drug trafficker, they become entangled in a web of murder, drug violence, and lost treasure.

The surging fentanyl crisis and the increase in opioid-related deaths plaguing the nation provided the idea for SEA OF HEARTBREAK, number eight in the Jack Ferrell series. Nikkel recently sat down with The Big Thrill to discuss his literary influences, the inspiration for the treasure hunt at the heart of his latest novel, and the future of his best-known character.

What research did you do for SEA OF HEARTBREAK?

I live on Maui and have visited Oahu on a number of occasions, giving me first-hand knowledge of the island. Beyond that, my research consisted of discussions with friends, law enforcement contacts, and web searches primarily centered around fentanyl manufacturing, smuggling, and just how deadly the drug can be when it is combined with street drugs and introduced to opioid addicts.
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Pray for Death by James Hilton

By Austin S. Camacho

The Gunn brothers are at it again in Jim Hilton’s latest international thriller, PRAY FOR DEATH, in which the action and intrigue never let up.

Celine Chavez has disappeared while vacationing in Mexico. She’s the closest thing to a daughter Clay Gunn has, so he and his brother Danny take up her trail, which leads them into the violent Mexican underworld. They’re determined to bring her home, no matter what it takes, and they have the tools and skills to do the job.

Danny and Clay Gunn followed rather different paths growing up after their parents separated. Clay, the older brother by six years, chose to live with his father’s family in Texas. Danny spent his formative years around Glasgow in Scotland. Both wound up in elite military units—just different armies. While these are two dangerous men, they’re both quite likeable.

“Both have a wicked sense of humor and old-fashioned manners,” Hilton says. “Both are natural storytellers without making it about themselves. Both are gentlemen around women and intolerant to bad manners in others. And neither brother would class himself as a hero, but regard many of the soldiers that they served with as such.”

They may not see their own actions as heroic, but neither is willing to let injustice slide without retaliation. This makes the Mexican underworld a natural setting for their kind of action. To get a feel for what they’d be up against, Hilton studied the cartels, their methods, organization, and infrastructure for months. He found that the more you look into these criminal empires, the more you come to realize just how immense and powerful they are.
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Irrational Fears by Lee Lindauer

After witnessing the horrifying murder of her friend Tom Haley, Mallory Lowe, a cautious university mathematics professor, must emerge from her cocoon to become the gutsy and unpredictable woman she’s always dreamed of being. Running on the guilt of a past family tragedy that she blames on herself, Mallory is determined to find Tom’s now-missing daughter.

Following the clues in a 300-year-old equation left by Tom, Mallory’s search propels her into the tangled threads of a ruthless corporate entity known as Möbius, bent on controlling the world’s most precious resource: fresh water. Mallory is propelled along a perilous journey from the southwest United States through the breathtaking landscape of Switzerland and into the inner workings of a massive hydroelectric dam in Turkey. She solves the riddle of the centuries old mathematics equation—only to discover something more ominous and deadly in the process.

Author Lee Lindauer spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest release, IRRATIONAL FEARS:
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Obsessed by Joseph Badal

A world-class thriller with non-stop, heart-pounding tension and action, OBSESSED brings back Matt Curtis and Renee Drummond and their villainous nemesis, Lonnie Jackson. This second installment in Joseph Badal’s The Curtis Chronicles takes the reader from Rio de Janeiro to the mountains of New Mexico to the Mexico/United States border, following a crazed Jackson on his single-minded quest for revenge against the two people he blames for the deaths of his mother and brother and for the destruction of his criminal empire in Hawaii.

OBSESSED is another master stroke of fiction from this Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, two-time winner of the Tony Hillerman Award for Best Fiction Book of the Year, and three-time Military Writers Society of America Gold Medal Winner.

The Big Thrill caught up with Badal just in time to discuss his latest thriller:
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Forsaken by Michael McBride


At a research station in Antarctica, scientists discovered a strange and ancient organism.
They thought they could study it, classify it, control it. They couldn’t.


Six months ago, a secret paramilitary team called Unit 51 was sent to the station.
They thought the creature was dead, the nightmare was over. It wasn’t.


