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The Bakken by L. J. MartinMike Reardon, the repairman… Got a problem? Mike Reardon, the repairman, can fix it. And Owens-McKittrick, whose V.P. is Mike’s old CO from Iraq, has a problem. Dope dealers run rampant in America’s hottest new oilfield, the Bakken, and it’s costing the company almost a million a year in accidents, off time, and workmen’s comp premiums. Mike Readon, as a Marine, was taught to search and destroy, now he’s got to do what he knows! Acclaimed action adventure writer L. J. Martin brings you the ultimate kick ass fiction…don’t pick this one up unless you’ve got time to read cover to cover.

“Just as Donald Hamilton found a voice for Matt Helm, Larry Martin has found a voice for Mike Reardon, the Repairman. But it isn’t an easy one; this is a tough book, filled with realistic violence. Putting the action against the backdrop of the oil fields, Martin has created a unique setting for an action story, and takes it down dark, unforgiving roads. We fight, and kill, and bleed with Reardon, and feel every twist of the plot in our guts, just as he does – which is just the way Larry Martin planned it. This is tough, hard, action writing, executed with fine craftsmanship – a rare thing these days – but it’s here in THE BAKKEN.” Courtney Joiner Amazon review

THE BAKKEN is available from Amazon.


L. J. Martin is the author of over 40 fiction and non-fiction works from Bantam, Avon, Pinnacle and Wolfpack Publishing. He lives in Montana with his romantic suspense novelist wife, Kat Martin. The Martin’s winter in coastal California.