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River City (A Jason Colefield Mystery) by Doc Macomber“Patrolling Portland’s Liquid Streets”

As a frozen fog lifts, River Patrol Deputy, Jason Colefield, motors ashore onto an idyllic Island to recover a body. Colefield has a history with the Pacific Northwest isle and any return triggers unpleasant boyhood memories. This visit he comes face-to-face with his childhood nemesis, now a timeworn man, who leads him to the bullet riddled body of a young boy he claims he stumbled upon while hunting. Colefield suspects the man is lying but it will take more than just gut instinct to prove it.

Within hours the FBI dispatches Agent Tamara Costa, an old high school sweetheart, to assist in the investigation and its possible connection to a serial killer. With her marriage on the rocks, and only an indecipherable clue to go on, she pushes her way back into Colefield’s life and wastes no time igniting the fire that still lingers between them. Colefield, torn between his renewed affection for his old flame and his teetering relationship with a feisty saloon owner, has a choice to make.

As the story unfolds, with more twists and turns than the majestic Columbia River, and another life hanging in the balance, Colefield discovers that the answers he seeks point him to the one place he doesn’t want to go – the buried memories of his own childhood.

RIVER CITY is available from Amazon and Audible.


“Doc’s style is simple, elegant, and easy to digest.” – Stephen Alexander, Portland Tribune

“Doc sees much…says little…and writes it all down.” – Capt. William A. Montgomery


Doc Macomber is the author of five mystery novels featuring Air Force Investigator Jack Vu and River Patrol Deputy Jason Colefield. He has also written articles on the history of ethnic detectives, as well as a chapter: “Finding the Key Strengths and Weaknesses of your Detective Character” in “Now Write! Mysteries: Suspense, Crime and Thriller Fiction Exercises from Today’s Best Writers and Teachers” published by the Penguin Group (USA). Doc formerly served with an Air Force Special Tactics Unit and now lives aboard a trawler on the Columbia River.