In a Mexican temple, archeologists uncover the remains of a half-human hybrid. They believe it is related to the creature in Antarctica, a dark thing of legend that is still alive—and still evolving. They believe it needs a new host to feed, to mutate, to multiply. They’re right. And they’re next. And the human race might just be headed for extinction…

Award-winning author Michael McBride took some time to discuss his latest thriller, FORSAKEN, with The Big Thrill:
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Dog & Bitch Island by Robert Blake Whitehill

Ben Blackshaw’s old friend Travis Cynter is dead. Cynter was Blackshaw’s comrade-in-arms in the U.S. Navy SEALs. He was killed in full tactical gear during a black-ops mission on American soil. FBI Agents Molly Wilde and Pershing Lowry try to draw Blackshaw into helping them solve Cynter’s murder. The agents need Blackshaw because the case landed in their laps from an American intelligence agency with overseas interests. From two previous cases, these Feds have come to appreciate how Blackshaw can work in the shadows, off the books, and be easily disavowed should his investigations implode.

Blackshaw is torn. He has a longstanding mistrust of doing any kind of clandestine work for government intelligence agencies. In fact, when patriotism has led him to do the right thing in the past, usually against his better judgment and instincts, his friends and loved ones have suffered; many have died. Helping Wilde and Lowry always comes at too great a cost. This unhappy history weighs heavily against Blackshaw’s profound desire to solve the mystery of Travis Cynter’s death. Should he serve with patriotic duty to an ideal that might not exist, or act with honor to clear the name of his murdered friend?

Against the wishes of LuAnna, Blackshaw’s expectant wife, and contrary to the grim and hard-won advice of his friend Knocker Ellis Hogan, Blackshaw reluctantly launches the investigation with a close study of the murder scene on Dog & Bitch Island near Ocean City, Maryland. The trio finds the exact spot where Travis Cynter died. It is LuAnna who discovers a clue which spins the team into a deadly transatlantic chase; she quickly learns that the Feds have not told them the whole truth about Cynter’s final mission.

Thanks to Ellis’s wisdom and wealth, and LuAnna’s independent deductive logic, Blackshaw operates like a small covert agency unto himself. Along the way, he tangles with an old enemy, discovers an unfinished SEAL mission, and cuts out rot at the highest levels of government, including a scandal that could rally terrorists the world over. And it is all controlled by the iron hand of a shadowy syndicate called Faction.

DOG & BITCH ISLAND author Robert Blake Whitehill was kind enough to discuss his latest thriller with The Big Thrill:
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The God Machine by Ken Newman

By Myles Knapp

The best part about this gig—other than meeting very cool writers—is that your lucky reviewer guy, me, gets assigned a book. This often forces me to read outside my normal genre, which is heroic thrillers—Jack Reacher, Spenser, Caitlin Strong and Doc Ford, to name just a few.

THE GOD MACHINE isn’t a heroic thriller—it’s a heroic, science fiction, thriller, and a romantic comedy. A wild mashup.

Set in the year 2014, a 19-year-old budding novelist, Kieran Nash, is transported to the alien desert world of Adeaa. There he is rescued from certain death by an elite squad of German paratroopers—World War II soldiers who have been yanked straight off the battlefield.

The writing is fresh, sarcastic, funny and wildly entertaining.

Newman says he was inspired by Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clark, Frederick Brown, Keith Laumer, Orson Scott Card and Phillip K. Dick. And if you like their work, you’re going to love THE GOD MACHINE.
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Speed the Dawn by Philip Donlay

Hundreds of white-hot meteor fragments plunge toward Earth near Monterey Bay, California. Huge fires ignite the tinder-dry landscape and, as the sun sets, the power grid collapses and the fires grow, illuminating a nightmare created in hell itself. Donovan Nash realizes he is trapped.

Injured and growing desperate, his options dwindling, Donovan fights to keep himself and a small band of survivors alive until dawn, when they can make one last attempt to escape the inferno.

Meanwhile, Donovan’s wife, Dr. Lauren McKenna, working with the Pentagon as well as the Forest Service, envisions a bold approach to stop the fire from spreading all the way to the Bay Area and the seven million residents living there. She’s terrified that, if not executed perfectly, her plan could cause the death of thousands of people–including Donovan.

