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Psychiatrist Gus Young didn’t always see patients in the back of a hardware store. Before he came to rural Maine, he was a man with a past—past successes, past scandals… and past enemies.

Now he lives in the woods, struggling with his memory, trying to reconcile with what little family he has left, and learning the secrets of his neighbors.

One of those secrets is getting people killed.

When Wanda Flynn turns up dead, the police are interested in a number of Gus’s patients. Gus himself has suspicions, but when the evidence starts pointing in his direction, he must discover who would have killed the troubled young woman, and do it without breaking the confidentiality of his practice.

His investigations will take him into the dark underbelly of the otherwise sleepy town, into his own past failings, and into the brutal path of revenge.

The Big Thrill caught up with author Tom Saric for a quick chat about his latest thriller, Don’t Look In:

Tom Saric

What do you hope readers will take away from this book?

That the secrets we keep hurt only ourselves. That we must come to terms with the darkness that exists inside of us if we ever hope to overcome it.

What attracts you to this book’s genre?

Thrillers hit a visceral part of us, an unconscious part that is scared, angry, and vengeful. But it is through that exploration that we can accept that part and feel redeemed. I think that’s a long-winded way of saying that thrillers are an excellent way of showing the hero’s journey. 🙂

Was there anything new you discovered, or that surprised you, as you wrote this book?

Gus, the main character in Don’t Look In, is a psychiatrist, and so am I. However, Gus’s style of treatment and practice is very different from my own. He’s also much cooler and more effective than I am. Maybe I wish I was more like him.


Tom Saric is the author of Indicted and Compromised. During half of the week, he provides treatment to people affected by war. During the other half, he writes thrillers.

To learn more about the author and his work, please visit his website.


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