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Man-of-Action-Web-MediumAction Comics #1 is the most valuable comic book on the planet and a target for thieves everywhere. When former archeobibliologist August Adams takes a job transporting the multimillion-dollar collectible from a vault in New York to the world’s largest comic book convention in San Diego, he’s completely unaware of the danger that lies ahead. Waiting in the shadows is an obsessive collector with his sights set on stealing August’s rare cargo. What begins as a shell game takes a deadly turn once the collector’s plan kicks into high gear, starting a chain of events that will have lasting and lethal implications for August and his family.

“Bronleewe pulls out all the stops in this excellent superhero-themed heist caper. Twists, turns, great action, layered characters, and more insider comic book references than you can shake a 1937 DeSoto at. This story is more powerful than a locomotive and will take you up, up, and away!”
–Kane Gilmour, Bestselling author of RAGNAROK and RESURRECT

MAN OF ACTION is available from Amazon.


Matt Bronleewe is an internationally recognized producer, songwriter, and author. A former member of the band Jars of Clay, he has earned multiple Grammy nominations and numerous awards producing and co-writing albums that have sold a combined total of over 20 million copies. Bronleewe has worked with a long list of artists, including Plumb, Hayden Panettiere, Joy Williams (The Civil Wars), Hayley Williams (Paramore), and multiple American Idol stars. He was also featured on the hit TV show “Married To Jonas” working in the studio with the Jonas Bros.

Born in Dallas, Texas, Bronleewe was raised on a farm in Kansas, where he lived until he left for college in 1992. At Greenville College in Illinois, Bronleewe formed the band Jars of Clay with his dorm roommate and two friends, and the group soon found huge success. Though Bronleewe opted to leave Jars of Clay early on to pursue an academic career, he soon found himself in Nashville, co-writing, producing, and playing music professionally.

To add to his list of accomplishments, Bronleewe has expanded his love of storytelling beyond music into authorship. He is currently at work on a number of stories and screenplays, including the ongoing adventures of August Adams, a former “archeobibliologist” who hunts for mysterious rare books, battles treacherous secret societies, and defends his family from danger.

Bronleewe currently resides in Nashville, Tenn., with his wife and three children. In addition to writing stories, he continues to create music in multiple genres, and is recently enjoying the success of his new electro-pop band The Hawk In Paris.