Thriller Roundtable

July 20 – 26: “What is the primary job of a thriller?”

Entertainment? Escapism? To provoke thought? This week we ask ITW members Lisa Harris, Otho Eskin, Dave Wickenden, Elizabeth Goddard, Haris Orkin, Buzz Bernard, Timothy Jay Smith, Jeffrey B. Burton, Elizabeth Rose, Paul…

May 18 – 24: “How do you obtain advance reviews?”

This week we’re joined by ITW members R. G. Belsky, Paul Levine, Elena Taylor, Tim Tigner, Michael Ledwidge, Kaye Schmitz, Kate White, Nick Thacker and Martin Roy Hill, and we’re asking them,…

January 20 – 26: “What is your favorite thriller sub-genre?”

Military thrillers? Mysteries? Espionage? Domestic thrillers? This week we’re asking ITW members David William Pearce, Bonnar Spring, Cathi Stoler, Lynette Eason and C. S. O’Cinneide what is your favorite thriller sub-genre, and…

January 13 – 19: “What About Language?”

In On Writing, Stephen King tells the story of asking Amy Tan what’s the one question she’s never asked in a Q&A. She responded, “They never ask about the language.” So, we’re…

November 18 – 24: “Clichés—love them or hate them?”

This week ITW members Nigel Bird, David Simms, Nick Kolakowski, Avanti Centrae, Lisa de Nikolits, Nicole Mabry, Keith Dixon, Susan Alice Bickford, T. G. Wolff, Dave Edlund, John Farrow and Leanna Renee…

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