Bestselling author Philip Donlay discussed his latest thriller, SPEED THE DAWN, with The Big Thrill and this is what he had to say:
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The Pandora Block by John Hegenberger

The race is on to find the cure for a bloody disease targeting women of color. But a hidden side-effect of the Black Sea Virus might kill us all. Time to call in the 21st Century Robin Hoods to locate, assemble and decode The Pandora Block.

The Pandora Block opens with the world engulfed in a deadly pandemic. Jonathan Boyd reaches out to a team of reluctant colleagues in the search for an ancient puzzle/relic that might hold the key to the cure. From Capetown to Columbia, Busan to Paris, LA to St. Croix, John Hegenberger takes readers on a globe-trotting ride that is part action/adventure, part spy thriller, and part theft caper. Meticulously researched, the book combines the best elements of Clive Cussler and Ian Fleming, with a dash of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton. A fascinating story. — Baron R. Birtcher, award-winning author of Rain Dogs and South California Purples.

Award-winning author John Hegenberger spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest thriller, THE PANDORA BLOCK:
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Man of Honor by Chris Malburg

By David Healey

Chris Malburg is a writer who wants to get things right.

Sure, it’s not unusual for a good thriller writer to head to the local library, spend some time with Professor Google, or visit a locale that he’s thinking of using as a setting. But how many would enroll in classes at the University of Southern California to learn the finer points of air disaster investigation?

Malburg would—and did—learning alongside experts from a host of “alphabet” government agencies such as the FAA and FBI. The final exam, by the way, involved heading out to a hangar to determine why three different planes went down.

That hard work has paid off in Malburg’s fourth Enforcement Division novel, MAN OF HONOR. American planes are crashing thanks to Chinese cyber terrorism, and it’s up to NTSB investigators to help stop them. The result of Malburg’s research is a novel that rings true in every detail.

Malburg wasn’t always a writer. He began his career as a CPA and investment banker. Success in that field enabled him to pursue his dream to be a writer, and he enrolled in classes to improve his skills.

Since then, he has written or co-authored a slew of books, many of them nonfiction and focused on finance, such as “The Great Unravel: Profiting From The Transformation In Fixed Income.”
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Sailor Take Warning by William Nikkel

By Austin S. Camacho

Even in winter we sometimes crave a good beach read. And if you’re looking for an intelligent thriller that smoothly merges mystery with high speed adventure, pick up SAILOR TAKE WARNING by William Nikkel.

In his seventh recorded adventure, Jack Ferrell is spending time at Lake Tahoe to get a break from Hawaii. He soon finds himself entangled in a web of violence and death in the seedy world of coin fraud, blackmail, and lost treasure. Why is he so entangled? Because as the author puts it, Ferrell is a lady’s man, and a sucker for a pair of doe eyes that gets him into trouble every time.

“If someone needs help, he’s quick to rush to the rescue,” says Nikkel. “A take care of business kind of guy—a man’s man who’s willing to put his life on the line when necessary. But he doesn’t see himself as a hero. Only as a person who does what needs doing.”

This time Ferrell finds himself the target of a vengeance-driven man named Ryan Chambers who wants the gold and Jack’s head on a platter. Like all good villains, Chambers is a business man enamored with wealth, and more so by his love for gold. And of course, he has a grand evil plan.

“His latest plot is a large-scale coin fraud scheme that will net him millions,” Nikkel says. “But when one of the fraudulent twenty-dollar gold pieces is thrust into Jack’s hand by a dying man, Jack is drawn into the enigma surrounding the double-eagle. Ryan Chambers’ problems don’t stop there. Not only does Jack have the coin, he also unknowing intercepts one of three clues leading to a century-and-a-half old cache of stolen gold that Cambers is after.”
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Teeth of the Sea by Tim Waggoner

They glide through dark waters, sleek and silent as death itself. Ancient predators with only two desires – to feed and reproduce. They’ve traveled to the resort island of Las Dagas to do both, and the guests make tempting meals. The humans are on land, though, out of reach. But the resort’s main feature is an intricate canal system . . .

. . .and it’s starting to rain.

