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Eye For Eye by L. J. MartinThey thought his Mexican wife was a squaw…and meant only to shame, but killed instead. Quint Reagan hung up his badge, sold his ranch, and with a Smith and Wesson Russian, two Colt’s, a Winchester and a coach gun went on the hunt. The Triple R had a hundred riders…but he only wanted to tack the hide of seven to the outhouse wall but the powerful owner was one of them. Sometimes revenge is the best medicine for a broken heart.

“This novella of the Montana west is an absolutely superb addition to the genre of classic Westerns. Every detail of the book is authentic – the idioms used, descriptions of the landscape, the handling of animals, how food was prepared and eaten, etc. This mastery of detail, large and small, shows the author’s familiarity with the period and contributes to the realism of the book. Even the mix of characters provides an accurate sense of the type of men and women, good and bad, who found themselves in the far west during heyday of Montana cattle ranching.”

“But this is scholarship. The narrative is marvelous, fast paced with enough conflict and tension to keep the pages turning. As the title suggests, this is a book about revenge. (The moral question: whether a good man is justified in taking his own revenge is left entirely to the reader, and I, for one, had no trouble with it.) I won’t discuss the plot further at the risk of spoiling it, but it’s a good one.”

“Anyone interested in the old West will love this addition to the genre. But the book should also appeal to anyone who likes a fast-paced read with an authentic, likeable hero and equally believable villains.”

“I can recommend this without reservation. I should also point out that it’s an excellent book for teen-aged readers who may not have had the fun (and education) of reading about this important, but too often neglected part of our history.” Fleury Sommers Amazon Review

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L. J. Martin is the author of over 40 fiction and non-fiction works from Bantam, Avon, Pinnacle and Wolfpack Publishing. He lives in Montana with his romantic suspense novelist wife, Kat Martin. The Martin’s winter in coastal California.