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sinsJohn and Katherine Cann travel to Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands for the marriage to the son of the Duke of Cairlochry of the daughter of Katherine’s dearest friend, Jeanna Ferguson who died tragically some ten years before. At the time, Katherine stepped in and brought the young Cat (Catriona) back from a path of self- destruction and guided her to be the wonderful woman she now is.

As the wedding day approaches, Cat announces she wants to find her father, a man she has never met and who Cat’s mother, Jeanna, delayed telling her about before her untimely death.

The search for the unknown father takes Cat and her fiance Marcas and John and Katherine – and the story – back a quarter of a century to an horrific event, long thought over but whose tragic effects linger still, and which opens up fear and loathing and mystery that can only be solved by unlocking closed doors that perhaps should remain so.

Sins of the Father is available from Amazon.


James Macomber is the author of the international legal thrillers featuring former Special Forces/NSA/CIA operator, now lawyer, John Cann — whom Booklist described as a “strong, multi-layered protagonist with the star power to keep this series going for a very long time”. But Macomber’s novels are about  more than just Cann. They feature an ensemble cast of memorable characters centering on the ‘players’ at a Washington DC international law firm with very close ties to the intelligence community. Notable among them is Katherine Price, also a lawyer with a past, hers in counter-terror at the Department of Justice and the State Department.

In novels that reflect and often predict actual events, “Bargained for Exchange” dealt with terrorists in academia, “Art & Part”, assassinations in the Netherlands during the trial of the Pan Am 103 Lockerbie bombers, and “A Grave Breach”, with atrocities, international organized crime and human trafficking against the backdrop of the Bosnian war crimes trials. It was in “A Grave Breach”, that the character of Katherine Price was introduced and she became, in fact, the hero of the novel. By popular demand, she and John got together in the fourth Macomber novel, “Sovereign Order” where they attend the Monaco Grand Prix and risk losing everything to a horrifying WMD attack on the “crown jewel of formula Grand Prix racing”. Number five is “Extraordinary Rendition” which introduces former Air Force para-rescue Jake Priestly who must battle enemies foreign and domestic, human and otherwise to save a judge whose disappearance threatens the balance of the United States Supreme Court.

And now, we have “Sins of the Father” which features John and Katherine, of course, and takes place in Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.

Also, check out Jim’s short story, “Execution Dock” which is featured in the International Thriller Writers third thriller anthology, “Love is Murder”.

James Macomber is a former serviceman, college student, bartender, waiter, salesman, tennis instructor, actor, photographer and practicing attorney. He was born and raised in New England and now lives in Florida,

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