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The Big Thrill Recommends: THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM by Kate White

Recommended by Tracey Devlyn

Book Cover: THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIMIn New York Times bestselling author Kate White’s newest thriller, THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM, a career coach must use every tool in her psychological toolbox to get to the truth of her former fiancé’s sudden death.

Kiki Reed heads to the Connecticut countryside to celebrate her dear friend’s book release, knowing her ex-fiancé will be in attendance—with his new girlfriend. She’s glad Jamie has moved on. He hadn’t taken her “I love you, but I’m not in love with you” conversation well. Now, the two of them will be in a room full of people for the first time since their breakup, and Kiki is anxious about Jamie’s reaction and not looking forward to their friends’ inquisitive stares.

After a bit of circling, Kiki and Jamie have a respectful yet stilted exchange. Minutes later, a shot rings out, and Jamie’s found dead in his vehicle. Many in their circle believe he committed suicide. Some even hint that Kiki and Jamie’s breakup might have been the catalyst. But Jamie’s magnetic best friend, Sam, poses a different theory, one that aligns with Kiki’s suspicions.

Jamie was murdered.

Determined to set the record straight, Kiki, with Sam’s help, investigates the circumstances around Jamie’s death. She starts with his girlfriend, who turns out to be a local and something of a chameleon. As her suspect list grows, Kiki’s plagued by a series of strange, unexplained happenings, like odd smells that wake her up in the middle of the night. Undeterred, Kiki continues her sleuthing while growing closer to Sam until they uncover the truth.

White delivers a lush setting with textured characters and a twisty plot that keeps you jumping from one suspect to the next. One thing is for certain—THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM won’t be the last book of Kate White’s I read.


The Big Thrill Recommends: THE LAST TIME SHE SAW HIM by Kate White

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