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murder by serpentsMurder arrives in the Smoky Mountains along with the earliest flower of spring. A snake-handling preacher is murdered with his own snakes.

Tennessee Sheriff Tony Abernathy is happiest when his job doesn’t require more than minimal work. Searching for a killer does not make him a happy man. Soon, he and his wife Theo are embroiled in separate investigations. Tony must deal with reclusive, criminal or just plain peculiar residents. Theo is busy at her quilt shop and gathering information.

Nothing is as it seems. The county’s oddball characters rise to the surface like cream. There is no shortage of gossip, sin and foul weather to complicate things. Crime is rampant. A deputy is shot. To find the killer, Tony and Theo must stitch the scraps of information together, like one of her patchwork patterns.

MURDER BY SERPENTS is available from Amazon.


Barbara Graham began making up stories in the third grade and immediately quit learning to multiply and divide. Her motto is “every story needs a dead body and every bed needs a quilt”.