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the dark poolA gripping and thought-provoking thriller.

Shoog Clay is an extraordinary high school football coach but an ordinary man. Why then are violent crimes closing in on him? And what exactly is his relationship to a group of insatiable and powerful financiers?

THE DARK POOL is available from Amazon and Audible.


“With The Dark Pool, J.E. Fishman has created a gripping story with great characters and a stirring dilemma at its core. A top-notch read for suspense fans.” –Lou Aronica, New York Times bestselling author


J.E. Fishman is the bestselling critically acclaimed author of the thrillers Primacy and The Dark Pool, as well as the wisecracking mystery Cadaver Blues: A Phuoc Goldberg Fiasco. His Bomb Squad NYC series of police thrillers launches with A Danger to Himself and Others, Death March and The Long Black Hand. A former Doubleday editor and literary agent, he blogs occasionally for The Nervous Breakdown and the Huffington Post.