Prolific author Tim Waggoner took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest thriller, TEETH OF THE SEA:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope readers will have a blast reading this fast-paced humans vs sea monsters adventure.

How does this book make a contribution to the genre?

It’s not only a fun thriller in its own right, it’s also an homage to the B movies I loved as a kid, but modernized and cranked up to 11.
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The Deadly Lies by David C. Dawson

By George Ebey

With THE DEADLY LIES, author David C. Dawson brings us the second story in his Dominic Delingpole adventure series.

In this latest installment, Dominic and his partner, Jonathan, are on a romantic Spanish honeymoon, and things are perfect… except Dominic has kept a secret from his husband. He’s failed to tell Jonathan that he plans to meet his former lover, Bernhardt, who is speeding on his way from Germany to present Dominic with a mysterious gift.

But before the exchange, Bernhardt is killed in a suspicious car accident. Shortly before he dies, he sends Dominic a bizarre text message that will take the newlyweds on a hair-raising adventure.

Lies upon lies plunge Dominic and Jonathan into an internet crime that could destroy the lives of millions of people. What is the mysterious Charter Ninety-Nine group? And will their planned internet assault force Dominic to choose between the fate of the world and the life of his lover?

The Big Thrill recently caught up with Dawson to learn more about his series and his writing process.
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Blood Run by Jamie Freveletti

Biochemist Emma Caldridge joins Jackson Rand, pharmaceutical CEO, on a humanitarian mission to deliver vaccines to remote villages in Africa. But after narrowly escaping a crew of trained assassins, Emma realizes that there is more to this mission than she anticipated. Rand is keeping secrets from her, information that could cost both of them their lives…not to mention millions more.

After its eradication nearly forty years ago, the smallpox virus is once again threatening the world. With no known cure and limited stores of vaccine, the highly contagious, deadly and disfiguring disease has the power to wipe out entire cities. Rand’s company was hired to secure the last known vials, but some have gone missing in Africa and a ruthless government now hunts them for use as a biochemical weapon.

Emma must locate these vials before the killer plague is unleashed on the innocent, ravaging a world that never expected to see it again. She runs to the border, finding and freeing hostages as she does. But an insurgency is rising around them, blocking their every attempt to escape. Surrounded and with no choice but to head to the desert, Emma must stop the virus and lead her ragtag team to freedom…if the Sahara doesn’t kill them first.

The Big Thrill caught up to bestselling author Jamie Freveletti to discuss her latest thriller, BLOOD RUN:
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Kingsman: the Golden Circle by Tim Waggoner

With their headquarters destroyed and the world held hostage, members of Kingsman find new allies when they discover a spy organization in the United States known as Statesman. In an adventure that tests their strength and wits, the elite secret agents from both sides of the pond band together to battle a ruthless enemy and save the day, something that’s becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy…

Author Tim Waggoner took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest novel, KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE, with The Big Thrill:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope the movie’s fans will get a deeper appreciation for the film by reading the novelization, and that they’ll enjoy the extra material that wasn’t in the film.
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Coyote Zone by Kathryn Lane

Nikki Garcia is an unlikely Sam Spade: a former international auditor who turns private investigator and lands an assignment in Mexico to find a missing ten-year-old child, Bibi Lombardi. Bibi’s estranged parents are fighting over her custody and one of them could even be responsible for her disappearance. It’s an easy child snatching case – right? Nikki pursues a trail of dangerous criminals through designated UNESCO locations, archaeological sites, picturesque colonial towns, and barren deserts. But when Sofía, Bibi’s mother, receives a ransom request, Nikki is already undercover with a gang of “Coyotes.” Nikki’s boss and fellow private eye is certain someone purposely provided misleading information on the abduction to prevent Nikki from recovering the child. Or is the kidnapper headed north to the U.S. border, where Bibi’s fate could be much worse than her current situation?

Award winning author Kathryn Lane spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing her latest novel, COYOTE ZONE:
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A Promise to Kill by Erik Storey

Clyde Barr, the drifter with lethal skills, is alone again, wandering the highways of the American West in search of something to believe in. As summer turns to autumn, he trades his car for a horse and heads for the mountains, planning to clear his head and regain his edge with some hunting. But when he runs across an elderly, sick man—a Ute Indian from a nearby reservation—Clyde’s dream of solitude is quickly dashed.

