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­­shadowMax Barrett, the protagonist of this espionage thriller, is an elite intelligence operative driven hard by events from his past. He is a member of a military unit so covert that its code name is changed every few years to remain hidden. Barrett’s new assignment is to lead a team that will secretly protect Sara, the President’s only daughter, during a U.N. humanitarian trip to Nigeria. The problem is that the Secret Service does not want him or his team anywhere near the First Daughter. Infighting ensues but soon gives way to reluctant cooperation when she is kidnapped during a deadly ambush. Worse yet, her true identity had been hidden for this trip, which gives Barrett his second bit of bad news: an insider has to be involved.

Alone and cut off from his normal resources, Barrett is forced to use all of his skills, experience, and contacts—including some shady characters outside the intelligence community—in a race against time to save Sara’s life. The trail leads Barrett on a worldwide hunt, through a labyrinth of clues that reveals a chilling truth: the kidnapping was only a small part of a much more ambitious plan. A plan with the ultimate goal of destabilizing the world.

SHADOW HUNT is the first in the Max Barrett series—a fast-paced, smart new spy series straight from the mind of a man who knows what twenty-first-century espionage is really all about.


Michael Pedicelli is a U.S. Army veteran with a B.A. in history and an MBA in international business. When not writing screenplays and novels, he is a student of military history and works as a global business adviser in the private sector.

To learn more about Michael, please visit his website.