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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE by Richard Osman

Recommended by Tracey Devlyn

New York Times bestselling author Richard Osman returns to Coopers Chase for this fourth installment of The Thursday Murder Club series.

In THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE, a dear friend of the club meets a harrowing end, and retirees Joyce, Ibrahim, Ron, and Elizabeth are determined to track down his killer. To do so, they must locate a mysterious package he was holding for a client that went missing soon after his murder.

A reluctant Joyce takes charge of the investigation, while Elizabeth works through a heart-wrenching issue at home. However, Joyce finds she has a knack for giving orders and seeing things others don’t.

Every time the club members close in on a potential suspect, another body drops.

It’s easy to see why readers have embraced The Thursday Murder Club series with such enthusiasm. Osman’s endearing characters, charming setting, witty dialogue, and engaging mystery make for a thoroughly entertaining read.

Recommended reading accessories: A warm fire or a stretch of sun-drenched sand, a beverage of choice, and a ready smile.

Fans of Deanna Raybourn’s Killer of a Certain Age will enjoy Osman’s witty and fun mystery, THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE LAST DEVIL TO DIE by Richard Osman

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