On the reservation, Clyde finds the old man’s daughter, Lawana, and grandson, Taylor, as well as a group of menacing bikers called Reapers running wild in the economically depressed, half-abandoned village. Gripped by the desire to do good in a hard world, Clyde offers to stay on Lawana’s ranch to help out until her father is released from the hospital. He controls himself around the bikers, even when he sees them harass a few Native American women—but when the Reapers attack a local boy Clyde has to do something. As tensions rise between the locals and the Reapers, Clyde’s efforts to protect the reservation become a fight for his, Lawana’s, and Taylor’s lives. And then the stakes ratchet up even more.

In the remote Utah desert, surrounded by enemies, with no law enforcement presence, and with communication effectively cut off, Clyde must find a way to save his new friends, defeat the gang, and, hopefully, escape with his own skin intact. A PROMISE TO KILL  is an edge-of-the-seat thriller, pushing its no-holds-barred hero to new levels of improvisation and bare-knuckled blunt force.

Erik Storey recently sat down with The Big Thrill to discuss his latest novel, A PROMISE TO KILL:
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Atticus by J. B. Manas


Suspended for negotiating with an armed lunatic, rookie cop Marti Coldwater is feeling lost and unappreciated. But her day is about to get a whole lot worse when her car is run off the road by a strange, falling military craft and she rescues the lone passenger—a young British amnesiac who thinks it’s 1944.

Soon, she and her newfound companion are relentlessly pursued by murderous men in suits and a sinister Nordic assassin with a singular mission—capture the stranger and kill anyone who’s seen him.

When she uncovers a plot threatening the entire planet, Marti is thrown into a world of highly classified government programs and astonishing alien secrets. Now, her only hope of saving the world is to try to recover the memories of a man who may be the most dangerous of all—the man who calls himself Atticus.

Author J. B. Manus spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest novel, ATTICUS:
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Calling Down the Lightning by Maynard Sims

CALLING DOWN THE LIGHTNING is an exciting and pulsating adventure thriller that twists and turns along a labyrinthine path to a stunning conclusion.

A hitman is loose on the idyllic islands. A killer for hire who has FBI agent, Billie Jean Martinez in his sights. Billie just happens to be the lover of Stevie, Harry Beck’s business partner. Trouble is at Harry’s door, again.

Harry has his own problems. When Billie and Stevie, and then his wife Katy, go missing, Harry has no choice but to join the chase to find them, and hope he gets to them before the hired gun. Most of all, they have to stay alive.

Author Maynard Sims recently spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest novel, CALLING DOWN THE LIGHTNING:
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Blood Trails by Michael A. Black

Detective Roger Colby thought he’d ended serial killer Morgan Laird’s murderous spree twenty-eight years ago, when Laird was relegated to a wheelchair along with a life sentence. But now the convicted killer is out on parole. Suddenly, a new series of murders start popping up, each mimicking one of the crime scenes of Laird’s original killings. As Colby reluctantly joins a federal task force investigating these new crimes, he begins to uncover a new and sinister plot so unthinkable that it’s virtually beyond belief. When Laird’s DNA is recovered from one of the crime scenes, Colby realizes that the unthinkable has suddenly become reality. Shunned by the task force, and without support, he must trace this new blood trail to its source and bring these new and brutal crimes to a stop, regardless of the consequences.

The Big Thrill had the opportunity to discuss with Michael A. Black his latest thriller, BLOOD TRAILS:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

I hope they take away a sense of having read a good thriller.
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Valley of Dry Bon’z by Terry A. del Bene & Stoney Livingstone

By Terry DiDomenico

The writing team of Del Bene and Livingston has produced another thrilling installment in the Joyce Smith series with VALLEY OF DRY BON’Z.

This latest installment sees the return of You Know Who, a serial killer that Native American Undersheriff Joyce Smith and her investigative team thought they had killed, not once but twice before. But when a series of attacks against those who helped the team unfold right before the holidays, and a team member is kidnapped from his guarded hospital room, the team gathers to examine all avenues, including those previously explored to try to get at least one step ahead of the nefarious You Know Who and rescue their friend. Not only is the weather against them, but they also have to navigate roadblocks and assaults created by mercenaries and the federal government to a final showdown.

