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Three the Hard Way by Gary PhillipsThree hard driving, action oriented novellas in one package.

Malcolm Cavanaugh Bleekston, MC Bleak, McBleak, is a one percenters who steals from his fellow swells. In The Extractors, he puts his life on the line to take a greedy man’s gain while – then it all goes sideways..

Ned “Noc” Brenner is a drifter extreme athlete versed at underground fighting to free diving. in The Anti-Gravity Steal Noc must use all his abilities to prevent wholesale destruction.

Part Shaft and part Batman sans the cowl, Luke Warfield, the Essex Man, goes on the hunt in 10 Seconds to Death uncovering ghosts from his past, but must stop a deadly plan of mass slaughter in his own backyard. Plus, a bonus Essex Man short story, “Murder by Remote Control” is in this collection

THREE THE HARD WAY is available from Amazon.


10 Seconds to Death : “…it’s filled with more sex and violence than novels tenfold the length. Author Gary Phillips knows how to pile on the action. This is definitely a homage to the spin rack novels of the 1970’s.”
Timothy Mayer, Z7’s Headquarters

The Anti-Gravity Steal: “Mr. Phillips has taken the men’s action adventure pulp genre of the thirties adding 21st century sensibilities and amping the energy level to 11. Doc Savage is the template for Ned “Noc” Brenner.”
Amazon customer review


Gary Phillips lives and writes in the wilds of Los Angeles. He is co-editor of Occupied Earth, a sci-fi anthology profiled in the December Big Thrill, and one of the writers of the round robin novel Beat, Slay, Love, a darkly comic send-up of foodie thrillers.