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DeathDoPart1Melody “Mel” Rush is an average thirty something, if you consider talking with the dead and having worked as The Grim Reaper’s personal private eye average.

Four years ago Mel took on a case for the Grim Reaper himself, retrieving an artifact to save reality from a rebellion of one of its principle managers, Time. She came out of the deal having her name erased from Death’s roles and ageless, but even more connected to a supernatural world most normal people don’t even know exists.

It’s this connection with the paranormal that lets Mel see a shadow lurking at the window of an abandoned house. Seeing this new horror drags her into a web of love, murder, and greed that will show her the world is bigger and stranger than she dared imagine.

UNTIL DEATH DO US PART is available from Amazon.


Writing from the American Midwest, Gary Madden pens fiction that features average protagonists who are confronted with the strange and supernatural. He began his writing career in 2006 and his works appear in a variety of magazines and anthologies.

His first novel, noir-inspired paranormal thriller Time of Death, featuring the hard-bitten supernatural sleuth Melody Rush was released by Gale Five Star in October 2011 to positive reviews. The follow-up novel, Until Death Do Us Part was released in 2014.