The authors have taken a cast of characters and melded them into a tight-knit team with strengths and weaknesses and a genuine concern for each other. This team approach is unusual in the thriller genre and works well in the series. Del Bene and Livingston manage to give each team member some moments in the spotlight while furthering the story line.
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Hook’s Tale by John Leonard Pielmeier

By Austin S. Camacho

If you think you know all there is to know about Peter Pan’s famous foil Captain Hook, you’ll be surprised and wonderfully entertained by the dazzling coming-of-age story that unfolds in HOOK’S TALE.

From books, plays, and movies we all know Captain James Hook to be a vicious pirate. But John Pielmeier’s novel reveals, in the form of a purported memoir, a life story far more nuanced.

“Our story begins just as he turns fourteen,” Pielmeier says, “though he narrates the story as an older gentleman looking back on his life.”

Of course, as in the original stories by J. M. Barrie reveal, Hook was not his true name. According to Pielmeier he was christened Cook, and was never really a pirate. And Hook/Cook looks nothing like the way he is always portrayed.

As one might expect, Hook’s enemy is the “notorious” Peter Pan. The reason for that, which I cannot reveal here without giving spoilers, is what drives much of the narrative. Hook faces a slew of enemies, including a London vivisectionist named Uriah Slinque, and all these characters are nearly as fascinating as the title character himself.
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Death’s Footprint by Donna Warner & Gloria Ferris

What’s your life worth? If the price isn’t right….you die!

They call him Dr. Death. Not a surprise. Lucas Stride’s philosophy lectures promote humanitarian actions since we never know when the Grim Reaper will come for us.
Before the professor’s lecture at the Quebec City morgue, he receives a threat, insisting he assign a cash value to his life. If the note’s author isn’t satisfied with the amount, Lucas dies.

While Lucas struggles to comply with the extortion demand, Toronto cop, Jordan Blair, arrives for a tryst with private investigator, Darcy Piermont.

Her plans are derailed after Darcy is asked to locate a family friend missing since the morgue tour with his class. In their search for the professor, Jordan and Darcy uncover a series of crimes that conclude with the reality of — death.

The Big Thrill had the pleasure to discuss DEATH’S FOOTPRINT with authors Donna Warner & Gloria Ferris:
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Exodus ’95 by Kifir Luzzatto

Claire learns the secret of her dying New York neighbor: the whereabouts of Moses’ Biblical staff. With the help of an Israeli engineer and the money of a Russian oligarch, Claire sets out to recover the staff, but finds herself in a race against fanatics who will do anything to keep it from coming to light.

“Then the LORD said to Moses: Raise your staff and stretch out your hand over the sea to divide the water so that the Israelites can go through the sea on dry ground.”

EXODUS ’95 author, Kifir Luzzatto, recently spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest novel:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

In the words of one of the first reviews it got, “to be entertained from the first page of the story right through to the very last page.”
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The Sinking of the Angie Piper by Chris Riley

Edward Thurman’s battle begins when he lands his lifelong friend Danny Wilson a job aboard an Alaskan fishing vessel, the Angie Piper. The captain and most of the other crew members find Danny an inspiring, worthwhile addition to their boat as he is incredibly strong and works tirelessly without complaint. Adding to these characteristics is Danny’s amiable personality, enhanced in part by his impossible dream of one day becoming a Navy SEAL (Danny has Down syndrome).

But not all the crew members are interested in having Danny on board, and the pressure quickly rises after the Angie Piper sets sail. In the center of the tension stands Edward, who knows that above all else, he must face the nagging guilt of his own history. And this history, which includes Danny, is the one thing that keeps Edward from his own dream. In a final conflict amid vicious storms and merciless rogue waves, tragedy strikes the crew of the Angie Piper, and every man is thrown into the crudest battle of all—the battle for survival.

