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RTDF_cover_imageSInterior designer Deva Dunne finds more than fabulous furnishings on her trip to the design mall; she and her client come upon the body of one of Deva’s favorite shop owners, swinging from the atrium railing. It looks like suicide, but Deva feels sure that the purveyor of Florida’s finest antiques would never leap to his death from a tacky blue stool.

Deva’s boyfriend, studly and stoic police lieutenant Victor Rossi, looks into it, but there’s not much to go on. He’s focusing on their future these days, and he wishes Deva would steer clear of danger.

But everyone around Deva seems to be keeping secrets, and she’s getting some strange reactions to the designs she’s doing for a big charity event. When she experiences a mysterious attack, she knows she’s at the center of something huge—and if she doesn’t outwit this killer fast, her only future will be six feet under.

(Book #4 of the Murders by Design Mystery Series)

ROOMS TO DIE FOR is available from Amazon.


In Jean Harrington’s cozy mystery, Rooms To Die For, Deva Dunne is at it again–solving murders with wit and luck–plus a whole lot of common sense.  As Deva knows, “The devil’s in the details,” a main reason why she survives many a close call with her sense of humor, and her life, intact.

When searching for an occupation for her amateur sleuth, Jean Harrington decided an interior designer would be perfect.  Deva Dunne goes into houses of all types where she meets characters that are warm, mercenary, artistic, articulate, difficult, angelic–but all with a common goal, a beautiful home.  Strange how in each location, Deva finds a murder victim and a crime that cries out to be solved.

The January 2014 launch of Rooms To Die For marks the publication of #4 in Jean Harrington’s Murders by Design Mystery Series.  Number 5–still untitled– is due out this coming summer.  Jean and Deva can’t believe it, but it’s true!,


In an earlier life, Jean Harrington taught English literature and writing at Becker College in Worcester, Massachusetts.  She loved her work and the chance it gave her to meet and mingle with a lot of terrific people. Then she and husband John moved to Florida, and now she’s in her office with her computer most days–and some nights.  She’s enjoying that too, and the chance it gives her to meet all kinds of new and quirky people–of her own imagining.