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Asian Pulp by Gary PhillipsFollowing in the tradition of the bestselling Black Pulp from Pro Se Press, from today’s well-known authors and up and comers drops Asian Pulp, a collection of stories featuring characters of Asian origin or descent in short stories that run the gamut of genre fiction — female gunslingers, swinging sixties-era spies, fallen noir protagonists and lords of hidden jungles. The collection includes work by Naomi Hirahara (Murder on Bamboo Lane), Gigi Pandian (USA Today bestseller), Steph Cha (Beware, Beware), Henry Chang (Death Money) Gary Phillips (Warlord of Willow Ridge) with an intro by Leonard Chang, co-producer of the recent crime drama, Justified. In e-book and tradepaper.

“And here we’ve arrived, with me introducing ASIAN PULP, an anthology that I would’ve sought out and kept as my Bible had it appeared when I was first a struggling student, then a struggling writer, then an adult searching for answers. Although I’ve found a modicum of peace and harmony in my composition of opposites, I look forward to further entertainment and insight within these pages. Perhaps even answers. I hope you find some too.” — Leonard Chang from his introduction in Asian Pulp

ASIAN PULP is available from Amazon.


Gary Phillips latest includes editing and contributing to the linked anthology Day of the Destroyers featuring 1930s super spy Jimmie Flint, Secret Agent X-11. He is also co-editor and contributor to the upcoming Occupied Earth, another linked anthology about aliens conquering Earth as a strategic outpost. His website is: