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MafiaDaughterCoverMurder of a Mafia Daughter is a story about a path to murder that begins in old Las Vegas with gangsters and the boys from the Jewish mob. It moves to San Francisco with the movers and shakers, to New York City with its literati, and ends in Beverly Hills with the glitterati.

The slaying of Susan Berman in the winter of 2000 had all the earmarks of a professional hit aimed at a person born into the Mafia. Or was that just what the killer intended everyone to think, to lead investigators to the assumption that it was a Mob hit when it was not?

Or was it her best friend Robert Durst who wanted her dead?


“Cathy Scott is a star writer in the crowded field of true crime.” ~Ann Rule

“Murder in Beverly Hills is intense tale of an eccentric murder victim with a colorful history and how one of her friends has likely gotten away with not just her murder but others as well. Who doesn’t love a real life whodunit?”~Kim Cantrell, Editor, True Crime Zine

“(Scott) has added new and current information to the library of Mob-related Las Vegas literature.” ~Meredith McGhan, Las Vegas CityLife


cathyCathy Scott, an investigative journalist whose works have appeared in the New York Times and the Las Vegas Sun, blogs about forensics for Psychology Today. She is the author of six crime biographies, including The Millionaire’s Wife and The Killing of Tupac Shakur. She lives in San Diego, California.

To learn more about Cathy, please visit her website.