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If you’re in the mood for vampires, has-been rockstars, and espionage, you’re in luck—ITW members are releasing a jackpot of new releases this month. Get them scoop on them here—and be sure to click the link to read their author interview on The Big Thrill website.

March 1

Prolific author R. Barri Flowers kicks off the month with his latest Hawaii CI novel, DANGER ON MAUI. In it, true crime writer Daphne Dockery is in Hawaii to research a mass murder. She reaches out to Detetctive Kenneth Kealoha to assist—but they soon realize Daphne might be the target of an attack. Could she be the killer’s next victim? Read more here.

March 2

Medical treatment determined by artificial intelligence could do more than make Hope Kestrel’s career—it could revolutionize healthcare. Get the scoop on J.L. Lycette’s new medical thriller, THE ALORITHM WILL SEE YOU NOW, in this author Q&A.



March 7

Bestselling author Peter Swanson pulls out all the stops with his latest thriller THE KIND WORTH SAVING. When a PI starts following a possibly adulterous husband, he has no idea that the twisted trail he’s on will lead back to the woman who hired him. He shares more about the inspiration for this book in this The Big Thrill interview by José H. Bográn.


A stay-at-home mom. A has-been rock star. And a reality-TV producer. One deadly secret. Alex Finlay weaves a compelling tale about the lives we leave behand and the secrets we carry forever in his starred new release, WHAT HAVE WE DONE. He talks about research, his day job, and more in this The Big Thrill feature interview by K.L. Romo.


Vampires are making a come-back in a big way—but we guarantee you’ve never seen them the way they’re depicted in Jaqueline Holland’s starting debut, THE GOD OF ENDINGS. Mindy Carlson talks to Holland about vampire lore and much more in this The Big Thrill cover article.


Three women, centuries apart, cast their spell in Emilia Hart’s debut, WEYWARD. Neil Nyren gets the scoop in this month’s BookTrib Spotlight. Read the interview here.



Sparks fly as award-winning romantic suspense writer Lynn H. Blackburn closes out her Defend and Protect series with UNDER FIRE, an explosive tale of secrets kept, lies exposed, and relationships restored. Read more about it here.


Amy Impellizzeri says “this female-centric gritty legal thriller took hold of me and would not release me until I wrote it.” She tells is more about BARR NONE in this The Big Thrill author Q&A.



Stona Fitch says the plot of her new release, DEATH WATCH, revolves around an advertising agency—which made her think of Mad Men while writing it. More insight into this book that takes something as simple as buying a watch to thrilling extremes in this The Big Thrill interview.


March 9

Private eye Steve Rockfish thought he was taking on a routine case of harassment—but in A BAD BOUT OF YIPS, book 3 from the Case Files of Steve Rockfish by Ken Harris, the case is anything but straightforward. Get the scoop on it in this The Big Thrill author Q&A.


March 14

Alma Katsu dreamed of being an award-winning novelist—but she didn’t realize it would take a detour into a long career of espionage and intelligence agencies to do it. Jaden Terrell talks to The Big Thrill’s “cover girl” this month about her latest thriller, RED LONDON. Read the Between the Lines feature here.


New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben’s 36th thriller, I WILL FIND YOU, probes the destructive power of secrets and the enduring strength of family bonds. He talks more about it—and how he balances everything in his life—in this The Big Thrill interview by Millie Naylor Hast.


How far would you go to keep what’s yours? That’s the driving question in Marie Still’s WE’RE ALL LYING. Read more about this riveting debut in this The Big Thrill author Q&A.



Nancy J. Cohen says she loves learning new things to flesh out a story. For her new release STAR TANGLED MURDER, she was fascinated to learn why women and men button their shirts differently. Of course, there’s a lot more going on in this page-turner. Get the scoop on it here.


THE NIGHT SHE VANISHED is Wendy Dranfield’s 11th crime thriller. What sparked the idea for this book? The answer to this question and more in this The Big Thrill author Q&A.