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Soleil Book CoverNo one is quite who they seem in Larry Bonner’s over-the-top, action-packed thriller, Soleil Tangiere.

Soleil Tangiere works at a remote mining company in Montana. But when a British syndicate sets off an explosion that kills Soleil’s father, she won’t stop until vengeance is hers.

But as Soleil struggles to piece together the plot behind the mining explosion, she finds herself falling in love with a man who may be hiding secrets of his own. With danger closing in all around her, Soleil is thrown into an international race against time to unlock the mystery that threatens her very existence.

SOLEIL TANGIERE is available from Amazon.


“A high-octane story of a young woman whose life is blasted apart and who bounces back–times ten!…Larry Bonner may be a leftover from the Cold War, but his fresh, clever and sexy tale of survival, revenge and redemption will leave breathless readers asking “When’s the Movie coming out?”–Michael Tankerson, professional editor, Los Angeles, CA

“An innocent woman is rocketed into an international conspiracy and does better than hold her own.  Watch out guys–Soleil Tangiere is here! And she can be either your ultimate dream or your worst nightmare!–Amy Magill, professional book critic, New York, NY

“Soleil Tangiere…may be one of the most heroic and fearless female protagonists in literature today–Stephanie Julia, author, Geneva, Switzerland


Larry Bonner earned degrees in economics and political science from New York University before launching a life-long career in the metals and commodities industries. Soleil Tangiere is his first novel.

Bonner has one son and lives with his wife, two dogs and a parrot somewhere near Miami.

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