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Luring Shadows by Kristina RienziShadows Haunt
On the fifth anniversary of her sister Caitlyn’s unsolved murder, Rayna Jennings is far from having closure. Dark memories of Caitlyn’s death live in the shadows at Happy Endings Resort. The nightmare still haunts Rayna; the images in her mind more vivid than ever.

Shadows Taunt
When gruesome reminders begin to resurface, taunting Rayna, her grief surfaces anew. Worse, an unknown killer has cast her as the next victim. Despite her will to survive, the shadows of Happy Endings Resort have their own plan in mind.

Shadows Kill
A stranger is luring Rayna into the dark shadows of the resort, and her mind. She must race to stop the killer before it’s too late and she joins Caitlyn, becoming another one of the…


LURING SHADOWS is available from Amazon.


“One of the things I love most about Kristina Rienzi’s writing is her ability to connect you with the characters from the moment you open the book. I am always able to see her stories come to life within the first few pages of her books – even her short stories.” – Amazon Reviewer


Born and raised in New Jersey, Kristina Rienzi writes thrillers set on the East Coast. When she’s not writing, Rienzi enjoys reading, painting, relaxing at the beach, watching terrifying television, rooting for her West Virginia Mountaineers or spending time with her loved ones, wine in hand. She currently lives at the Jersey Shore with her husband, dogs and cat.