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G5 Gee Whiz by L. J. MartinThe repairman’s at it again, this time it’s a stolen fifty million dollar G5, the ultimate in business aircraft…and it’s not a common thief who’s the culprit, but an Air Force colonel with lots of firepower at his command. Mike Reardon and his buddies have their work cut out for them, and this time it takes them to the heart of South America. Another rip-roaring kick-ass adventure by acclaimed author L. J. Martin

Mike Reardon has earned more than a few bumps and bruises from his time in the military and his new line of work – recovery. What exactly does Mike recover, well what have you lost? With a crack team beside him and just enough money to motivate him, Mike with get the job done and still have time to warm a bed here or there.

The latest job Mike has accepted is the recovery of a very expensive, personal plane owned by a tech mogul with too much money and not enough good sense. The trail to locate the plane has him chasing himself but in the end Mike finds himself in Paraguay encountering nasty people who eat corruption for breakfast. Staying alive is always item number on the list but item number two is staying out of a foreign country’s jail where the hole they would drop him in has no bottom.

Mike has a great reputation and a stellar work ethic which is saying a lot since there is little he will not do to get the job done and collect his money. To gain possession of the plane it will take all of his manpower and one well-spoken woman to detangle the mess that is hidden in the hangar surrounded by some nasty guards. The lack of morals in Paraguay and what actions they took to get the plane create a more than personal sense of revenge to gains some closure but never complete peace. As usual everything that can go wrong does, the group is dedicated but a little leery of Mike, and of course there are guard dogs to be dealt with. Mary Gramlich Amazon Review

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L. J. Martin is the author of over 40 fiction and non-fiction works from Bantam, Avon, Pinnacle and Wolfpack Publishing. He lives in Montana with his romantic suspense novelist wife, Kat Martin. The Martin’s winter in coastal California.