THE SINKING OF THE ANGIE PIPER author, Chris Riley, spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his debut:
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Flashmob by Christopher Farnsworth

As a fixer for America’s one percent, John Smith cleans up the messes of those rich enough to afford him. But he’s no ordinary gun for hire. Smith is a man of rare gifts, including the ability to read minds. Arriving at the wedding of Kira Sadeghi, a reality television celebrity he recently saved from kidnappers, Smith witnesses a group of gunmen open fire, hitting the bride and others. Though he’s unarmed, Smith cripples one of the killers and is able to pry one word from his mind: “Downvote.”

Eager to learn more, Smith hacks into the brain of an FBI agent investigating the attack to discover the Bureau has been investigating a nefarious new threat called “Downvote,” an encrypted site on the “dark net” that lists the names of celebrities and offers a hefty bounty for anyone who can kill them—unleashing an anonymous and deadly flashmob with a keystroke.

Finding a mastermind on the internet is like trying to catch air—unless you’re John Smith. Motivated by money and revenge, he traces a series of electronic signatures to a reclusive billionaire living at sea, accompanied by a scary-smart female bodyguard who becomes Smith’s partner in his quest. The hunt for their prey will lead from Hong Kong to Reykjavik to a luxury gambling resort deep in the Laotian jungle. Yet always this criminal mastermind remains one step ahead.

The only way Downvote’s creator can stop Smith is to kill him . . . because while this diabolical genius can run, there’s no hiding from a man who can read minds.

FLASHMOB author, Christopher Farnsworth, discussed his latest novel with The Big Thrill:
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Gitmo by Shawn Corridan & Gary Waid

Retired smuggler Dixon Sweeney exits Raiford after eight long years behind bars, vowing “From here on out, things are gonna be different.”

And boy is he right: his wife has left him, emptied his safe deposit box, moved their entire house to Key West, and is shacking up with Sweeney’s former partner and Best Man. Worse yet, Buck Wiggins is after him for a sixty-five grand debt. But Sweeney’s broke! So Buck sends Gooch and Gunther Canseco, twin towers of steroidal ape stuff, to tune Sweeney up each week until he pays Buck back.

And he thought life in prison sucked.

When a mysterious Cuban-American approaches Sweeney with an offer, Sweeney is forced to accept. The payoff? A cool half mil. The problem? The money is hidden inside a house in Cuba. Worse yet: on Guantanamo Naval Base, a.k.a. GITMO.

Strap on your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life, as unlikely hero Dixon Sweeney and his beat-up Chris-Craft challenge the Gulf Stream, waterspouts, man-eating sharks, the crazy Canseco twins, the Coast Guard, U.S. Navy, the entire Cuban military, and one super sexy senorita in this hilarious romp through the Florida Straits.

The Big Thrill caught up with authors Shawn Corridan and Gary Waid to discuss GITMO:
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Yeti Unleashed by Richard Edde

Dr. Harry Olson, an American paleoanthropologist, and his wife, Dixie, have returned from the mountains of Mongolia with two live Yeti, a male and a female. A team of scientists in Harry’s anthropology department at California Pacific University are now trying to uncover a link between human and Yeti genetics. But when the Yeti escape, Harry’s in a race against time to recapture the animals, knowing only too well how the terrible consequences will be if the creatures make it off the desolate high-desert facility and reach a human city.

Richard Edde, author of YETI UNLEASHED, spent some time with The Big Thrill discussing his latest novel:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

Although a work of fiction, my Yeti series demonstrates that it is entirely possible that we have unearthed all of our human ancestors and cousins. What we may yet discover may entirely amaze and frighten us.
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Stormfall by John Hegenberger

In October 1959, a young, hard-luck P.I. is lost in America, determined to untangle a series of grisly murders spreading like a disease from the set of The Alamo. Fighting for his life from a dry desert storm, to a mind-bending fog in San Francisco, and a snow-blinding mountain top outside Hollywood, Stan Wade gropes his way through drug-induced, false trails to outwit an aggressive, obsessive mass killer.

Author John Hegenberger took some time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest novel, STORMFALL, with The Big Thrill:

What do you hope readers will take away from this book? 

Delight and joy from a wonderful journey from Texas to San Francisco to Los Angeles, all in late 1959.
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